The Power of Creation – Chapter 35

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At first, the thieves are surprised to see you appear. But you calmly explain to them that you’re there to see their boss. He’s initially resistant, but like a standard Japanese MC, you prefer talking to violence, and you offer him money to avoid conflict. Since money is no object, even after he tries to extort you out of five times her worth, you manage to pay off the girl’s debt.

Just kidding, you’re not a standard Japanese MC, you murder them all horribly. Honestly, as you swing your sword, splicing thief after thief in half, you start to feel kind of bad for them. They seemed to lack all sense of preservation. You’ve already killed twenty of them single-handedly without even breathing hard, but the head of the thieves is glaring at you and shouting for more thieves to mindlessly throw themselves at you.

These guys are thieves, right? It’s not even like they have combat power. They’re pickpockets. Exactly why aren’t they running away? Right, because this is another world and in another world thieves are just mobs for the murdering. You rip the spine out of a guy’s throat and spear another guy with it. At this point, you’re just seeing how gruesome you can make it, but even after you rip apart a bandit limb from limb like picking grapes, the thieves still throw themselves at you.

You start moving things along a little faster now, cleaving a head with each wave of your sword. You were keeping an eye on the cat girl, and the head guy had dragged her to his room to rape her while you took care of his henchmen. It was moronic that he would put getting his dick wet over preserving his own life, but you aren’t much better considering the situation.

You keep alive and knock out several girl thieves to add to your harem. That turned out to be four girls, all human. They weren’t exactly hot women. They were thieves, after all, so they looked kind of scraggly. Their teeth were crooked and they weren’t wearing makeup. They were still fuckable, but more along the lines of the bar skank variety. No, you kept those four girls alive for another reason. That reason was that all four girls had the same brown hair, brown eyes, small noses, high cheeks, and size C breasts. Well, they had the same everything. They were all identical, and you just managed to snatch identical quadruplets.

You would have a lot of fun with the four girls later. That was perfectly fine considering they were thieves and you were killing everyone else. They should be downright grateful after that.

You kick down the boss guy’s door. He has only managed to get her pants down and he has his small thing hanging out from his pants, not even hard yet. You use a spell that makes it fall off. He screams as his penis flops to the floor. It doesn’t make much of an impact.

“i-i-i’ll kill you, you bastard!” He shouts, sloppily grabbing at his sword.

“Seriously? I just murdered everyone outside do you really think you can stop me? Even if you were ten times better that’s still…”

“Die!” He runs at you like he actually thinks he’ll win.

You bat away his sword and pick him up by the throat and create a portal, tossing him into it. If your calculations are correct, the other side of the portal is a black hole, where he would be crushed for all eternity.

He must have hit the girl while she was struggling, because she was unconscious now, her naked tiny behind staring you in the face. It gets you a little excited, but after the trauma, she might have experienced it seems a little bad if you take her right there. Instead, you pull her pants back up and drag her back into the other room, where you drop her on a couch.

You then proceed to use magic to wake up the four thief girls. You immediately drop your pants, letting your large member pop up to attention. The four girls stare at it like they are staring at a viper.

“If you pleasure me well I’ll let you live,” You declare.

The girls start to cry, but that doesn’t stop you from what you do next.

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