The Power of Creation – Chapter 305

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“Prince, we’ve wasted enough time in the demi-human realm!” Ursula states.

“Agreed…” Grimhilde nods, “We need to start our incursion on Tremaine. You have conquered 6/7th of the demon realm, but Tremaine has the largest and strongest territory. We have the goblin army, the harpy army, the dragons, the demi-humans, the dark elves, the sex slaves, an alliance with the humans, and all of the Kingdom of Riun at our disposal. We only have about two weeks left before the Demon God comes. We’re at the final stretch here. You must conquer Tremaine and ultimately win the battle!”

“If we march from here at full speed, beloved, we should be able to reach them just in time.”

“Or…” You shrug. “We just teleport the entire army over there today, surrounding the castle in an instant, and immediately begin attacking!”


“You guys… forgot we could do that, didn’t you…”

Maleficant sniffs. “Your powers are already so inconsistent, constantly bringing us concern and worry even though you’ve been able to resolve just about anything on your own since the first day.”

“If I just resolved everything instantly, wouldn’t that be boring?” You sigh. “Besides, why do I have to fix everything magically? Maybe, if you demon lords weren’t so easy, I might actually have to get creative in forcing your submission. Isn’t it really your faults for not being more interesting enemies?”

“This guy!” Ursula grinds her teeth, looking for support from her other sisters.

“Don’t look at me!” Cruella sniffs, “I put up the greatest fight of any of you. I’m the only one who didn’t instantly fall for his penis the first day we meant. I was actually a recurring villain!”

“Isn’t that because you pissed him off and he doesn’t like you that much?” Grimhilde offers.

“Geh! E-even so! The fact is, I was the most three-dimensional villain that this story has been given!”

“That speaks more to the poor quality of the story…”

“I-in fact!” Cruella straightens herself. “Even though you raped me into submission, don’t think that I have truly given in! I will still defy you, thief, you stole my sisters, and dare molest them in front of me. You can never truly win me over!”

“Is that so?” You raise an eyebrow, an amused look on your face.

“Y-y-yes! Don’t even think of raping me again! I may yield for a moment, but I’ll come back more resistant than ever. There is absolute nothing you have that can possibly sway my decision.”

“How about… one a day.”

“What? O-one a day?” Cruella blinks.

“You can have one of your sisters a day to do with what you want.”

“S-s-s-sister!” Cruella’s eyes widen and she starts drooling.

“My love… you… you’re not selling us out, are you?”

“I’m encouraging family bonding. If you didn’t catch that from Mushu and Mulan, or the mother, daughter thing between Aurora and her kids, then you don’t know me!”

“No… wait, you can’t do that!”

“A sister a day…” Cruella’s eyes start to light up.

You reach out and grab Maleficant. “Gah! Why me?”

With one hand, you tear her clothing off! Instantly, the loligirl is stripped and tossed at the feet of Cruella, who looks down at her sister with perverted eyes.

“No, sister! You can’t be this easy!” Maleficant cries. “Don’t submit! Don’t submit! I said it twice!”

“Ah… it’s not ‘submission’ per say… it’s an agreement! Yes… an agreement! I’m just agreeing…” Cruella’s eyes dart back and forth and she tries to justify having her largest weakness so blatantly exploited.

“I won’t do it! I won’t!” Maleficant shakes her head. “I’m not into sister stuff even if you’ve made me in the past! Especially not with Cruella, the way she looks at me makes me feel dirty!”

“Don’t say that, sister… we’ve both come from the same place, can you see your sister just wants to be close!”

You wave you hand, a little bit of magic striking Maleficant.

“Wh-what did you do?” Maleficant cries. “Why do I feel funny? It’s tingling down there? Wh-why am I so aroused?”

“I just gave Maleficant a little aphrodisiac!” You nod. “So, Cruella, who’s your Master?”

“Tsk… thief is my Master.” Cruella grimaces, only to grab the panting Maleficant and start petting her hair, while Maleficant weakly struggles.

“So simple!” Maleficant cries as she gets carried off to a tent.

Grimhilde sighs, “I’ll set up the weekly schedule for who gets raped by Cruella.”

“S-seriously… this is our lives now?” Ursula cries out tearfully. “S-sisters… do you think Prince might be right? Are we really… easy?”

“I know I’m easy.” Medusa purrs, rubbing herself against you as she begs to be touched.

“Snort! Y-yes… all sluts…” Gothel murmurs before falling back to sleep, still on the ground, her butt raised up and her body naked and covered in spooge from the previous 200 on 30 gangbang she never bothered to wake up from.

You pull your hand out of Medusa’s soaked panties and untangle yourself form her snaketail, heading out to put the army in order for the invasion. You leave the girls behind as they cope with the reality of their own narrative weaknesses. One last girl to go!

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