The Power of Creation – Chapter 320

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“You’re their mother?” You scratch your head. “You don’t look a day older than them?”

“Why… thank you?” Lillian smirks, “I do try to take care of myself.”

You frown, not quite sure what to make of this newcomer. On that note, since Tremaine is here, that would mean that you’ve conquered all seven demon lord girls. Is that why she’s showing up now? Also, what is she talking about regarding reality?

“Mother… this is my love, he has conquered all seven of us!”

“I wouldn’t say I’m conquered…” Cruella sniffs.

“Me neither!” Maleficant cries out.

“With prince, i-it’s complicated!” Ursula adds.

You laugh awkwardly, shooting the three naysayers a dark look.

“Haha… I can see where my daughter’s hearts lie. It is clear to me that he has conquered you girls.”

The girls resisting the most put their heads down and blushed, while the bolder demon lords stuck up their chins as if they were proud that their mother acknowledged the man who dominated them.

“Then…” Medusa looks up at her mom expectantly, “That means that he is the demon king?”

Lillian eyes you up and down, looking as if she was considering something. After a moment, she gestures for you to come closer.

“Boy… what is your name?”

You step forward, eyeing her suspiciously. After a moment, you give her your name. She chuckles softly.

“You have so many names…” She shakes her head. “Yet none of them are you.”


“In the end, boy, you’re but a puppet of the Demon God. He brought you to this world. He gave you these powers. In 48 hours, he will finally break into this world, and then he will discard you entirely.”

“Hmm… I’m an internet commenter. What puny Demon God could be more powerful than me? As soon as they come into this world, I’ll rape them into submission. And if they’re a guy, I’ll turn them into a girl, and still rape them into position.

“Bro, Hey!”

“Don’t start, Flynn.”

“Hehe… you may not be saying such things if you knew the truth.”

“Mother…” Grimhilde raises her head. “It’s exactly this reason that he’s conquered us. He will be the demon king, and with the barrier break magic, he will finally be able to end the menace that is the Demon God.”

“So, I suppose you want me to give you that magic then?” Lillian asks, raising an eyebrow.

You shrug. “Since I went to the trouble of conquering all the demon lord girls, I suppose I might as well take my due. Show me this mysterious magic that’s supposed to make me more incredible than I already am.”

Lillian smiles gently. “It is right to give this magic to the man who conquers the seven sins.”


Her face falls into a frown, “It’s too bad you haven’t conquered a single one!”

The girls around you all gasp. A few of the demon lords even stand up, their mouths open in complete shock. Haven’t conquered them? What have you been doing all this time? You succeeded. You did what you needed to do. All of these women were committed to you.”

“Wh-what does mother mean?” Grimhilde asks.

“Hmph…” Lillian flicks her wrist, and a throne appears from nowhere from which she sits.

“You have the power of creation too?” Anna and Elsa cry out.

“Of a sort, I have a certain degree of power given to me by the Demon God. He’s the reason magic exists, after all.

“Why would he give you magic, even though you want to destroy him?” Aurora spoke up, frowning.

“We can just call it… alimony.” She smirks. “The Demon God’s my ex… after all.”

There were more gasps, but you shook your head irritably and stepped towards her throne. “What do you mean, I haven’t conquered a single one?”

“I mean, you failed.” The Demon Queen shrugged. “When I had a falling out with the Demon God, I aimed to make their life as miserable as they made mine. Of course, I knew about this pet project of theirs. They wanted to use Pun to create this world so that they might be able to rule it on high. Thus, to prevent them from doing so, I came to this world and made seven children. There were seven tests, left for the hero the Demon God would inevitably bring to this world.

“They were my seven sins… and if you could conquer them, only then would you be qualified to battle my ex and take this world as your own.”

“I don’t even want this world.” You shrug. “I just wanted to have fun in it for a while.”

“That might be so…” The Demon Queen shook her head. “But you don’t exactly have a choice!”

“Either way, I conquered your daughters.” You step forward. “They love me, and they had submitted to me.”

“Unfortunately, you may have conquered their bodies, but you were supposed to conquer their sins!”


“Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Wrath, and Pride… these were the tests I laid out for you.”

“Yes, and I tamed each of them!” You respond proudly.

“It wasn’t their sins you had to tame, it was your own!”


“Upon meeting my daughter Grimhilde, you immediately stole her from her father and nation, unabashedly turning her into a cum-loving slut, do you deny it?”

“M-mother…” Grimhilde looks over in tears.

“What did you do after?” Lillian demands. “You went from a harem of 5 to a harem of 14! In a single day, you added 4 maids, 2 traps, a lesbian, a ghost, and even my own protégé. Your greed knew no bounds, and besides having more harem members than you can even remember, you also have a literal army of women who you fornicate with. You completely lost to greed.”

“Ah… that’s not really…”

“Maleficent, my envious daughter… after enjoying her, what did you do? You grew jealous and demanded all of your harem wore collars where you could track them 24/7! You stole Florian’s entire harem of girls, even though you weren’t even that interested in the first place! You succumbed to envy.”

“B-but…” A sinking feeling starts to grow inside you.

“Ursula and Medusa came to you together. What did you do?

“…” You sigh. “I created a cumnami-“

“Yes! Your lust and gluttony led to you impregnating an entire world and creating an entire spin-off! Then, you savagely consumed both women and almost impregnated a loli!”

“She’s talking about my baby! You guy’s remembered I had the baby, right?” Moana cries out.

“Then there was Cruella. You blew up an entire city in your rage!”

“What he’d do now?” Cruella asks.

“I see I’m being ignored…” Moana lowers her head.

“Gothel, you would have wasted your life away with her! And let’s not forget Tremaine. Perhaps you may not be a man who is full of pride, but it still led you to sending your armies and killing millions just to satisfy it!”


“Seven sins… and you’ve succumbed to every one of them. You haven’t succeeded in a thing, boy, you have failed spectacularly. I award you no points, and may Pun have mercy on your soul.”

“W-well, who needs you anyway!” You finally snort. “I’ll defeat the Demon God without your stupid magic!”

“Perhaps…” Lillian finally stood up, walking past you and standing in front of her daughters. “But you will have to do it alone.”


“These are my sins. You know them as the demon lords, my daughters, but the reality is that they are all aspects of me. My sins, I carved them out of my own life force to provide the test. The test is failed, and the Demon God will come and take this world. I can only leave and hope that I can save the next world he targets.”

“Hah? That’s bullshit.” You take a few steps forward.

“Say goodbye, my daughters.”

“M-mom?” The girls look up in confusion.

She waves her hand, and a moment later all seven women disappear. They condense into seven different colored lights, and each one flows into the demon queen’s mouth. She swallows them with a gulp. The remaining harem and you all stare in complete shock.

“Now that I have recovered what is mine.” Lillian sighs. “I’ll be heading to the next world.”

“No!” You curse. “You bitch! You come back…

There is a flash, and the Demon Queen is gone just like that. Your harem is seven women smaller.

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