The Power of Creation – Chapter 322

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“Father, what are you doing?” Anna asks.

Your two daughters open your door and come in without asking. If it was any other person, you might have to give them some punishment, but when you look on your naturally curious daughters, you can’t bring yourself to do anything to retaliate. Instead, you give them a fond smile as they enter gesturing them over to you.

“Anna, Elsa… remember when you two girls were acting up, and daddy had to assert his dominance?” You ask, patting both girl’s heads as they each sit on one of your knees.

Both girls nod, blushing slightly.

“My pussy was sore for a week!” Anna complains.

“I could barely sit down!” Elsa adds.

“Ahem… cough… yes… that.” You move on. “Well, a certain Queen decided to take some of daddy’s things, and so daddy needs to make her understand that she can’t do that.”

“Will father be using his penis to send the message?” Elsa asks.

“Daddy will indeed!” You nod, feeling pride that your daughters are turning out so smart.

“So, why isn’t Father punishing her with his penis already?” Anna inquires.

“That’s a good question.” You smile, patting her head and causing her to smile happily. “The problem is, she had some powers and knows how to use them. Your father, as strong as he is, may not be able to control her once he starts, and he wouldn’t be very happy if the bitch stepped out of line and daddy couldn’t do nothing about it, right ladies?”

“Ah… I understand Father.”

“Me too!”

“That’s good. So, if you girls are done, let your Father think a bit more and come up with some ways to become even more awesome than he is right now. After that, after breaking her, I’ll even let you girls play with her, okay?”

The girl’s eyes brighten. “R-really! Father is so cool!”

You laugh, giving them a pat on the head, and then grope on their bottoms, sending them on their ways. As they reach the door, the two girls look at each other as if they came to some kind of agreement at the same time. Then they both turn back to you.

“Actually, father… we might have a way to make you stronger in a short period of time.” Anna says.

You raise an eyebrow. “Oh? Really? How is that?”

“Father… we were born during a time in which a great deal of energy went into thinning the barrier between realities. Our powers weren’t simply a matter of genetics, but a result of resonance with the Demon God that occurred the first time he tried to merge into our existance.”

“Look at my daughters… knowing big words like resonance and genetics.”

“Eh… point being, our power of creation contains a sliver of divinity.” Anna finishes.

“What we’re saying, father, is that if you strip us of the Power of Creation, and absorb it into your power, not only will your mastery of Power of Creation grow, but you will also gain a sliver and his godliness, putting you a step above the Demon Queen.” Elsa explains.

“You girls want to give up your powers?” You suggest in surprise.

The two girls look at each other and then look down. “We know we’ve caused a lot of trouble for our mothers and Father. Although it has been great to have all this power and energy, it’ll also be nice to be regular girls too. A lot of the harem seem to have so much fun when they can’t resist and are at Father’s mercy. We want to be at Father’s mercy too!”

“Hmm… I suppose I can take your powers, my daughters, but I don’t know what it will do…”

“It’s okay, Father, we trust you.” Anna says. “Father can do whatever he wants to us, and we’ll take it all.”

“If it’s Father, everything will be okay, I won’t cry, even if it hurts.”

You sigh, wiping a tear from your eye. “I guess, I’ve raised my little girls properly. Very well, I will absorb your powers.”

“Hehe… Father’s going to eat us out…”

“Me first, me first!”

You put out your hands, ignoring the girls as they start arguing over whose power gets to be consumed first. In reality, you don’t know how this is going to go. This is a magic at a level you’ve rarely composed. It’s the kind that sort of reshapes reality. And most importantly, it affects you! So, how could you be casual in casting it!

After compiling the spell, you begin to absorb their powers. You gasp at how smoothly it comes out of them. The girls make wimpering and moaning sounds as they hold each other, but they don’t have a single ounce of resistance. Perhaps, any other woman might fight back, even if only by instinct, but to their Father, these girls have given themselves over completely.

A light starts to cover the two girls, and you start to grow more and more powerful. You can feel a vitality and energy flowing into you. Your mind starts to grow. It’s no longer simple omnipotence, but you feel like you’re gaining a certain level of omniscience too. You feel a flood of information, as if you are connected to all the people in this world. You realize the collars you have on the girls are no longer necessary, because you can recall the state of every girl in your harem just by thinking about them. Not just in the harem, you can recall the state of everyone in the entire world!

“Papa…” A young voice suddenly breaks you out of revelry.

You look down and your mouth pops open in surprise. Anna and Elsa are now standing there holding each other, but the sexy, busty 16 yo hotties are gone. In their place are two girls about 5 years of age! You didn’t realize the spell was a transformation spell, since you’ve just turned your daughters into jailbait!

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