The Power of Creation – Chapter 314

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“Nya… what is this!” Rapunzel cries, “I don’t understand!”

Rapunzel is chained up on a table in the middle of a dark room. She can barely see as a spot line shines down on her.

“Rapunzel has been very bad.” You explain. “That’s why I had to come up with that absolute worst thing I could image. This is a punishment that will truly be worthy of your crime! The most horrible, despicable act that I could imagine!”

“Wh-what is it?”

“I’m going to have sex with you!”

“… oh…” Rapunzel raising eyebrow. “Isn’t that great? Let’s go!”

“Hehehe… did you think it would be that easy?” You laugh.

“Yeah, I guess not…” Rapunzel sighs.

“Therefore, not only must you have sex with me, you also must do it in front of him!” You point out into an area of darkness. Light explodes, revealing… a small rodent in a cage.”

“Huh? What is this?”

“Oh, don’t act like you don’t recognize him.” You snarl.

“I seriously don’t!” She cries.

“Then, do you recognize this?”

You move and a screen pops up, revealing an image that appears to be two squirrels. One squirrel on top appears to be the one in the cage, as to the identity of the squirrel on the bottom. Rapunzel gasps…

“Haha… do you understand now?” You cry out.

“O-owner… it was another life!” Rapunzel tries to defend.

“I don’t care!’ You slap your hand down on the table, causing her to shake visibly. “For your punishment, I will have you in front of the father of your children! He’ll have to watch while I bang his woman!”

“Uh… I don’t know how to tell you this owner… but his brain is the size of a peanut…”

“Don’t think talking down about him now will cause me to forgive your transgressions! His fate of being NTR’d by yours truly is sealed. The good kind of NTR!

As you converse with Rapunzel, the squirrel picks up a nut and chews on it.

“Isn’t this a little crazy, Owner?” Rapunzel cries out. “To bang me in front of a squirrel… that’s really not that much of a problem.”

“Oh… oh… who said this was all that your crime would be?” You laugh maniacally, pointing the side of the squirrel, causing another cage to light up.

In this one, there are about five squirrels in this cage. There isn’t much difference, but a careful I could see they looked a bit younger.

“My babies!” Rapunzel let out a shocked noise. “You’ve rescued them?”

“A mother truly recognizes her offspring, even if she doesn’t recognize the man. Of course, I’ve rescued them!” You scoff. “And if you weren’t such a rat brain, you would have realized if you just asked me. I would have saved your babies in an instant. Instead, you decided to backstab me and cut a deal with Tremaine!”

Rapunzel lowers her head. “I… I see that. I am so sorry that I doubted you, owner. I was just so afraid that I couldn’t think.”

“Ha! Do you think an apology will save you? No… I’m going to rape you in front of your children! How do you think they will feel about that? They’ll have to watch their mother being a whore. See… hehe… isn’t my punishment starting to make you sweat yet?”

“Eh…” Rapunzel wasn’t sure how to respond. “Isn’t this fundamentally the same issue with the first one. Although these are my children, they are also squirrels. At the end of the day, they would barely notice or even acknowledge me as their mother!”

“Would you rather I give you a different punishment?” I frowned.

“N-no… th-this is fine…” Rapunzel secretly prayed to herself that your brief moment of mania would mean this was all she had to experience.

You stick your dick into her, and Rapunzel braces herself as you start plowing her doggy style. It takes her some time to get used to it. There are spotlights on two groupings of squirrels, right on display in front of her. Naturally, the scene is an odd one… but Rapunzel is intrinsically an animal at heart, so whereas some of the girls might have been embarrassed, Rapunzel quickly got used to the presence of her children and his father. In fact, once she starts ignoring them, your dick feels quite good, and Rapunzel begins to happily take it in, enjoying the feel of your cock sliding into her.

Just as Rapunzel’s wilder instincts are taking over and she starts really getting into it, moaning and squealing as your cock provides her pussy with a great deal of pleasure, you snap your fingers like you just thought of something.

“Of course, how silly of me, I forgot the last part of the punishment. Making them all squirrel-people.”

Suddenly the cages explode and standing in front of the pair of you is a squirrelman and five squirrel children. The man’s eyes focuse on Rapunzel, and then he puts his hand to his face, his mouth opening in a gasp.

R-r-Rapunzel?” He says. “With another mate… how could you!”

“Eh?” Rapunzel moans, wiping some drool from her face.

The kids, looking wide-eyed, run up to the man and tug on his shirt. “Daddy… what is Mommy doing with that strange man?”

“Eh? Eh!” Rapunzel’s face turns red.

“How could you…” The man burst into tears. “In front of our family? In front of your children!”

“I-i-i…” Rapunzel cries out, unable to respond.

You pick up the speed, adding a little magic to push her over the edge. Instead of responding, her eyes distort and she moans out as she begins to cum. As she orgasms, her family watches on with looks of shock and disgust. At this point, she tries to flee, only to realize you have her chained. She can only watch in horror as her children cover their eyes, crying at mommy’s sluttiness. This sort of punishment continues on for some time. By the time it’s done, she’s a complete mess.

As she bawls in her tent unwilling to face you or her family, you scratch your neck. “Ah… maybe I went too far…

You think about it for a moment… “Naw…”

You continue on with the punishments.

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