The Power of Creation – Chapter 31

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“Rejected!” You say, and Ariel puts on a sad look.

You’re pretty sure that the food Ariel cooks has dark Miasma floating out of it. You didn’t want to risk eating it and dying. Ariel has graciously jumped at the chance to show you her cooking ability, only to show you how little she knew how to cook. Aurora, as a Queen, at least had the confidence to admit she had never done any cooking, it was always the servants. Grimhilde was always fed by her father or servants, but there was only one thing she wanted on her diet these days, your cum.

Mulan tried to show you her cooking, but her idea of cooking was charbroiling meat until it was black with her dragon breath. She looks dejected as you reject her cooking too. You have some hope that Merida might have some cooking ability, but she is apparently a muscle head who trains all day. You have managed to get her awake with some bread and provisions left over from the magic that made the house, and she is now stuffing her face with anything in the kitchen that looks edible, so you’ll be officially out of food by the end of the day.

Of course, you can create a make food spell that would create the most beautiful meal ever, but that wasn’t the point. You are stuck in another world now, and you want a meal made by an attractive woman who created it for you with all of her love.

“There are five of you now and not a single one of you can cook!” You growl.

The five girls were now sitting on their knees in front of you, giving you wet looks like they were about to cry in shame.

“What can we do? I’ll starve to death!” Merida whines, having already polished off everything.

Apparently, her body could take a lot of calories, as she ate enough for three men. The other girls seemed to have similar thoughts in their minds, although by the dark look Mulan gives her chest, you can tell where she thinks the calories are being put away.

“So, what can we do about the situation?” You demand of the five women.

“Ah, well, we had servants in the castle. Perhaps you can hire servants?” Ariel offered.

“Mm… servants are good, but we won’t be staying here long.” You sigh. “Most servants have lives outside their job, so they probably wouldn’t appreciate it when we up and move to another country.”

“Then, how about a slave girl?” Aurora suggests.

“Ah, you have slaves, huh?”

Although on the surface, the idea of slaves seemed kind of bad, it did make things convenient. You could buy the slave you wanted instantly without any problems. In your case, you could just buy someone who could cook.

“Alright, everyone get ready!” You declare, “We’re going to the city to buy a cook and some food!”

First, the girl’s all decided they needed to clean up. You create your idea of a date outfit for each of the girls using magic. Regrettably, you have to sit outside while the girls play around in the bathroom. You could hear all kinds of sexy noises. Ariel went around grabbing the girl’s chests and comparing them at some point.

You weren’t invited because Merida hadn’t been initiated yet. Well, it is better if she is clean before she is initiated, so you don’t mind it. Whether you use a spell or not to watch in on the bath, that is something you had no intention of telling anyone.

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