The Power of Creation – Chapter 319

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“Finally, returning back to the castle.” You sigh, seeing a Riun that has been growing at an impossible rate.

You’re on the airship heading home, and Riun has finally shown up on the horizon. It no longer looks like a village, but a bustling city. That city couldn’t even be compared to the standard medieval cities of this world. Having adapted much of the technology you brought to this world and combining it with magic, Riun is turning into a glorious capital city. Skyscrappers sre currently being erected, and paved roads have cars driving down them. At this rate, Riun will revolutionize this entire world, even if you didn’t do another thing.

“Baby, your kingdom is quite nice.” Tremaine purs.

“Who asked you to come along!” You shout.

“Come on, bro, you conquered my wife and me, so now you have to take responsibility.”

“His denial play is very stimulating…” Tremaine drools.

“Why didn’t you guys tell me they were like this!” You glare at the six other demon lord sisters.

“Tsk… I figured I’d make you go through the same torment I had to!” Cruella growls. “No matter what I did, I could never break those two up! The ways they used me in their sex games! Of course, I grew wrathful!”

“Really? I found myself always looking up to big sis… they’re always so loving. It’s how I learned to share my lust.” Medusa giggles.

“I grew up hearing them humping and giggling all into the night…” Ursula shivers, grabbing a chicken drum she acquired from who knows where and nibbling on it like an anxious eater.

“She poisoned my food so that I didn’t grow! She’s the reason I never developed properly!” Maleficent stamps her foot.

“Wait… so in the end, the reason you’re all so sexually screwed up is because of Tremaine?” My eyes widen.

“Hey, who says we’re screw up!” Grimhilde pouts.

“Snort… hah! They… used to molest me when I was asleep… prolly why I’m so horny… anyone mind dicking me while I’m asleep?” Gothel mumbles and then falls asleep without receiving an answer.

“On it!” Ariel declares, pulling out her dick, which someone seemed to have magically restored, and beginning to violate the snoring Gothel.

“Look, Bro… all that stuff is in the past.” Flynn says tearfully, “The question is, when are you going to fuck me?”

Your eye twitches at that. The unsettling part isn’t the fact that Flynn is a man asking for sex. That you can handle with a healthy dose of disgust and scorn. No… the problem is that Flynn is apparently a demon who could interchangeably take the form of either sex! What sent you racing out of the demon lord castle wasn’t a man hitting on you, it was a man becoming a sexy woman, and then hitting on you!

Compared to the demon lords, who look like normal hot chicks with tails and maybe some animal parts, Flynn actually looks like a legitimate demon. She is beautiful. Her hair is white. Her body is curvy. She had two large horns on her head and a goat’s tail out the back. She is also completely red. Not her outfit. Everything. Her skin is completely bright red from top to bottom. If you put her next to Snow White, you’d feel like celebrating Christmas! She was also shameless, wearing a revealing outfit that even made Maleficent look modest. No, it was even worse than that, because Maleficent was a loli that didn’t show much, where Flynn was a curvaceous woman, which made it show everything!

“You know, bro, my female side is just like my male side in reverse.” Flynn winks. “So, my smaller dick means I got a really tight pussy!”

“…” You vomited in your mouth a little.

“I don’t even understand what the problem is, Elena was a boy who became a girl…” Grimhilde mutters.

“Allegedly!” You defend, “And besides… she was a trap… it’s different!”

“What about Mushu!”

“She was born a woman, and was disguised as a man… It’s in the details.”

“Ariel has a dick right now and she’s plowing Gothel!”

“What? Everyone loves Ariel’s dick. It’s provided hours of fun!”

The airship lands into the water, and rather than walk back to the castle, you wave your hands and teleport everyone there, hoping this conversation is over. However, when you turn to leave, you see that the girls still have frowns on their faces, and Flynn is looking at you while hold her hands between her thighs like she has to go pee.

“Hah… hah… this denial game is turning me on bro, but please fuck me before I cream myself!” She says, drool coming from her mouth.

Your mouth twists and you put down your foot down. “Look, I know you commenters are all begging for the Futa, but I’m telling you, the fanbase does not support having Futa based chapters. I mean, out of 300 plus chapters, I wrote one netorari scene and I had people telling me to label this novel NTR like it just caught an STD. Flynn’s pussy is off the table.”

“Oh, I can fix that!” Flynn leaps on a table, spreading her legs. “Now, it’s back on, fuck me!”

“I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while…” Aurora asks, frowning slightly. “But you keep referring to things like chapters, books, stories, commenters, and scenes. I always assumed it was because you were from another world. The others sort of talk like that too, but I don’t understand what it means.”

Megara’s eyes seem to flash at that comment, but she remains silent, waiting for you to talk.

“What?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Yeah!” Mulan nods. “It’s like… sometimes, what Master says, it makes sense, but then immediately after, it doesn’t anymore.”

“What story is daddy talking about?”

“This one?” You look around at the girls, feeling strange. “The one I’m read…”

Your head goes dizzy and suddenly you find yourself about to collapse. The girls manage to catch you and bring you to a chair. There are various voices of worry and concern.

“So… I see it’s started.” A woman’s voice breaks out from behind you just as your mind snaps back into place.

You look up to see a vaguely familiar wolf girl. You feel like you might have seen her once before. She’s wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and a long coat. Reality… is becoming weaker. Those words seem to resonate in your mind. Before you can say anything though, there is a shout.

“Guild Master!” Kida runs out and ends up hugging the woman and looking back at you. “Rookie, this is the guild master I was telling you about. Her name is Lillian! She often travels, so we don’t see her in Riun very often, but she’s very strong, just like Rookie!”

“Now, now… my young vice guild master, you still won’t just accept the position. I’ve abandoned it for years.” Lillian laughs.

Kida shakes her head. “Not at all! I promised I’d always leave the position open waiting for you, it’d be irresponsible to give it up now!”

“Y-you…” There are seven other people who seemed to be in complete shock.

Maleficent, Grimhilde, Tremaine, Cruella, Ursula, Medusa, and even Gothel all step out from the crowd, all looking wide-eyed at this newcomer.

Lillian gives a smile to all of them. “Hello, girls, it’s been a while.”

The seven demon lords all look at each other uncomfortably, but then one after another kneel. You look on in disbelief as they all lower their head to her. It’s a moment later when the words come out that causes your mouth to fall open.

“Greetings, Mother.” The seven women say in unison.

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