The Power of Creation – Chapter 308

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You wake up around noon the next day. All of the girls have left in order to perform their army related duties. That has left you alone in the tent that only smells faintly of sex and feminine smells. You take in a breath and sit up. It’s a new day. You could obliterate the castle today. You wonder if you should. There is a slight tap against the canvas that blocks your tent entrance. You look up as a familiar face pops her head into your door.

“Medusa?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.

“H-hello, my love…” She looks down, for some reason looking strange and hesitant.

“What is it?”  You ask suspiciously.

Medusa’s wearing a particularly lowcut dress that shows a great deal of cleavage, with the skirt edge high enough to expose her underwear. She looks strangely nervous for the usually bold Medusa.

“I just… have been feeling, lustful lately. I was wondering if my love would like to have sex.” You shrug, knowing you could always go for more sex.

“Just sit back…” Medusa finally meets your eyes. “This will all be over soon.”

Although it’s a weird way to say it, you don’t mind, sitting back as Medusa kneels like a proper servant. She pulls your dick out of the top of your paints and then straddles your lap. With the precision of a lusty woman, she lines your dick up with her pussy and impales herself on it. Her body shivers as you slide deep inside her. She looks over at you tearfully, as if afraid she did something to hurt you.

“Is anything this problem?” You ask.

“N-no… not at all!” Medusa insists. “I just, love the feeling of your inside me.”

“Okay.” You shrug.

Medusa starts to rock her hips, riding herself against you. Her ass is bouncing up and down as she rides your cock. Whatever worry was painting her face before quickly goes away as she falls into the movements, enjoying the feeling of your cock. Soon, she’s become a complete slut, her eyes disorientated as she lovingly rides your cock all it’s worth until she’s orgasmed a few dozen times. After about an hour of fucking, she finally finishes up.

“Thank you, my love.” Medusa kisses your lips.

“Hmm.. the pleasure is all mine,” you smack her butt, causing her snake tail to flick in a pleased motion.

As she reaches the exit, she turns back. “You… know I love you for always, yes?”

You smile. “Of course!”

Medusa’s snake eyes narrow in a pleased look, and then she leaves the room. You wonder what that was all about, but you don’t think much about it. Deciding its really time to go, you seriously get up. Just then, someone else knocks on the tent.

“R-rapunzel?” You ask in surprise.

“W-we must have sex!” Rapunzel declares, looking down at her hands wringing them nervously.

“Huh? Ah… it’s actually getting a little late.”

Rapunzel shakes her head in frustration. “N-no! It must happen as soon as possible!”

You think about it for a second, scratching the back of your head. “Yeah… I guess…”

Rapunzel pounces on you. Immediately she rips down your pants and takes your cock in her mouth as if her life depends on it. Your dick is still wet from Medusa’s pussy, but Rapunzel seems ravenous and doesn’t even care. She immediately pushes you down and gets on top. Unlike Medusa who was slow and methodical, showing a great deal of care, Rapunzel seemed almost panicked.

She desperately fucked you, even as tears formed in her eyes. It felt almost like she was compelled to fuck you like if she didn’t her life would be over. You want to say something, but it’s kind of hot how desperately she’s riding you. It’s truly like an animal. No sooner do you finish cumming inside her than Rapunzel gets up. She looks at you one last time tearfully before fleeing the tent.

“Okay… Rapunzel was definitely weird, even if Medusa was explainable.”

Sighing and deciding you’re going to get to the bottom of this, suddenly a person without knocking storms in.


“Fuck… now.”


Esmerelda leaps on top of you. She rides you for about five minutes, making even Rapunzel’s wild instincts seem tame in comparison. In the middle of humping you as her life depends on it, her nails deep in your back, she stops.

“Five minutes should be enough time.” She casually stands up, and then walks away, completely disregarding you.

You cough, watching the entrance of the door for another few minutes. When no one else comes, you finally get dressed and head out. You spend the next hour going around surveying the army and making sure everyone is good to go. When you’re finally done, you head over to a grouping of all the girls. A few are absence, such as Ariel who is back in her tents and Jasmine who is making dinner. When you get there, you move up to the leaders of the current army.

“So, how are our plans?’ You ask.

All of the girls turn to you, but it is Grimhilde who speaks first. “We think all of the preparations are ready. We should be able to make our attack at sunset.”

You nod.” Sounds good, in that case, we’ll attack at -ahhhhhhrrr….”

There is a blinding flash of red throughout your body. A second later, you collapse in a heap on the floor. The girls all cry out in surprise. It is Merida who goes to her knees, checking your pulse immediately. When she finishes, her face goes white.

“H-he’s dead!”

The End


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