The Power of Creation – Chapter 313

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“So… in summary, everyone poisoned hero-san, and it was a combined effort of 30 some poisons that resulted in this particular spell.” Aurora finally explains,

“Why is everyone poisoning me!” You cry out loud.

“I was just trying to decrease your sex drive a little.” Tiana blurts out, “You’ve been too much to handle lately, even with thirty women!”

“I was hoping to get a break as well, although mine was supposed to put you to sleep.” Ursula adds.

“Our potion was supposed to weaken Father’s power a bit!” Anna cries.

“We just wanted to overpower Father and make him the submissive for once!” Elsa explains.

“I was trying to cure this criminal of his tiny obsession!” Moana admits. “As the father of my baby, I can’t have him around her as a pedophile!”

“Hey!” Mulan cries.

“Let’s not be hasty here!” Jasmine adds. “I was trying to give him a potion that made him more attracted to tinys!”

“Oh… that’s right, Moana was pregnate too…” You nod. “How’s the baby coming along.”

“I had it three days ago!” Moana cries. “No one noticed! I named her my little Tinker Bell.”


“One of my previous spirits wishes was to poison her lover.” Cinderella declares proudly.

“I was bored.” Cruella snickers.

You let out a long sigh, rubbing your temples over the fact every one in your harem decided to slip you some kind of poison.

“This still doesn’t explain everything.” Grimhilde breaks in. “Most of us used spells, hexes, or slipped potions into his drink. The culprit would have specifically used her vagina to poison him. That means, after all this, there is still one girl here working for Tremaine! Even if we are all poisoners, some of us had our own best interests at heart and thus shouldn’t be blamed.”

“Don’t you mean, had MY best interest at heart?”

“Sure…” Grimhilde shrugs. “The point I’m making is that there is still a culprit to find, and we’ve already beaten around the bush enough. Guilty party, admit your indiscretions!”

“Okay, it was me!” Everyone gasped as the guilty person stepped forward.

“Rapunzel!” They gasp.

“I told you a long time ago that I was hired under a master to spy on you.” Rapunzel admits tearfully. “In other words, it was Tremaine who first gave me sentience! That means, if you’re like my father, then that would make Tremaine my mother!”

“I’m shocked…” you shake your head. “Truly shocked. Well… not really. I saw your conversation with Tremaine last night.

All of the girls collapsed to the floor, but it was Tiana who recovered first. “Damn it, commoner, then why did you make us just go through all of that.”

“I’m not really appreciating your tone of voice after I found out all of you were trying to poison me!” You sniff. “At least Rapunzel had a motive. Her children were in Tremaine’s grasp.

“Rapunzel has children!” Several of the woman gasp.

You nod, glaring at the wincing Rapunzel. “I was angry at this development too! That means, you’ve been with another man!”

“It’s true… but calling him a man is a little… I was a squirrel at the time! I was young, and literally a wild animal!”

“No excuses…” You grimace, “To think, you would have other children and not tell me.”

“They’re literally squirrels! And no offense, but you turned me into what I am today without offering much choice!” Rapunzel puffed her cheeks angrily.

“Hmph… don’t think you’re the only one to be punished!” You sniff.  “Since every girl here has been naughty, I’m going to have to punish all of you…

“ah… I have my body back!” Ariel’s voice changes and she moves her arms excitedly.

Your body stands back up and you brush yourself off. Any holes put into you are instantly repaired as you glare at all of the girls, who look back guiltily.

“Now, now… hero-san. We all love you. You can’t just put us in time out like chil-“

You snap, and all of the harem disappear except for Rapunzel. She looks around in shock at the now empty area in front of the tents.

“I’ve sent them all to their time-out rooms to await punishment.” You nod. “Now… as for the naughtiest harem member of all.”

As your eyes narrow on her, Rapunzel gulps noisily.

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