The Power of Creation – Chapter 328

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“No… why am I doing this?” Lillian cries out as you bang her from behind.

Her fox tail swishes back and forth in sexual nirvana while her fox ears twitch. Lillian is a foxgirl. She was always a foxgirl. No one ever said she was a wolfgirl. Foxgirls are what is in right now. They’re all the rage. She’s also a three-tailed fox, unless you like seven tails, then she has seven, unless you only like one. Fuck it, she has as many tails as she damn well pleases and it’s the exact amount of tails you like, including an absence of tails. And since half of you are going to want a red-tail fox and the other half grey, or orange, or white… or whatever the fuck… it also changes color to whatever color you want and that’s the color it is.

There, are you happy? Please say your happy. Fuck it, I don’t give a shit. Some of you are going to be like, ‘I preferred the wolfgirl’. Fuck you guys. She’s a wolfgirl again. Anyway, I digress…

“Hehehe, I see my little foxgirl really likes the dick after all!” You tease as your ravage her body in front of the entire city of Riun.

“N-noo…” She cries out.

You squish your dick wetly into her crotch. “Then why are you so aroused? Doesn’t that mean you like it?”

“St-stop… I can’t believe how good this feels, I’m growing crazy!”

You continue to plow Lillian from behind, enjoy her soft and unique body to its fullest. Of course, she can’t help but let you have your way with her because she’s compelled by all seven of the demon lords that inhabit her body. As she tastes the cock she craves seven times over, naturally she quickly succumbs to her naughty lust. Although her mind doesn’t understand it, as she didn’t take on their memories, her body has lost all control.

“Naaaahn… Ah… please…” She moans.

“Eh? Didn’t you sleep with seven guys to make all those demon lord babies anyway?”

“They needed… a father… to watch after them while they grew up.” Lillian explained while moaning under the feeling of your relentless cock.

“That still means you’re a little skank whose popped out seven babies. Maybe I should make you pop out another.”

“N-no… you can’t… don’t make me pregnant!” Lillian cries. “I haven’t had sex since Grimhilde exactly because it can’t happen again!”

“Eh? What’s that stupidity? How about I just fill your womb with my seed? What happens next we’ll just leave up to fate!”

“You… you… don’t understand! I’m a unique existence. I can’t make a baby normally… I have to chop up my soul. Each time I created a demon lord, I used a piece of my soul. It cannot afford to be chipped away anymore. I’ll need time to repair my injured soul, that’s why I reabsorbed the girls.”

“Oh, Hoh? So what you’re saying is that you still have seven unhealed pieces of soul?”

“WH-what?” What are you doing?” Lillian cries as you spin her around and start plowing her on the bed you had placed in the center of the magic circle.

“Don’t worry! I’m just using a little creation magic! So, how about you take my seed!”

“N-no! I can’t… please…”

“Hahaha… too late I’m cumming!”

“Nyaaa! It’s entering me! Your cum is going into my womb! You’ll destroy me this way.”

“I’m giving you my life force, so accept it kindly.”

Lillian tears up. “I know what you’re trying to do, but you don’t possibly have enough lifeforce. This won’t work!”

Your eyes flash darkly. “Who says I don’t have enough! You’re underestimating me! I can summon all the life force I want!”

You begin to cum again, just as you finished cumming, and then again, and then again.

“Nyaaa… it’s all inside me. There is so much! It’s too much! I’m going to burst!” Lillian cries.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it, take it all. Take all my seed and give me babies!”

“Yo-you bastard! Ahhhnnn… I’m cumming!”

“Isn’t your pussy milking my cock now? You want it just as much as I do!”

“N-no- it’s too much! I can’t take anymore! I’m going to explode!”

“Hahahaha!” You inject her with more and more cum, filling her until her stomach grows as large as if she was pregnant.

“Nyah…. It’s too much! You… you’re splitting me apart!”

“Who says I’m done yet, even more!” You cum in her and keep cumming.

A massive light spreads out, forcing the citizen and harem who were looking on in shock to turn away and shut their eyes. Only Giselle, whose ‘mother’ was exploded with lifeforce could possibly even contemplate what was going on now. In fact, the act you were taking wasn’t much different than that. You were taking all of the lifeforce spilled as your time as an internet commenters. Knowing you, it was quite a lot. Now, you’re pumping that lifeforce into Lillian.

“Nahhhhh…. I’m… I’m… exploding!” Lillian screams.

The light explodes and magic erupts across the square. Those with some magic ability keep it from harming anyway. When the light fads and people rub the dark spots out of their eyes, they can only look on in complete and utter shock. The bed now contains eight naked women, all covered in cum. Each woman is identical to each other. They all look exactly like Lillian. However, there is two distinct difference, their tails and their heads.

A devil tail in the shape of a spade, a devil tail in the shape of a diamond, a snake tail, a bunny tail, a pony tail, a demon tail with hair at the end, a demon tail with an arrow, and a foxtail. Naturally, their heads had horns and or ears matching said tails.

The Lillian with the spade tail starts licking herself excitedly, eating all the cum with vigor. The way she does it instantly brings some familiarity to you.

“Grimhilde?” You ask in wonder.

The girl looks up. “Eh? My love?”

The other girls start to look over at you, and their eyes brighten.






“Snort! Huh? Oh, Boyfriend.”

Seven demon lord sisters were now seven demon lord septuplets…

“You bastard…” the foxtailed one looks up.

And mommy makes eight!

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