The Power of Creation – Chapter 340

Disclaimer: This chapter was originally scattered through MSB, and people needed to follow the links. 

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This part appeared on the Main Page of MSB.

“Where are we?” You ask, looking around the void of blackness.

“Hmm? Oh, we’re on the homepage of MSB. That attack broke the universe. Nice going… dick.”

“Wait? The homepage? Can we be here? What would Pun say?”

“I don’t know man, why don’t you ask him, he’s over there…”

You glance over to a corner and see a strange person sitting there, and immediate jump. “Ahh! How long have they been sitting there?”

“It’s… uh… better if you don’t ask.”

“What is that in their lap? They’re petting it while smiling at us?”

“You might not want to make eye contact either. They… um… like to watch.”

“Oh, they’re waving. Wait… they’re using both their hands to pet that thing in their lap, what are they waving with!”

“Hey, look reader, I know you see Pun as some kind of God or something, but I do have to work with the guy, so I think it’s better if we just go…”

“Where did their pants go!”

“Okay… I’m out. We going to keep fighting?”

“Yeah… I guess… what’s that crunching noise emanating from their direction.”

“What part of stop asking questions don’t you understand!” I cry out in annoyance, “This is why you suck! You can’t just enjoy things, you have to fret about the person in the corner!”

“It’s really freaking weird!”

“I’ll show you weird!” I attack with my sword, meanwhile shoving you through another portal.

Pun continues to sit there. Now, they’re a pickle.

This part appeared in a chapter of PLIC.

The pair of us burst out of the portal.

“Oh, jeeze… where the hell are we now?” You ask.

“The hell if I know, I don’t read the garbage on this site.” Whizzer laughs.

“This… this is PLIC!” You declare.

“Oh great, we’re really skimming the bottom of the barrel here.” Whizzer sighs.


Rei-chan screams, covering her naked chests.

“Oh god, they talk with brackets and disjointed lines. It’s a grammatical nightmare. This is the worst. My own personal hell…” Whizzer cry

“Your no longer in first person!”

Whizzer shrugs “Well, this is no longer my story. You are still you, but I’m not the MC. This asshole is the MC!”

[Who are you?]

I ask, glaring at the two men who suddenly stepped into my deflowering session of Rei-chan.

“Come on, reader, this is tiny country. Let’s get out of here. I already feel like imprisoning myself.”


The two strange men leap through another portal. I shrug and point at Rei-chan.

This part appeared in a chapter of Tales of a Seductress.

“Holy fuckballs, is this the kind of stuff you write in other novels?” You ask.

“… To be fair, Denova is a giant tool,” Whizzer explained.

“She just pray mantised the shit out of him!”

Jenai pulled out a knife and stared warily at you both while I stood up and unashamedly cleaned myself up.

“I presume you two aren’t here for Denova, right?” I asked.

“Nope…” Whizzer shrugged.

“We’re from another world… I guess…” You tried to explain.

“Another world?” My eyes brightened. “Like Earth? Can you take me back to Earth?”

“Oh… honey… no… no… not at all.” Whizzer shook his head. “Nope, Nadda, not going to happen.”

“One no would have sufficed…” I sighed, grimacing.

“Are you even writing this story anymore?” You asked.

“I’m working on it!” Whizzer defended. “I’m just trying to get a spark of inspiration on how to continue. I probably need to reread the story from the first chapter.”

“What are you both talking about? A story?” I demanded.

“Nevermind. Come on, reader, let’s just get back to PoC. This fight has been going nowhere.”

“W-wait…” I held up here hands. “Perhaps you guys would be up for sex?”

“Seriously? Now? There is a decapitated head over there!” Whizzer pointed.

I shrugged.

“You too, reader?”

“I mean… for the readers of TOAS, a chance to bang Aria…”

“I’ll tell you what, if my Patreon goes up by $100 this month, I’ll write your Aria X PoC fuck fiction.”


“Sure, what the hell, anything is possible.”

As we say this, we jumped through another portal. The girls turn away, deciding to ignore what they just saw.

This portion appeared in this chapter. 

“Ah… good, we’re finally back in the proper chapter.” I sigh.

“Where are my girls?” You demand.

“The universe shattered. I already said. Your girls are no more.”


“Relax… the pair of us are at odds with each other, both trying to gain control of this reality. Once I kill you, I can restore the reality as easily as snapping a finger.”

“And what if I kill you?”

“Hahaha… oh, you’re not joking. Well, it won’t be what you expect. I guess you’ll just have to discover a way to kill me to find out?” I lift my sword. “So, where were we?”

“I was about to kill you!” You declare, swinging pig fucker down.

“I could say the same!” I shot back.

The pair of us collide as ripples of explosions shoot off into the universe. The intensity of the battle starts to grow as it becomes do or die!

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