The Power of Creation – Chapter 309

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“Daddy! H-he died…” Merida responds tearfully.

“No… seriously.” Grimhilde responds dryly, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Seriously! He has no pulse! He’s dead!”

“Uh, huh… sure.” Snow White sniffs. “We all know he’s just faking it.”

She approaches your body, pulling out a sword, and sticking it into you.

“Hey! What are you doing!” Elena cries in a fluster as Snow White impales you with a sword.

“Hmmm… interesting, usually he wouldn’t let me desecrate his body. He’d do something by now…” Snow White pokes you again.

“Stop stabbing him!”

“Hmph!” Snow puts her sword away at Elena’s request. “It’s not like he hasn’t stuck hard things into me plenty of times!”

“That’s a completely different situation!”

“Rookie is seriously milking death time.” Kida sighs.

“You don’t believe daddy’s death either?”

Belle sniffs. “Of course, Beast would never die so easily.”

Ursula nods. “I’ve seen him get his head chopped off only to come back five minutes later. Prince isn’t so easy to destroy.”

“Then… perhaps… we need to wait five minutes?” Nala suggests.

“Just a question… what happens if he doesn’t come back?” Rapunzel asks nervously.

“N-never?” Wendy cries out. “The father of my child… dead?

Wendy breaks into tears, falling down on your corpse at wailing. She grabs your chest as deep tears fall down her brown cheeks onto your body.

“Really now, it’s Wendy that breaks down first?” Aurora says in disbelief.

“I think we all must accept that beloved is dead.” Medusa nods.

“Actually, I don’t think we should focus on that at all.” Grimhilde sniffs. “Rather, what we should be focusing on is how he died… and more important, who killed him.”

“I have already done a complete visual analysis of darling.” Cinderella admits. “It seems like Darling has been poisoned with a modified soul separation magic.”

“Soul separation?” Kida demanded, turning toward Cinderella with the rest of the group.

“As a ghost, I am most familiar with this poison.” Cinderella explains. “Soul separation will prevent the body from interacting with the soul. As we know, darling is an inter-dimensional being and this body is what he uses as his proxy. For a normal person, Soul Separation would be instant death, no matter their level of regenerative ability, if your soul and body are broken apart, you become a spirit. It’s similar to the same things the former mansion owner did to me and all of the lost souls that made up my body. After torturing out bodies, he would separate the soul and then torture our spirits. However, for darling, this is merely an inconvenience. In essence, darling is likely alive, but is unable to access this avatar.”

“He survived!’ Esmerelda growls, looking away.

Cinderella nods. “I would guess that darling is alive. However, if he was not then that would be best!”

“Best?” Cries out several of the girls.

“Then, I could return to being a ghost, and have darling all to myself as a wandering spirit!”

“You…” A lot of the girls shoot Cinderella angry looks while she smiles, imagining an eternal life being ghosts with you.

“As far as how, I think I might have figured out the answer.” Grimhilde nods thoughtfully.

“How?” Medusa looks at Grimhilde with a flash of concern in her eyes.

“Our sister Tremaine should have known making him drink a potion or poisoning him through some normal means would be impossible. Knowing Tremaine, she would likely use his weaknesses against him. In that case, there is only one way a poison could have been passed to him without him realizing it.”

“H-how?” Rapunzel asks with a squeak, hiding partially behind a nearby tree.

“Sex!” Grimhilde snaps her finger, causing the other girls to gasp. “That’s right! The person to poison my love is one of us harem!”

“That can’t be!” Anna gasps.

“Someone we trust?” Elsa adds.

“I-it’s definitely not me!” Esmerelda shouts, shifting her eyes back and forth.

“I-I saw Rapunzel enter his tents.” Tiana confesses.

“And I also saw Medusa go in earlier.” Maleficant insists.

“Esmerelda too!” Megara adds.

All of the harem turn to those three women, who shrink back in their respective spots.

“So… it has to be one of them!” Mulan nods assertively.

“But didn’t my lord also enjoy us earl-“ Mushu starts.

“Shhhh!” Mulan elbows her.

“What was that?” Grimhilde’s eyes flash, but then she sighs. “It may not be so easy. Everyone, gather the armies. I think we need to get to the bottom of this.”

The girls stare at each other in confusion, but quickly gather everyone. Soon, lines of thousands of women are presented before the harem.

“Ladies of my love’s army, it seems that someone has attempted to poison my love. The method to deliver this poison was sex! So… I must ask… who has had sex with my love today!”

Having already been found out, Esmerelda, Medusa, and Rapunzel all lift their hands sheepishly. Soon, they are followed by Kida, Mushu, then Mulan. More and more harem members lift their hands. Then girls in the army start lifting their hands. Grimhilde sighs, lifting her hand as well.

“He was in his tent the entire morning, when did he sleep with everyone?” Aurora cries out.

“Well… he did spend an hour ‘surveying’ the army.” Grimhilde grimaces. “During the survey, are you saying he went on a giant sex spree?”

By the time everyone was done, the entire harem had their hands lifted, as well as close to 1200 women in the army. They all look at each other, and then nod in affirmation. No one holds any doubt.

“That sounds about right for what Master accomplishes in an hour.” Mulan sighs.

“This… is going to be a harder investigation than I expected.” Grimhilde tears up, lamenting over your provocative nature.

“Of course, what I really want to know…” Aurora ponders. “Is that if hero-san is alive and just can’t contact this body, why doesn’t he create a new one and instantly return?”

“Because…” Grimhilde crosses her arms, sighing as she looks over an army of recently violated women. “Wouldn’t my love always make things more dramatic just for fun?”

“Yeah…” Aurora gives a wry smile. “He would.”

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