The Power of Creation – Chapter 331

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The pit of sex in the middle of the courtyard in front of your castle burst into a massive light! Lillian’s naked and exhausted form erupts with a powerful magic that shoots out in waves. Those waves begin to coalesce in the darkening sky, creating an effect of colors glowing against the dark red backdrop, like an Aurora Borealis. It’s almost like her magic is standing in stark contrast to the coming of the Demon God. The power grows and grows, swirling up in the sky until it practically becomes a cyclone of power.

“Amazing!” Ariel gasps.

The harem can only stare in awe as this seemingly defiant magic seems to build within the world, seemingly being created from nothing. Of course, you’re still focused on fucking Lillian, your hard dick sliding in and out of her ruined pussy with reckless abandon, even as the entire bed flashes in a strange light. The Demon lord women all pull away from the pair of you, looking up at the sky in reverence. They fall to their knees one by one, bowing to the cyclone magic.

After all, these women were literally created for this event. The summoning of the magic is why their very beings were brought into this world by their mother, so seeing it come about brings each of them into a strange state of worship. A moment later, each of the seven girls disappears, her energy entering her mother once again. You don’t feel afraid that they were being taken away. Somewhere, in the back of your mind, you know you can summon the girls at any point. However, to finish unlocking this special magic, their power has to be used. So, you allow them to recombine with their mother.

Thus, seven balls of energy once again enter the Demon Queen. Each one brings a spike of power and a slight twitch of her pussy that is satisfying to your cock. As you fuck her, you realize you’re fucking all eight women at once. They all now feel what the Demon Queen feels. They are eight women, and they are one woman at the same time. The magical cyclone grows more and more, meanwhile, you reach your second climax of the day.

“I’m cumming!” You declare.

“Yes… inside!” Lillian moans, but her voice is overlapped with the voices of seven other women.

You creampie not just Lillian, but all her daughters at once, and the feeling of your hot spunk bursting into her womb is enough that she simultaneously is driven to cum. You feel the constrictive power of eight women climaxing at once, hearing 8 distinct voice moaning as you have the strangest 9-some ever conceived. As soon as the last spurt of cum is delivered deep inside their womb, there is a moment of seeming silence. It is like a calm before the storm.

A moment later, the cyclone shoots down and collides with your chest. Like that, knowledge and energy flies into you at a phenomenal rate. The massive energy storm that was seemingly defying the heavens flies directly into your body. It only takes a few moments, and then every remaining ounce of energy has gone, disappearing into your chest. Your eyes shine as you look up.

“H-how is it?” Aurora asks nervously. “The barrier-breaking magic….”

“It feels…” You look down at your hands, feeling the energy inside you. “Like nothing…”

The harem all collapse, as does most of the townsfolk. Nothing? After all of that, the barrier-breaking magic is nothing?

Lillian rolls her eyes, speaking in only her normal voice this time, even though the daughters haven’t reappeared. “You haven’t cast it yet!”

“Oh…” You blush.

At that moment, a portal explodes, forming in the sky. It wasn’t as large as the portal that you once had a fling with. This one was much more mundane, but at the same time, considerably more intimidating! The power emanating from it had a dark and menacing feel, as if whatever was on the other side was deadly dangerous!

“Quick!” Lillian points at it. “The Demon God is descending! Cast the magic! Cast it now!”

You immediately lift your hand, summoning the new knowledge within your body using your magic. It was a complex process, but given your body now, there was no difficulty assimilating this new magic. When you came to this world, you gained the power of creation. It was a magic that allowed you to create other magic. Up to this point, it has been responsible for everything you have accomplished. However, it seemed to have one limitation. It was bound by the limitations of this world. Now that you’ve gained this new magic, you understand that.

This is why you couldn’t fight the Demon God before. You are only as strong as this world would theoretically allow you to be. However, the Demon God doesn’t come from this world and thus is not bound by these laws. When you came to this world, you had found your first limitation was with your body. You needed a body that could handle more than what your measly human body could. Now, you’re finding the second shackle, and that is the world. You can only be as powerful as the world allows you to be!

Therefore, you need magic that isn’t bound in this world to fight a Demon God that came from beyond it. That is the barrier you need to break. It is the barrier that keeps you bound to this universe, that forces you to comply with this universe’s limitations. By gaining the magic, you become aware of this wall that binds you. If our world could be said to have three dimensions, this would be a forth! You begin to push against that wall.

Using all the magic in your body, the power of creation as well as the barrier magic, you bombard that wall. As you do this, the portal above you starts to push out, as if somebody is forcing their way through. The Demon God is trying to force their way into your world, while you are simultaneously trying to force your way out! It is a race to see who would win!

With a desperate shove, you throw everything you have at the wall, and then it gives way. The wall begins to crumble, and your eyes start to open.

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