The Power of Creation – Chapter 316

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“Ahhhnn,” Tremaine moans as you slid your dick deep inside her. “H-husband… is it just me, or is it bigger?”

“Haha!” You laugh. “More power isn’t the only thing that grew when I unlocked my true power and defeated him.”

“I-I-I’ll say!” Tremaine whimpers, looking up at you lovingly.

You lean down and kiss her, your tongues entangling in a romantic embrace. “Would you like me to continue, my love?”

“Y-yes… when you look at me like that, how could I say no… you’re so much more aggressive than usual, I like it.”

You let out a chuckle, rocking your hips as you punish her tight pussy which has never known your big cock.

“You bastard. Get off her. I’ll fucking kill you!” A guy stuck in the wall says some stuff you ignore while you continue to plow his wife.”

“Ahn… yes… don’t stop…” Tremaine moans.

You look up at that guy and wink. “She said, don’t stop.”

“Fuck… you…” He cries out.

“What’s that, my husband?” Tremaine sees you talking over your shoulder at nothing.

“Your husband says you should fuck me.”

“Hehe… silly, isn’t that what we’re doing?” Tremaine snickers as her face flushes.

“Mm… but aren’t I on top doing all the work?” You ask.

“O-on top? What else is there? This is always how we have sex?” Tremaine asks curiously.

“Hah? You’ve only done missionary?” you let out a noise.

“D-don’t laugh…” Tremaine gave a pouty face. “You know I don’t like change.”

You glance back at Flynn, who was gritting his teeth, “My wife is a perfect angel, how could I trample her pride by pushing her into weird positions! You bastard, you better stop!”

“Hmmm… even if you don’t like change, is that to say you don’t like the feel of my big dick?”

“N-no!” she shook her head. “Your big dick fills me so much, it’s amazing! I don’t think I could go back now that I’ve tasted it.”

You grin as Flynn makes a hurt noise. “Then, perhaps change in the bedroom is healthy, here, I’ll guide you on top, and you can see how it feels to fuck me yourself.

“O-okay…” Tremaine blushes.

Despite being a married woman, it turns out that Tremaine is perhaps the most impressionable girl you’ve met yet. Even Ariel has a natural curiosity that quickly degraded her. As for Tremaine, her husband has kept her in a bubble, unfamiliar with the best of sex. Of course, she would have been guarded to this contamination from any other man, but coming from the guy she believed to be her husband, her guard is completely down for such corruption!

Soon, she is on top, her hips rising and falling. A woman like Tremaine quickly got the grasp of this. She squatted down on your cock, and each time she lifted her legs up and dropped back down, she got to feel her pussy being opened by your massive cock. Basically, the harder Tremaine worked, the more pleasure she felt? For a prideful girl like Tremaine, lacking control and being someone’s bottom now seems a lot less appealing.

“Th-this is amazing!” She cries out, bouncing up and down on your cock with all of her weight, making lewd wet noises with her pussy as it splits open around your cock.

Her face is completely unlike the gentle, loving face from before. Instead, her eyes are wide and her mouth was open. She was panting, her face completely flushed. Her body exudes a lewdness that shows the degenerative little slut under her prideful exterior.

“You like the feel of my cock?”

“Y-yes, I love it, I love it so much!” She exclaims. “It feels so wonderful, it’s making my pussy cum. You’ve only done that once before, I’m glad you can last so much longer now.”

“Haha… so I had a short fuse before?” you ask, winking at the shouting and unheard Flynn.

“You usually cum by now… Actually…” Tremaine lowers her head looking sheepish. “Am I doing something wrong?”

“No, baby, you’re amazing. Your husband is really happy, keep working hard.” You give her a thumbs up.

“You bastard! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! Stop fucking my wife!”

“But she’s having so much fun?” You laugh as Tremaine’s body shakes.

She squeezes her thighs and brings her arms in. She’s actually quite a cute cummer. When she reaches orgasm, her entire body tightens. Her eyes shut close, and her mouth breaths heavily as her whole body shakes. Only just at the end does she let out one cute like ‘aaahn…’ when she’s done cumming on my cock. Then, ready for more, she starts back up again.

After three complete cycles of cumming on my cock, Tremaine’s regal appearance is destroyed. Her tits are hanging out from the top of her breasts and her hair is a mess. She’s slick with sweat and her crotch is definitely juicy and emitting lewd smells even her husband’s never been able to make her produce.

“H-husband… I’ve already cum three times and husband hasn’t.” She said sadly. “It makes me feel bad that I can’t get you off. Even though I enjoy being on top, I want you to have fun too.”

“I am…” You lift up and squeeze her tits, but then look away. “It’s just…”

“Wh-what is it?” She asks excitedly.

“Well… I’ve enjoyed your pussy so often, that it’s become very easy to keep going. However, if my wife wants me to cum, there is one way.”

“What is it, husband? I’ll do anything?”

“Of course… isn’t that for me to use another hole? How about I stick my dick in your butt?”

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