The Power of Creation – Chapter 304

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“Cumming, I’m cumming!”

“C-cumming more!”

“It’s cumming out!”

“I’m cumming out!”

“It’s cumming in!”

“C-c-c-combo breaker!”


Two hundred some demi-human women collapse to the dirty ground, Dicks pop out of hundreds of pussies at the same time with popping noises, followed my spooge leaking out. Suffice it to say, the entirety of the Chieftains of the demi-human realm have all been properly fucked.

“S-s-seriously…” Lady cries in disbelief. “He creampied them all? How many chieftains will be pregnant now that he’s had his way with them.”

“All of them…” Grimhilde laughs.

“Wh-what? All of them? That can’t be right? Even if he was the most fertile guy, he wouldn’t be able to impregnate every woman here at once. Some of the women will come out unscathed.”

Grimhilde’s eyes flash. “Wanna bet?”

Lady looks over at the woman hesitantly. “I-I’ll pass.”

“On that note, there is just one thing about all of this I don’t understand.” Arurora speaks up.

“What is that?” Lady says, excited to end the previous conversation.

“Isn’t Lady here also a chieftain? She did not submit!”

“Eh? W-w-w-wait… technically… I am a war chief! It’s different. I don’t represent the tribes at all. Rather, I represent the alliance between the tribes.”

“Is that it? That still sounds like you should be dominated like the rest of the tribe girls!”

“N-n-no! That’s not needed!” Lady cries out.

“Is there someone I should be dominating?” You ask, recovering from the woman collapsed on the floor.

The conversation between Lady and Aurora and Grimhilde has been informative, so you’ve been listening to them chat. More than that, Lady has been growing quite loud over the suggestions Grimhilde and Aurora were harmlessly providing her, causing a great deal of people to take interest.

“My love, we have a deserter here trying to avoid the domination ceremony!” Grimhilde declares, her eyes full of mischievousness.

“N-no! It’s not that!” Lady cries out tearfully, “My leadership has already been dissolved now that the alliance has all sworn eternal slaveship to your Great Chieftain. Even if I was dominated, it’d be over nobody!”

“Hero-san, she also made a bet in which she agreed to become your pet!” Aurora adds.

“Ah! Th-that’s true… which is why, you need not dominate me in person.” Lady nods. “Since I have already lost the bet, I will be your slave from here on. There is no need to dominate. I am bound by my word!”

“Hah?” Grimhilde continues to argue while you just sit back and chuckle. “What kind of crap is that? Either way, what level of domination are you swearing here.”

“S-slave, of course.”

“Didn’t all the other tribes swear as eternal slaves? Aren’t you trying to sell us short?”

“B-but… eternal slave… all of my children serving your children for all time, isn’t that too cruel?”

“You’re just trying to get out of your promises!”

“Yeah!” Another lady, one of the earlier dominated demihumans shouts. “Break her, Great Chieftain. Don’t allow this dog to slink away!”

Soon, all the previously violated women are shouting to bring Lady down. After all, Lady is the one who suggested that the Chieftains all submitted at once. They were convinced by her that if they submitted to him willingly, they could exhaust him, and in turn gain some level of control even while accepting a Great Chieftain. Naturally, that plain was blown out of the water by your penis, and a couple of the girls are still a bit spiteful at being broken under your unceasing cock. Thus, they were eager to vent their discontent on Lady.

“Alright, I’ll dominate Lady.” You finally quite the crowds with your declaration, “But I think I might need to be more women, as this is going to get messy.”

“Hah?” Grimhilde blinks. “Well, your harem is always there for you.”

Grimhilde says, thinking you need someone to hold Lady down and feeling a bit sadistic. However, a sudden grin on your face starts to make her nervous.

“W-what is it that hero-san needs us to do?” Aurora asks.

“Hah?” You scratch your head, “Isn’t it obvious? I still have two hundred copies of myself. They need to work themselves out until they finish. I thought I’d have to cast a spell reabsorbing them, but thankfully my Lady and my harem are happy to help let them exude their power naturally. While there only some 30 of you and 200 of me, please take care of us!”


Two hundred you surround your group of girls. Every girl only needs to satisfy seven men. They can handle it. Several girls hold on to each other weeping while you circle around them, horny perverted looks on your faces. A couple having challenging or aroused looks, but most just looked resigned to their fate.

“Wh-what is this?” Lady cries tearfully.

Grimhilde sighs, realizing now she had flown too close to the sun and now it was time to get fucked by it. “We call this a regular Friday night.”

“Let’s fuck!” Ariel breaks the standoff as she rips off her clothing and leaps naked into the group of you like a true soldier.

The rest of you surge forth on the defensive line of harem girls. Soon… your eternal slaves wipe their brows, glad they’ve only agreed to be your slaves for all time. At least they weren’t harem girls… harems truly got it the roughest.

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