The Power of Creation – Chapter 300

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“I’m sorry, I’m having a little bit of difficulty… dealing with this…” Your face twitches as you look down at Lady, who is bowing down low to you.

“What do you not understand? After your victory… the surviving tribes got to witness your prowess on the battlefield. It has been decided to have you become the chief of the demihumans. Every surviving tribe’s chief is represented here. As a result, you can accomplish something no demi-human has ever managed, a complete unification of the entire demi-human realm. You will be the chief of all demi-humans, hail the great chieftan!”

“Hail the great chieftain!” Hundreds of demi-humans nearby all bow in front of you.

You had since returned to the city with the broken Cruella and your daughters. As for the enslaved, you’ve decided to put them off for now, settling whatever you had to with the tribes first. After joining back up with the harem, you enter the city only to see the display before you.

Lady approaches you and is now suddenly declaring you a chieftain. That’s not really a problem for you. You can actually understand that. You’ve already become the ruler of the dragons, the harpies, 6/7th of the demons, the borderlands of Riun, the dark elves, the goblins, and more besides. No, the problem you’re having issue handling is the rows and rows of women, all bent over a long pew, their skirts up, their panties down. Most of them have tails, and those tails that could, wagged excitedly.

“I get that your tribe leaders wish to join me, but what is this about?” You finally break down and ask.

“Great Chieftain, we are half animal by nature. It is not our custom to select a leader like some human or demon.”

“Hah? Didn’t you say you’re selecting me as Great Chieftan?”

“N-no…” Lady shook her head. “It’s not like that. We aren’t selecting you. We are submitting to you. Do you understand?”


Lady lets out a sigh before she starts explaining, “Each tribe of the demi-humans is their own entity. Thus, each tribe chieftain must submit for their race personally. For example, you must perform a submission ceremony with the chief of the parrotgirl tribe for the parrotgirl tribe to recognize your authority. Since there are over 250 tribes ready to submit, I’ve prepared the chieftains for your convenience.”

“I’m sorry… I’m still lost here. What do you mean by submission ceremony?”

“Well, isn’t that obvious? We are animals? How would one dog force another dog to submit?”


“Of course, he humps the other dog! Male dogs even hump other male dogs to establish authority. This is the way of things. You need not worry. The chieftains have already agreed to submit. Do they not look submissive?”

You look down a long line of women of all shapes and sizes, their butts in the air, their pussies completely exposed for the taking. They’re all waiting with docile posses for you to jump up behind and hump them to your hearts content.

“They look pretty submissive…” You let out a breath.

Lady smiles as if pleased by these words. “Good, then, you shall hump each one of these women, establishing your dominance over each tribe. A quick warning, some women may still challenge you as a matter of pride. They will try to throw you off their backside. If they should succeed, it would be great embarrassment for you. You would lose much authority within her tribe, and possibly others. Just make sure that once you mount her, you hump her good and proper!”

“Okay… and… just to be clear here… humping… you mean, my dick… in her pussy?”

Lady sniffed. “Well, strictly speaking, penetration is not required. You’ve lucked out and all Chieftain are females under 30 at the moment as a result of the dark elves meddling, but in the past if there were two males, the dominant may not choose to penetrate the submissive out of respect and care. As for your case, you plan to dominant the entire demi-human realm, yes?”

“Ah, I guess… I should…”

“Then, I would recommend you don’t worry about showing respect. You want complete dominance, so the more aggressive you are, the more subservient they will be. There are many factors involved, whether you penetrate, what you penetrate, how long you penetrate, if they orgasm… these kinds of things.”

“What I penetrate?”

“For example, if you stick it in her ass, you’re telling her you’ll be a rough and cruel leader, demanding more submission from her. However, the pain may cause her to buck and try to escape, which would embarrass you if she succeeded. So, you have to decide if anal is worth it. When the power struggle is between one man and one woman, usually, he goes until completion. Creampie-ing a chieftain is one of the strongest shows of dominance, especially if she becomes pregnant.”


“However, my Great Chieftain, we all understand that you are but one man, and mounting these 250 chieftain would be nigh impossible. I’d suggest you give each girl just a few humps, only sparing a little more time to those that look resistant. You may face a great deal of opposition and resistance from your chieftains later, but there may be times later to reestablish dominance one by one on a different date. It’ll be a few years before you gain complete control of the realm, but I trust you can do it.”

“No…” Your eyes narrow as your face fills with resolve. “I’ll do what I must now!”

“S-so brave…” Lady looks up at you with stars in her eyes.

“Doesn’t he just want to bang 250 hot demi-human women?” one of your harem whispers.

Always leave it to one of your bitches to tell it like it is.

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