The Power of Creation – Chapter 303

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“Yipes of the Zebragirls!”

“E-e-eternal slave!” She cries out.

“Miss Bianca of the mousegirls!”

“Eeeternal slave!” She squeaks.

“Bambi of the deergirls!”

“Eternal Slave!” Bambi mews.

“Dory of the fishgirls!”

“Just keep cumming, cumming, cumming, just keep cumming, Eternal Slave!”

“Ginger of the spicegirls!”

“Wait… what?”

“Rory of the Gilmore girls.”

“This is getting ridiculous.”

“Buttercup of the Powerpuff girls.”

“You’re not even trying anymore. At least pick actual demi-humans!”

“Twilight Sparkle of the Equestria girls.”

“… touche….”

“I can’t believe this!” Lady cries in disbelief. “He doggied the dog girls. He fucked the ducks. He *beeped* the sheep! He snogged the frogs.  He even did the dodo.

“I thought they were extinct?”

“They are now!”

“Wait, if he’s having sex, isn’t that a propagation of the species? How did they go extinct?”

“You’re overthinking this!”

You continue down the aisle of women, conquering one ass and pussy at a time. It takes anywhere from thirty minutes to 3 hours before each girl breaks down, but the verdict always seems to be the same. Eternal slave. After 30 women, a day has already gone past. Since you haven’t taken a single break, many of the women at the end of the line are growing quite tired being on their knees.

“Tsk… not good.” Lady sighs.

“What’s that? You thinking of ditching you debt?” Grimhilde frowns.

“D-don’t look at me that way!” Lady cries. “I’ll follow through! N-no… what I’m worrying about now is timing. Never before has a Chieftain needed to conquer so many other chieftains at the same time. Although his nonstop attitude has been admirable, at the end of the day, many women will be force to wait. Those that were forced to sit kneeling for 2-3 days by the time he finally gets to them will feel absolutely awful. No matter how good the Great Chief is at dominating, they will always resent him for choosing them last.”

“This domination thing sure is complicated, huh?”

“O-of course! Did you think it’d be easy to become chieftain? At this rate, although Chieftain’s means of selection is unbiased, the first girls will naturally have a greater fondness for him. Waiting 8 hours was almost a given with so many women, but as he goes on to 16 or 24 hours, the good will he’s garnered will fade. Truth be known, he’s selfishly spending too much time with each woman. Even if he has the stamina, what he lacks now is the time.”

You’re listening to Lady explain all this too out of the side while you continue to plow away at the emugirl race.

“I’m about to finish!” You declare.

“E-eternal slave!”

“I’m not even done yet!”

You finish up, dropping the emugirl back down as she collapses in sweat and sex. Looking down the line, you realize you still have a long, long, long way to go. Well, despite certain requests, this can’t continue on for much longer. This story needs to wrap itself up. To achieve this, you cast magic. An instant later, there are two of you.

“Eh? Chieftain is now two people?”

You cast it again.


You cast it again. And again. And again. Each time, your number doubles until you have 254 of you. You stand up before the army of you.

“Alright, me… I’ve already been at this battle for eight hours. I know I’m tired. I know my penis has already experienced 30 orgasms, and even for me, that’s enough to leave me temporarily satisfied. However, we have a job to do, a sacred duty. That duty… is to satisfy those booties!” You point at the rows of women, eliciting a loud cheer.

“Now, me, go out there, and make an eternal slave out of every woman. Pump and fuck… until it is done!”

There is another cheer, and all of you run out to the line of women. The girl’s let out surprised cries as a man comes behind them and grabs their booties. Some girls were still expecting to have to wait a hours or even days. However, they look at their neighbors in confusion to see the same man mounted up behind the other girls. Lady and the rest of the audience only stare on in wonder as you take every demi-human at once. Over two hundred you are banging over 200 demi-humans, with 200 different men. The extra’s even work to double team the bigger gals of the elephantgirl tribe and the rhinogirl tribe.

Naturally, the sounds, the smells, and the sight are something to withhold. This is a day that would go down in demi-human history. This was an event that created a holiday. Thousands of years from now, men will bend women over benches on this day and take them from behind, relating how on this day, there was one man who dominated 200 demi-human chieftains at once. And as the men recall that history, a tear flows down their cheek as they recall their grand-papa relating the story that he had personally claimed to witness up front.

And as they creampie their women, reaffirming their dominance, they solute and think, “Great Chieftain… this one, is for you!”

Happy Cumstas!

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