The Power of Creation – Chapter 307

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Late at night, there is a tent filled to the brim with with people. Pillows and blankets are strewn across for comfort. There are naked women lying in every available space. Some snuggle with others, while a few remain alone in their respective corners. Right in the middle of that pit of pussy is you, also completely naked, with your dick and groin covered in many various fluids that had been accumulated over the last few hours.

If anyone opened the tent flap, they would be accosted by the thick smell of sex, but no one inside realizes that as they comfortably snore the night away. You scratch yourself, shifting, while several naked women snuggle up against you. If there is anywhere in the tent that could be said to have the highest concentration of naked women, it is definitely around your body. It seems like every girl is positioned to keep at least one hand or foot touching you at all times.

A few of the luckier girls get to snuggle with a part of you completely. Kida had her thighs wrapped around your leg while Aurora and Merida share a hand each on your balls. That isn’t a metaphor, the girls just seem to be unconsciously holding your balls in their hands, unwilling to let go. Suffice it to say, it is quite a loving environment, a pink space between a man and his many women.

One particular girl, however, is farther away from the pack. Her eyes suddenly pop open, and she starts to stand up quietly. Using swift movements that don’t make a sound, she escapes the tent, so stealthily that she doesn’t let out an ounce of the heat within the raised tent to the cold night air. This was fortunate, as the girls were worked hard in order to generate that heat, and if it didn’t last the rest of the night, you’d need them to generate some more.

That person silently works her way through the camp. Although she is initially naked, she doesn’t need to move very far before shadows rise up around her and put her in a dark robe. This is only there to satisfy her modesty, as either way it didn’t appear as if the weather affected her. She made her way stealthily through the camp, avoiding any guards set out for her with extreme ease.

In only a few short minutes she had reached the edge, and she didn’t stop there, heading through the empty battlefield. Although with the right timing, she could have been identified by either side, her cover remained absolute, as if the shadows themselves aided her in her movement. She crossed the battlefield and then stopped short of a small door. It was well hidden and even knowing where it was, it’d be difficult to realize it was truly an entrance.

The woman knocks three times, then waits patiently. The door finally cracks just an inch.


“Pride is an attitude that separates excellence from mediocrity.” The woman says confidently, as if she rehearsed this.

With those words, the door opens, and the woman ducks down and enters the wall. She doesn’t have to travel far before she’s brought to a waiting room with a warm fireplace and a couch. There is barely a wait at all before another woman appears before her, seeming to teleport from her own fiery shadow. She is none other than the Lady Tremaine.

“So, you have come after all.”

The other woman nods. “I have unit positions, weaknesses, their plans, and their strategy. With this, I expect that our agreement is complete.”

“Oh… and why do you think that?” Tremaine muses.

“I have done everything you demanded. You have kept my children in captivity for long enough.”

Tremaine chuckles darkly. “I’ll only be done with you when I say I’m done with you.”


Tremaine lifts her hand. “No worries, there is only one last action I need you to take.”

“Wh-what is that?”

“I want you to kill him.”

Her eyes flashes. “He… he can’t be killed.”

“By you? Obviously….” Tremaine pulls something out from her sleeve. “Naturally, more traditional ways have failed to kill this man. However, I’ve found something more nontraditional.”

“Poison? How could something so simple work?”

“Because you won’t be poisoning his food.” Tremaine laughs while the other girl gives a small frown. “You’ll be poisoning the other thing he likes to ‘eat’.”

Her eyes widen as the vial is dropped into her hand. “You don’t mean…”

Tremaine pats her shoulder while nodding.

“All I ask is simple. You do what you do best. Drink this before sharing his bed, and by the time he realizes something is up, it’ll be too late.”

“Yes… okay…” The girl finally agrees, tightening her hand on the vial.

“Yes… what?” Tremaine asks, a dark grin on her face.

The girl lowers her head. “Yes… Mother.”

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