The Power of Creation – Chapter 330

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“No… don’t put that thing in me!” Lillian cries out, struggling against the hold of her seven daughters.

However, they are relentlessly determined to have their mother experience the same torment that they have had to experience, so they wouldn’t hesitate to hold her and spread her open for you. Getting on top of the foxy woman, you slid your dick right into her.

“Gafuuu!” Lillian cries out as her pussy is split open wide by your massive dick, currently on the larger scale.

Of course, Lillian needs a big dick, since it’s only a dick this big that will truly get her to understand your power. Naturally, you don’t pull of any stops with her, using your magic, you prep her accordingly, making her nipples, pussy, and anus more sensitive.

“Y-you think by making my pussy more sensitive… you expect me to submit!” Lillian cries out defiantly.

“No, I expect you to cum!” You cry out.


As you plow away at Lillian’s pipes, the other girls flock around you as well. Those that aren’t holding her arms down begin to rub against your body. Maleficent in particular seems to really like rubbing her now decent sized boobs up and down your arm. Meanwhile, Medusa lovingly sucks on your neck. The naughty Tremaine doesn’t hesitate to spread your cheeks and eat your asshole. Each girl has her hands all over you or their mother.

The girl’s holding her arms, Ursula and Cruella, start playing with Lillian’s nipples for you. Meanwhile, your hands find Medusa and Grimhilde’s cunts and start to finger the two sexy vixens. You continue to thrust into Lillian, filling her pussy with your massive pole, while Grimhilde fingers her clit, driving her own mother crazy with her mischievous fingers. Gothel is sucking on your nipples, her hands groping your ass lewdly. Suffice it to say, it’s a mess pit of sex, and seven identical sisters are the cause of it!

Pushing through the flesh all around you, you get a hold of Lillian’s hips and pick her up, forcing her back to arch for you. With a better grip on her, you start to enjoy her pussy even more aggressively. While your side women kiss your body and each other, rubbing their naked skin against you, you pound their mother with all of your might.

“Ahn! Ahn!” Lillian cries out as she’s driven into another orgasm.

Her daughters won’t allow their mother to relax for even a moment. While you take her pussy like a sex toy, pumping away with your massive dick, they pinch and lick her body almost as much as your own. With 14 hands, both of you are smothered with extra attention. One girl is fingering her butt while another girl rubs her clit and a third pulls on her nipples. Under this massive degree of attention, Lillian is completely helpless and has no choice but to succumb under the constant, violent, attacks of your cock.

Your abuse goes on and on. As you go, the girls rotate, taking turns. One girl might kiss your neck for a bit while fingering her own mom, only to later sit on her mom’s face, forcing Lillian’ to eat her own daughter’s pussy. The girls start to take turns riding Lillian’s face. She’s introduced to seven different pussies. However, since they’re all identical to her, would it be like her being forced to eat her own pussy seven times?

As for the number of orgasms that Lillian experiences, she quickly starts to lose count. One woman after another entice and tease her body, which driven to extreme sensitivity, is no longer able to endure. The bed grows drenched in Lillian’s lust, and even many of the girls watching on the outskirts become too aroused and start to fuck their husbands and boyfriends. Your harem are getting worked up as well watching their man enjoy 8 women at once, and desperately want to jump in, but are too afraid of interrupting whatever ceremony you started.

Your dick finds its way into Lillian’s ass as well, and you start pounding her, but she’s already completely lost to lust, and only found her gaping butt, made sensitive by your magic, to be even more arousing. Naturally, her pussy is opened up to the attack of her daughters, who two at a time lick and bite her pussy while you satisfy your dick on her ass. Lillian shivers and moans and cums over and over again, unable to control her body as she’s turned into your slut.

Her mind weakens more and more, and after nearly four hours and having lost enough cum to fill a bathtub, Lillian has already completely lost it. Her gave is covered in pussy juice from her daughters, tears, and snot. Her eyes are disorientated and her tongue is sticking out. All she can think about it the sheer pleasure that comes with the next orgasm.

“More… more…” She moans incoherently, feeling your dick pounding her poor broken butthole evem as she cums like a fountain.

At some point during this sexual encounter, the sky starts to darken. There is a lightning bolt.

Lillian’s lucidity returns for a bit as she looks up in surprise. “Shit! He’s coming… and so am I!”

Lillian’s body spasms as she has another orgasm, squirting hot cum into her daughter’s faces, who lap it up happily.

“The Demon God?” You ask, pulling back Lillian’s hair and biting her neck while still pounding her ass.

“Y-yes… ahhhhn…. I have to… have too…”

“What? You want to leave? How would I let you leave?” you demand. “The shows about to start.

“N-no…” She said tearfully, but the rhythmic thrust into her sensitive butthole has turned her mind to mush and made her unable to articulate properly.

“Mm? Then was does Lillian have to do?” You ask teasingly, grabbing her tits roughly and forcing your dick deep into her ass.

As you do this, you finally release your cum into her.

“Nyaaaahhhhn… It’s going inside my ass… it’s so warm!” The Demon Queen cries as she squirts some more.

“Lillian?” You ask, pulling her nipples roughly.

“Y-you win!” Lillian finally cries out. “The magic is yours!”

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