The Power of Creation – Chapter 317

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“I-in my butt?” Tremaine asks thoughtfully, “But that spots dirty…”

“How could any part of my beautiful wife be dirty? Don’t you want to satisfy my penis?”

O-of course!” She nods.

“Don’t you dare defile my wife!” Flynn yells.

“Aaaaahhhh… it hurts!” You ignore her husband and push yourself into Tremaine’s tight butthole, attacking her colon with your massive cock. “It’s too big!”

“You must bear with it, your butt is making my penis feel amazing. It’s so tight and warm. If you keep it up, you’ll feel good too.”

“R-eally? Then, please continue…” Tremaine grimaces but puts on a strong face and smiles back at you lovingly.

You nod and start slowly moving your hips, savoring the feel of her tight hole stretching around the shaft of your cock as it slides in and out of her. Tremaine makes cute little moaning sounds as she squirms in pain, but as her ‘husband’, she trusts you absolutely. Thus, she is completely unquestioning as you violate her butt to your own desires. Her husband can only watch in dismay as she trembles in pain trying to take a cock she thinks is his.

You steadily build momentum, taking up the pace. Of course, you like Tremaine being a little anal whore better than you like seeing Tremaine in pain. You ease her burden a bit, using magic to make her feel the anal pleasures a little more quickly than she might normally.

“Hah… hah… this is amazing.” Tremaine starts to pant.

“See?” You chuckle, “Aren’t you glad you let me stick my dick in your butt…’

“Mmm… I love it!” She cries out, starting to finger her cunt while she feels your cock in her butt.

“Oh, you slutty girl, can’t help but finger yourself.” You laugh.

“I can’t help it, your cock is making me too excited.” Tremaine cries. “I’m going crazy.”

“Ah? So Tremaine is a little anal whore, hmm? You just love any cock in your ass?”

“D-don’t be mean, husband, it’s only because it’s you.”

“Are you saying if there was another cock in your ass, you wouldn’t enjoy it as much? Say… a smaller cock?”

“O-of course not! It’s this cock that I love because it’s husband’s cock.”

“Hah? But my cock used to be smaller, are you saying you love that cock or this one.”

“Th-that… husband, why do you tease me so…Ahhh… I can’t, I’m going to cum!

“Don’t answer him! This fucker!” Flynn curses.

“I just want to know, what do you prefer? Do you prefer your husband’s small cock or this big giant cock you’re enjoying right now?

“P-please.. my ass, it’s too much, I’m going crazy!” She moans into her pillow.

“Answer!” You demand, picking up the pace until your dick is savagely pounding her ass and she can barely think.

“I love the big dick! Your big dick is the best… aahhh… I’m cumming again! I’m sorry husband, I love big dick!”

“Then feel my cum in your ass!” You cry.

“Yes, I love you! Fill my ass with your giant dick. I want your cum in my ass!”

“…” Flynn goes limp, losing all steam and unable to continue raging any longer.

He can only watch helplessly as you blow your load into his wife’s ass. You make sure to fill her up with a great deal of seed. When you finally pull your dick out, her ass is a gaping hole stretch open from your cock. Using your hands, you spread her buttcheeks, making sure her silent husband gets a good look at her broken colon, leaking out gobs of your white semen, which runs down her legs and pussy.

“Husband, you’re amazing.” Tremaine purrs, reaching up and kissing you.

You kiss her back, continuing to fondle her breasts and body under the dead-eyed stare of that man. The pair of you cuddle, sharing a romantic moment of skinship and affection that should only be shared between two close lovers.

“Are you done now?” Flynn says weakly, no longer arrogant and prideful. “Can you please leave my wife be?”

“Huh?” Your eyes flash even darker, “Done? I haven’t even started yet!”

“H-husband?” Tremaine’s eyes widen, hearing your words.

“Come on, my slutty little wife, time for round 2!”

Putting Tremaine into dozens of different positions, you continue to fuck her long into the night. You force her to suck your cock, to swallow, and to savor the cum. You take her mouth, her ass, and her pussy as your personal fuckholes. You have her on top, on the bottom, on the side… every time making her cum. As the night goes on, Tremaine becomes more and more incoherent, innumerable orgasms causing her eyes to take on a feral look and her body to crave your sexual gratification.

“I’m just a slut…” she moans. “Keep training this slut!”

As her mind deteriorates, all your dirty talk emboldens her, and she truly starts to fulfill the role of a cum slut, eagerly holding out her tongue for her next treat as you blast a load across her face. However, all things must end, and just as she’s opening wide, you finally cancel the magic.

“Give this slut more cum!” Tremaine cries with her tongue out, then her eyes open in confusion. “Huh?”

Her mouth closes as she suddenly sees you for you, and no longer her husband. Of course, it’s too late, and she ends up getting splattered in the face with the white stuff. Only then, does she shake out of her daze and glance around as spooge runs down her face. She notices her husband stuck in the wall.

“H-husband?” She cries out, her eyes widening in horror.

“That’s right!” You declare, “The man you’ve been enjoying all night is in fact me! So, tell me, lover, how you like my big dick now?”

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