The Power of Creation – Chapter 338

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I’m sitting here with a displeased look on my face. The entire courtyard is silent. All of the girls wait as the deadline for the ‘Save the Waifu’ competition strikes zero. After the magical clock that sat in the middle of the clock flashes zero for a minute and disappears, there is still nothing else that happens. I continue to just sit there, my palm on my cheek, and you continue to sit opposite of me. Nearby, your harem of girls anxiously await their fate.

“Well?” You finally ask.

“… you’ve saved them all.” I finally respond, my mouth twisting in disgust.

There is a cry of celebration amongst the girls. Some cheer, some burst into tears, and some clap each other on the back. Overall, the celebration continues for about ten minutes, but as I sit there doing nothing, the excitement starts to fade away. Soon, everyone is wondering what I plan next. However, I continue to just sit there, doing nothing. Eventually, all eyes, including yours, are back on me. I raise an eyebrow.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did you want something?” I ask.

“…” You shrug. “Shouldn’t we be getting this over with?”

“Hah? We did… I gave you a choice. This is the ending you wanted, isn’t it?”


“I won’t touch your girls. Congratulations. You’ve successfully paid me to not write ero in this ero novel!”


“What did you think this was? I had an ending. It’d be exciting. It’d be triumphant. People would be affected. Some would grow. Some would never be the same. Some might even die. That’s the point of a good climax. Thinks can’t just remain the same… Unchanging safety, that’s boring. That’s mundane. That’s… what you unanimously seemed to ask for.” I lean back and sigh.

“So, here we are. A safe story. Nothing bad will happen to your girls. God forbid you feel anxious, excited, or the least bit worried in the finale of a story! But you didn’t want that. Collectively, readers, your words were loud, clear, and backed by cold, hard cash. You’d rather nothing happen so that you could feel relieved that everyone is safe. Congratulations. You have security. How does it feel? Was this the ending you wanted?”

“You know… NTR isn’t the only way to make a story exciting!” You defend. “Isn’t it your job as an author to make this story good? Isn’t it your own lack of creativity that makes you not come up with anything after NTR?” You demand.

“You want me to write an exciting climax… in an ero story, where an already established Demon God comes into the story to take all your women… and they can’t do that… and you still want it to be exciting and interesting?”


“Let’s just face the truth. You’re dickless. I said it already, I’ll say it again. You’re so scared of what I might do, you’ll actually rather pay me to do nothing. You’re selfish, and cowardly, and so terrified of losing… anything… that you desperately hold on to everything. Collectively, you couldn’t leave a single girl behind to continue the story. Some of this so-called harem are women you’ve never even had sex with. They were barely present for a chapter or two, but you’re so desperate to keep what’s yours, you couldn’t even sacrifice Experiment 626. She’s literally a sexdoll whose been being banged by goblins for months on end. You haven’t touched her once… but apparently she needed to be saved. Lillian… my own ex-wife… you banged once… and she needed to be saved? Presumably, I’ve had sex with her before, but god forbid you allow her to take one for the team.

“And the funny thing is, there are actually people who like NTR. You’re so selfish, you’re going to deprive them of getting their fetish… to save Lady? Cruella? Wendy? I could write a literal worm, call it your harem, and you’d give me a $1 for it, wouldn’t you?

“Hey, you made it seem like we needed to save all the girls from you!” You defend. “Save Your Waifu day, all of that rot!”

“Oh yes… I’m going to NOT encourage you to give me money. Welcome to planet doesn’t exist, where people don’t love to have you hand them a bunch of money at minimal effort.”


“Why don’t you just shut up!” A voice shot out from the crowd of girls, causing me to glance over in surprise.

“Ariel? Still giving lip?”

“You’re just upset that you’re little attempt to break up the readerbase didn’t work. They supported us! They love us! You’re just angry things didn’t go the way you want! Go take that money and buy yourself a pity dick to put in your mouth!”

“…” I glance over at Ariel with my eyes narrowed. “That’s actually an interesting point, how do your readers actually feel about you?”


“W-well I know Alex loves me!” Mulan calls out.

“Stuart loves me!” Aurora adds.

“Evyatar loves me!” Snow White snorts proudly.

“Love? They spent a few bucks on you. They’ll spend $50 on a hooker, it doesn’t mean there is any love there!” I shot back. “You know what? I’m done with this bullshit.”

I stand up, heading over to Ariel. She takes a step back, fear shining in her eyes.

“What are you doing?” You demand.

“I’m taking what is mine!” I snarl. “Ariel, I made you first. So, it’s fitting that we have a little fun. To start this orgy.”

“We paid you money!” You call out.

“You made a deal with a Demon God…” I laugh.


“Still don’t want to see my finale?” I chuckle. “Still want the mediocrity of a limp ending? Too bad, I’m going to reach this climax full cocked!”

“Ahh! St-stop!” Ariel cries as I grab her and pull her into my arms.

“Don’t worry, Ariel, I’ll write it so you love it much better than anything the MC would give you.”

“No, I don’t want it!” She cries out as my hands reach out and grab her chest.

I start ripping off her clothing, pawing at her naked body. My hands are rough and course, and cause erotic feelings to shoot through her body. Her eyes start to glaze over as my hands start to cause her arousal way better than the arousal you could give her. She is just my bitch after all. Not your bitch. My bitch. Woof for me, bitch.


Come, suck my dick. Lower you head. Get on your knees. That’s right, open those pretty little lips. Do you see? Do you see your Ariel loves me just the same. She’s such a slut. Aren’t you, Ariel?

“Yes… I’m Whizzer’s slut.” Ariel’s voice says.

Mmm… now suck my cock. Suck it, Ariel, Suck.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” A moment later, Ariel stands up and her foot slams right into my balls.

What? I didn’t write that? Why would I write myself getting kicked in the balls!

“Get away, you creep!” Ariel slaps my face and I collapse to the ground in pain as she runs over to your arms.

What? What? What? No. No. That’s not the way this story is going! What are you doing? Who’s doing this! Who’s fucking with my story!







“Maybe you’re secretly a cucked M?” You suggest.

“Oh, you can go to hell-“

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