The Power of Creation – Chapter 302

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“T-to think, Meeko the racoongirl only lasted thirty minutes!” the crowd is mumbling.

You pull your softening dick out of Meeko’s pussy. For the trash panda, you alternated between holes. Nothing’s too good for your ladies. A gush of sperm follows, and she collapses with a moan as white stuff leaks down her legs lewdly.

“Meeko! Are you okay? What is your verdict?”



“Eternal slave!”



“The raccoongirls aren’t even a small tribe like the cowgirls!” Lady shouted in disbelief. “To think, their chieftain would submit after only thirty minutes! I-is his penis really so dominating?”

“Yup!” Grimhilde nods.

“Of course, hero-san’s penis is best.” Aurora adds snobbishly.

“S-still, he’s already cum twice! Don’t think because he’s succeeded with docile cows and scared raccoons that his next match will be so easy! The next girl in line is Horace of the horsegirl tribe. She’s grown a reputation for being a wild stallion. Don’t think he can mount her so easily! She’ll buck him right off of her, especially if he mounts her ass like the previous girls!”

“Is that so…” Aurora seems unimpressed.

“Want to make a bet?” Grimhilde grins.

“Hmph… a bet, you say? If you’re really so convinced that he’ll creampie all 250 women, then how about this. If he succeeds in complete dominance for every woman… then… then… we’ll hand over the brain-washed demi-human slaves to serve him. Even though many of them have family and friends here, they’d be honored that their family was owned by a chieftain so great as you claim.”

“Huh? Doesn’t he already own them?” Grimhilde scratches her head in confusion.

“You… were you planning not to give our people back to us? His daughters messed with their brains! Naturally, we have planned on rehabilitation!” Lady declares, but then sighs. “F-fine… if that’s not enough, then I also will personally put on a collar and become his own personal bitch!”

“Hey, I’m his dog!” Tiana cries out, overhearing the conversation. “Does this girl wanna fight?”

“Settle, bitch, three bitches are better than two, right?” Ariel pats Tiana’s head.

“R-really? Ariel is so wise…”

Aurora decides to ignore her daughter as she further corrupts the mind of Tiana. Meanwhile, Grimhilde nods thoughtfully.

“What do you get in exchange if we lost?”

“Since my winning is all but assured, I simply ask that the Great Chieftains harem all become honorary demi-human tribe members. You will support us and maintain the dignity of the demi-human race.”

“So, since you can’t make my love accept demi-humans as his harem members, you decided to make his harem member demi-humans?”

“It’s the only way to protect our future, it seems.” Lady sighs. “So, do you agree?”

“Very well… if you win, your demi-humans will be treated on the same level as us harem. If you lose, you will be nothing but my love’s sex slaves to play with as he pleases.” The two shake hands.

Aurora nudges Grimhilde and whispers. “Hey, Grimhilde, doesn’t hero-san already treat his harem as nothing but sex slaves to play with as he pleases?”

“Shhh!” Grimhilde winks. “She’ll find that out the hard way.”

You get up behind the horsegirl, another pretty twenty-something who glances back at you with defiance, way less cowed than the previous raccoon. The God Pun intended.

“Are you ready for this?” You say loud enough for the crowd to hear.


“Too bad!”

You slam it into her asshole! She immediately bucks, her front hands shooting up as she shouts in surprise. Although you had done this to the previous girls, she had experience as a mount, and new how to toss those that didn’t treat her with respect. However, despite nearly standing, your dick was still in her ass. More than that, you were thrusting into her! Naturally, she couldn’t use her ass to push your dick out, since your dick was way too long for that!

She leaps forward and you grab onto her hips, going along with her. As you pound her ass, Horace fights for her life, galloping down the line of women still waiting. The women at the end of the line, bored and unable to see the previous sex events, are merely bored waiting for their turn. So, you can imagine their surprise when the Great chieftain comes riding down their line, a horsegirl neighing and winnying as she flees, but unable to interrupt your hard pounding action. Every step of her is accompanied with anal penetration by you!

“What- what is this? He’s really mounted her!”

“Am I seeing this right? She’s not a centaur or something! She has the body of a woman, how is he riding her ass from behind while she gallops at full speed! I’m seeing it and even I can’t understand how it exists!”

“It’s incredible! If only we had an illustration of this event to better visualize it!”


Oh, fuck off. Half of you still talk shit about my illustrations, and most of those aren’t even the people supporting me. Now you want an illustration for every girl he fucks the day of release? Fuck you.

“Jeese, relax, we were just asking.”

“Yeah, dude, chill. No need to get upset. We were joking.”

… I hate you all.

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