The Power of Creation – Chapter 32


I didn’t really feel like I needed to keep the survey up. It was an overwhelming majority that was pushing to just keep things the way they are. I’m surprised, I thought you guys would get a kick out of choose your own sexventures. Anyway, here’s my next chapter.

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Five of the hottest girls in the kingdom dressed in the prettiest dresses you can imagine are all lined up and waiting for you. Although Merida is treating it like guard duty, you notice that she really took to the dress you gave her while wearing a blush, so you suspect that she is simply pretending. That night, you will make her pregnant just like Aurora, so you have that to look forward too.

Grimhilde is hungry, so while the other girls were still playing in the bath, she came out and gave you a sloppy blowjob, making sure to swallow it all up like a good girl. You actually pat her head when you are done, and she gives you a glowing smile while cum dribbles out of the side of her mouth. It was safe to say that the Demon King was a bit too easy to train. Your abilities truly are cheats.

“So, we’re going to Riun, huh?” You wave your hand absently and a portal forms.

Ariel hooks on to one arm and Grimhilde grabs onto the other. Mulan, driven by her need to compete, grabs onto the back of your shirt. The queen seemed content holding a basket, looking glowingly motherly now, and for the moment Merida is content staying close to Aurora. However, she shoots you looks too. You’ll be the future father of her child, so it is normal that she’d be taking notice of you.

You all step through the portal, and you find yourself in the first village you’d ever been to. Your eyes dart around excitedly as you start seeing your first real view of another world. Elves, dwarves, and beastmen make up over half the population. However, they’re not all as sexy as the five women you brought with you. There were a few fuckable girls, but it was starting to become clear that you had lucked out when you had found this batch.

Of course, a single spell could turn any girl here into a knockout beauty, so what you really needed were enough variations in style to be worth it. As you looked around, Mulan sniffed and turned away. It was clear that she was a Tsundere, but her competitive nature made her succumb to peer pressure very quickly. Ariel was simply a deredere. The queen was more of the mature motherly type. That means you need a Dandere and a Kuudere. Would a Yandere be worth adding? That seemed like it could get a bit dangerous, not that you couldn’t heal anyone she killed, but that seems a bit wrong…

Your presence is not going unnoticed, as a man escorting five beautiful women is shot constant jealous looks. A few scary looking men might have bothered you guys, but you fear they’ll ruin your girls’ moods so you secretly send them on their way with magic. As you consider this, your group of girls run around dragging you along as they enjoy the city and talk with each other. The girls all seem to be getting along well. However, instead of ending up in the slave auction, you end up in a clothing store.

The girl’s try on various outfits as you watch. You end up placing a big order for clothing for all of the girls. You discuss all kinds of outfits with the tailor. Of course, there are swimming suits. You also bought dresses, maid outfits, nurse outfits, and every other costume you ever wanted to see a girl wear. You could have made everything with magic, but the girls looked so happy that you decided it is worth the extra trouble.

It is a lot of money, so you use a spell that creates a coin purse. In the end, it is magic that makes it possible anyway. It cost nearly half of the coin purse to pay off for all of the outfits. Plus, it turns out to be far more clothing than you could possibly carry on your own. Therefore, you create a storage ring too.

The girls all gasp as you bring out the ring. As it turns out, storage rings in this world are considered exceptionally rare. Therefore, you create five more and give them to each of the girls. They blush a lot as you hand each of them a ring. It’s a bit silly to you. This is hardly like some kind of marriage thing. If you wanted to mark them as yours, you could think of various better ways to do it. Perhaps a tattoo or a collar or something. You’ll think about it more in the future before you decide.

Each of the girls store the clothing you bought them. Each girl having her own ring will make it a lot easier when you guys move. You’ve been scouting out the city and you’re still not convinced this is the place you want to set up base.

As you’re thinking this, some small person bumps into you. Before you can even consider if it’s some kind of flag event, the person turns and walks away. You didn’t even get a look at their face. Well, every random person you bump into isn’t going to necessarily affect your life.

The girls start complaining about how hungry they are, so you bring them up to a food stall that is set up in a town square looking city center. You buy all of the girls meat on a stick and a bowl of ice cream. As they go to the table, chatting happily, and you contemplate all the things you plan to do to them tonight, you reach to grab your money. However, your purse is gone. It looks like you’ve been robbed!

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