The Power of Creation – Chapter 318

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“H-husband?’ Tremaine’s mouth falls open and her eyes widen as she looks upon her husband, who isn’t the guy currently sodomizing her ass.

“Wife…” He responds tearfully, shaking his head in disbelief and disappointment.

She pulls away, falling off the bed and collapsing to her knees. After hours of brutal sex, her body no longer looks pristine and beautiful. Her makeup has been completely smeared. Her hair is in complete disarray. Her body is covered in various stains of dried semen and lust. She is covered in a sheen of sweat. The tattered remains of her clothing is on the floor. Tremaine is sitting on her knees on the floor, looking up pitifully, clearly the perfect sight of a broken woman. You scratch your chin and nod, having completed your domination of this demon lord.

“Husband… please, no, no, no!” Tremaine starts bawling her eyes out. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

“Isn’t it too late for apologies!” He cries out, bellowing out his pain and frustration. “Why did my wife of five hundred years have to turn into such a whore!”

“No… baby… it isn’t like that.”

“I witnessed your filthy face as you took pleasure from another man.”

“I thought it was you.”

“Did you? Or did you only want to pretend it was me…”

“Baby…” Tremaine looks up, sniveling.

“You slut… you disgust me.” He snorts, glaring hatefully.

“P-please… anything…” She says quietly.

“What is that?” He shouts.

“I’ll do anything, baby… anything!”

You pull out some popcorn and watch as they fall apart in front of you. It is quite an amusing scene as they break apart in front of you. Oh, is that too dark for you? I’m sorry, should we go back to something light, like raping people? Pun, you guys are hypocr- cough… ahem… I mean…

Flynn looks down at Tremaine as if considering her words. After all, they had been together for a long time, and ending their relationship now would truly be pitiable. However, his eyes suddenly darken as he recalls the scenes he had been forced to witness a moment before.

“Just answer one question then…” He responds darkly. “Did you like it better?”

Tremaine’s mouth moves, but she can’t give her response. Naturally, she knew what he wanted her to say, but they had been together too long. He’d know if she was lying.

“I-I love you…” Tremaine moans.

“Answer me!”

“H-he was better…” Tremaine spoke bitterly. “His cock was bigger, and he has more stamina, and he was amazing. I-I can’t deny it. What I said earlier was the truth. After experiencing sex with him… I could never go back to having sex with someone like you…”

Flynn let out one last sorrowful wail which threatened to shake the entire castle. You chose this point to release his bonds. Without the wall holding him up, Flynn collapses, the final cord of his body being cut. Likewise, Tremaine falls down to the floor, a broken, sorrowful woman, crying as her entire life crumbles around her.

Seeing it play out to the end, you kind of feel a little bad. However, seven sister demon lord orgy, so that’ll be nice. The atmosphere is completely dismal. The only sound is of you crunching on popcorn.

Tremaine steadily lifts her head, glancing at her husband one more time. “Flynn… I just have one question I have to ask.”

“W-what is it?”

“Did you… get all that on video?” Tremaine stands up, looking excited, her expression recovering in an instant.

“Your damn straight I did. I have visual stones, there, and there and there,” Flynn leaps up as well, pointing to various spots around the room.

“Eh?” You look up at the couple.

“You’re the best! I love you!” She leaps into his arms and the two kiss. “Show me! Show me!”

“Hahaha!” Flynn lasts, creating a magical screen with the wave of his hand.

The screen starts showing you moments ago as you were banging Tremaine for all she was worth. The two couple excitedly look at it while holding each other.

“Oh… this is the point when you started cumming, I thought it was going to hit me in the face.” Flynn laughed.

“You wish! Ah… that’s so hot. Your look of anguish is really turning me on!”

“Was the name-calling too much?”

“Not at all! When you called me a disgusting slut, I nearly came on the spot!”

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-what is going on here?”  You demand.

The couple glance over at you and Flynn shrugs as he explains. “We’ve been together for 500 years, naturally, there was only one way we could have kept our relationship healthy through the centuries.”

“Swinging!” Tremaine gives a thumbs up.

Flynn continues. “We feel we need to do a little something extra to keep things interesting, so naturally, we’re always looking for opportunities to experiment. After we heard about you tearing through all of her sisters, naturally, we were curious. We sent a squirrel to spy on you, only to have you turn it into a squirrel girl and fuck it. We knew afterward that you were our kind of guy!”

“Huh?” You scratch your head, falling into shock.

“Of course,” Tremaine continues. “We knew you’d be way too prideful to accept the threesome we offered. The only thing I could do was tempt you… and wait for you to come to take me. Fortunately, husband recently has really been into netorare and denial play.”


“Ah… man, I didn’t know how you were going to do it, but making my wife think it was me was a stroke of genius.”

“Hmph… as if I didn’t realize it immediately, but I love to role play as much as the next girl.” Tremaine crosses her arms smugly.

“Yeah, sure you realized it.” Flynn winked at you, showing no malice and all and making you feel slightly ill.

Tremaine snorts, rounding on Flynn. “With your little tiny baby dick and your tendency to cum early, I knew as soon as that big hard dick ripped me open it’d never be your pathetic ass.”

“Hah… hah… baby, when you talk to me that way, it makes me so hard.”

“I know it.” The two kiss again passionately.

You back up, shaking your head in disbelief. “No, this… this can’t be…”

“Hey man, when you tossed me in that wall and made me watch… beautiful. Being denied even touching myself? Shit, I was so hard I thought my dick would crack through the restraints!”

“B-but… I… conquered…you” You cry weakly.

“Oh… baby, you totally conquered me…” Tremaine winked. “That was amazing, my all time best! You can enjoy this body WHENEVER you want.”

“Haha!” Flynn laughed. “As long as I can watch!”

Tremaine snorts. “Or… better yet, we don’t let him watch.”

Flynn gasps, “You don’t mean… making me sit outside, and can only listen? Ah… that’s so fucking hot… we need to do it! Better yet, I can walk in just as you finish, and see my wife licking your cum off her face. Shiiiiiiitttt….”

“That kind of NTR isn’t hot… oh… I see you’re jacking off now…” You find yourself speechless as the big demon man touches himself.

“Come on baby, take me some more. To answer your question, I love your big dick. Make me your little slut again.” Tremaine grabs your arm, pulling to back to the bed. “Just ignore that small-pricked little cuck. You can even cum inside me. I might even get pregnant… don’t worry, I’ll make him take care of it.”

“Ahhhhn… honey… hah…. Hah… making be raise another man’s child. You’re so fucking hot right now. Shit… I’m going to cum!”

“Y-y-you both used me for your deranged sex games!” You cry out. “That’s unacceptable!”

If an army of women outside the castle at the moment heard this, they would all assuredly faint from the hypocrisy.

“Don’t be that way. My wife is your wife.”

“She’ll never be yours again!” You cry.

“Then, she can just be your wife. Being denied my wife for a few hundred years… hah… hah… it turns out honey that our new playmate is the ultimate sadist. I think I’m in love.”

You back up to the door with a disgusted look.” Wh-what?”

“Hey… if you ever get bored of playing with my wife,” Flynn turns around and bends slightly, looking at you with a finger on his lip. “You can have me…”

The guards blink as a defeated man flees out of the castle, crying and feeling like he has lost everything. You had expected this to happen around this time, but you didn’t expect it was going to be you!

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