The Power of Creation – Chapter 325

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You suppose it is now time to resolve this whole issue with the Demon Queen. You want to be at peak performance before summoning the Demon Queen and finally conquering her. Thus, you decide to do it in the morning. The Demon God always breaks into reality and destroys all things in the afternoon, this is a known fact, so you have plenty of time to sort things out.

You, of course, don’t know the form the Demon God will take… unless this is like Ghostbusters or something and you can pick the form of the Demon God. In which case, it’ll be a pussy, and then you can fuck it to your heart’s content. Although, remembering the movie, you suddenly wonder if an 80-foot-tall gaping vagina is going to come sweeping through Riun, gobbling up everything in sight. Well, either way, that was tomorrow’s problem.

With the Demon ladies gone, you have gained power over all the demon armies. You sent the human realm and King Eric a letter, and he also provided everyone available. Considering all of reality was at risk, he didn’t hold any back. You’ve also gathered all of the demihumans as well. The human army, the goblin army, the dragon army, the dark elf army, the demihuman army, the seven demon armies, the harpy army, the sex doll army… they all stand ready at the spot the Demon God plans to come into your world.

That spot is, after all, on the edge of Riun, conveniently right in front of your castle. That wasn’t coincidence, you had picked to put your castle there because that was the spot. It was also the same spot where a skyhole had formed which you had jammed your dick into not too long ago. Basically, this Demon God was going to have to come through the hole in reality you tore open with your penis.

If the person who came out was a woman, you’d take care of her with ease. If the person who came out was a man, you’d wipe him off the face of existence. You learned after Tremaine that genders weren’t so important with these demons, so who knew the Demon Queen’s tastes. As for what Tremaine’s lover thought to her being taken away, she naturally considered it some naughty denial play was fervently masturbating until she returned. As for you, you understand Tremaine is not coming back unless you make her, along with the six others.

Sitting on a throne that looks kind of like a recliner, you think back to everything that has happened since you came to this world. You’ve found dozens of beautiful women who take your bed. You’ve had numerous children. You’ve defeated seven demon lords. You’ve also had a lot of great sex. Overall, after spending almost half a year in this world, you’re not ready to leave it. This Demon God, they’re going down.

You are basically the supreme ruler of this world now, having dominated all three realms. What kind of bastard did this Demon God think they were to come and take it from you? You did have some concern about the barrier magic. If you couldn’t obtain it, they suggested the battle would be over before it started. However, you had some ideas on that.

Essentially, you had made every preparation you could. Now you just needed to get some rest before the battle begins. First, you conquer the Demon Queen, then you crush the Demon God! You had back to your room long after the sun set. The castle is a bit chilly and the place is a bit quiet. Thirty beautiful women live in your castle, but you don’t see a single one of them. Perhaps they all went to sleep?

When you open the door to your room, you can’t help but smile. On your massively oversized bed, you see your entire harem there. They must have had trouble sleeping, so all thirty women had made their way to your bed. Some of them were in pajamas, some of them wore nighties or just their underwear,  some were completely naked, but they were all snuggled up on your bed. They must have fallen asleep waiting for you.

Taking off your clothing, you position yourself in the middle of the group. Whether the women were only pretending to sleep, or were driven by some unconscious force, they all started to crowd around you, pressing their warm bodies against you. Even if it was just a finger, every girl wanted skinship, and your body was completely covered with women until the point that there was no point for a blanket.

With two girls in each arm, a few on top, and numerous others on your legs or pressed against your arms, you fall asleep, covered and comforted by your women.

As the morning breaks, your eyes flash open. You can see your various girl’s sleeping faces, which are as often as not just as cute as their waking faces. You want to enjoy fucking each one of them one last time, but time was key now. An orgy would have to come later. Right now, was the time for action.

“It begins!”

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