The Power of Creation – Chapter 337

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“So, there you go, you have three days to save your Wiafus. I will make sure the amount can only be paid once and I’ll try to change the notification after someone has paid when I have time so everyone knows who has been ‘saved’. Now, I’m going to give the girls themselves a chance to plead their case. Only YOU can prevent your women from getting NTR’d!”

“You’re seriously doing this?” You ask.

“Oh, yeah…” I chuckle.

Let’s start!


“Hero, I love you so much. It’s okay, even if you don’t spend anything to save me, because I’ll still love you anyway! So, even if Whizzer uses my body however he sees fit, just know that my heart always belongs with you!”


“Master! Please don’t let your dragon be defiled by some nasty Demon God! He smells gross and he looks grosser! This Great Dragon will only ever be Masters!”

“Hero-san, please save my daughter first. I have been in loveless relationships with small-dicked men before. No matter what this man forces me to say and do, know that you always have my heart. You are the father of my children!”

“My love, even though our relationship started out rocky, I have truly come to love you at every level. You are this world’s savior. Don’t let this stupid Demon Lord extort you out of money. I’ll never love the taste of his seed as much as I love yours!”

“Daddy, you’re the father of my child and husband of my queen. I’m loyal to you as a knight and as a woman. I’ll be strong and wait for you.”

“Sweetheart, I was just a streetcat, and then you found me and gave me a chance at happiness. You saved my sister and showed me what it really means to be a woman. I owe you my everything. I love you!”

“B-boss… even though we haven’t been the best maids, you brought us out of a life of being criminals. Being able to live each day, not worrying about whether we’ll starve, be raped, or worst… you’ve given us this life. We don’t say this often, but you’ll always be our boss!”

“You brought my brother from ruin and gave us both a home. You are my savior, and this tiny virginity is saved for you! Won’t you come and claim it?”

“Rookie, you’re the only man I’ve ever been with. I know I can be a bit much at times, but you’ve always been able to take everything I can give. You’re the only man who has been man enough for me. I’d rather it stay that way!”

“Hmph… if you think I’m going to beg for you to save me, you’re too full of yourself! Although I’ve had fun with all of the girls, your penis hasn’t been completely disagreeable. Well, don’t let another many stick his penis in me! My precious flower has already been defiled by one beast, let’s not make it a second!”

“None of souls that made up my spirit wished to do it with some writer wannabe Demon God. However, many had said they wanted their hero to save them from said Demon God. Therefore, I look forward to being rescued by Darling promptly.”

“Warrior, you once had your way with me on a battlefield. Afterward, I knew that you were the only man who could dominate me. If you’re the warrior I think you are, you won’t let some other guy dominate me either!”

“Hmph… for someone like me, commoner should natural empty all of his monetary goods in order to rescue me. This is only natural! Commoner… Commoner! P-please… don’t leave me behind…”

“I’m just a tiny girl! How could you let a young piece of ass like me get defiled by some shitty demon god! If you were a real man, you would save a beautiful tiny like me just on principle! I-i-if you do… I’ll definitely do those things you like!”

“I was a hero from another world and inhabited by an apostle of Whizzers. Thus… I know more about this all than the other girls. I know I’m just a 2D girl in a fictional world. However, my feelings for you… those are not fictional. Whoever you are…. where-ever you come from… I’ll always be your Japanese childhood friend.”

“Ahn… m-my turn? Ah… well… i-if you save me… um… I won’t have sex with vegetables anymore! Nhaa… that’s not what I mean… can I get a redo?”

“You have saved my tribe and my people, Benefactor. You’ve taught me how men can take charge. I expect you to take charge now, and tell this Demon God who is dominant!”

“Owner, I’m yours. I know that I haven’t always been the most loyal, but please don’t forget about your squirrel girl again!”

“My lord, I only love two things, my sister, and you. I have faith my lord will know what to do. Don’t let my sister get raped by some shitty Demon God!”

“Y-you’re a criminal, but you’re also the father of my baby! T-therefore, I’ll allow you to buy me just this once!”

“Prince, you’ll save me, right?”

“My love, I have only ever had one mate at a time. When I chose you, I chose you for life. Don’t let another man defile our love!”

Anna / Elsa

“Father, he made us into adults again so he can fuck us! We don’t want to be some other guy’s bitch!”

“We’re only father’s bitches!”

“You have some uses as a man. Since I’m pregnant with your baby, naturally you must sacrifice your income to save me!”

Experiment #626

“I’ve always done all the dirty work for my creator. Please, let us both enjoy lots of orgasms for years to come!”


“Hmm… despite being a vampire princess, I was barely even here. If you don’t rescue me, you’re as much of a monster as the Demon God!”


“Eek, why am I even on this list! D-don’t leave this bitch on the curb!”


“You are the only man to father my many harpy offspring! How could I start making baby Harpy’s with some Demon God now? It wouldn’t be right!”


“Don’t let my former husband win, you bastard!”


“You’ve given it to me harder and better than even my husband! Three is company, but four is a crowd. Let’s not let this Demon God get in the way of our play time.”

“It would suck if I was fucked by some Demon God before you and I even had sex! I may like denial play, but giving me to another man is too far!”


“*Snort* Eh? Boyfriend? Save me… okay, then we have lots of sex… snooooreeee…”

“Haha… I still look like your mom, huh? I think I’d like to see the look on your face while Whizzer fucks your MOM! Hahahahaha…”

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