The Power of Creation – Chapter 36

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Well… first things first, you are not going to sleep with the girls when they look only average. You snap your finger and immediately the four girls start to glow. They jerk and struggle and look concerned for a bit, but a moment later the glowing disappears. What is left behind are the four girl’s idealized forms. They have average but perfect tits, perfectly rounded asses, and perfect tanned skin.

Of course, you did make one distinct change. You wanted to be able to tell the difference between the four girls easier, so you changed their hair color. One girl has bright blue hair, the next is bright green, then yellow, and finally purple. None of these hair colors are natural, even in this world the hair didn’t seem to go outside the standards of brown, black, red, and blonde.

This change in color went all the way below. With a little more magic, you now had four identical girls naked and bent over in front of you, a brightly colorful patch of hair on top of their snatches, a rainbow of pussy spread out before you, if you will.

In Color

The girls are making noises and staring at each other in surprise. It is tough to tell if the girls are happy or angry by the changes. They tend to swear a lot and unlike the refined girls you have added to your harem so far, they have rough tongues.

“Oi… fuck is this then?”

“Well shit, Dinah, you have purple hair!”

“Purple? Daisy, your hair is green!”

“What is Minnie’s hair, tell her, tell her!”


“Fuck! I hate yellow!”

You frown as the girl’s chat, apparently having forgotten their precarious position on all fours and tied up in front of you. Having enough of their silly conversation, you snap your fingers again and give each of them an orgasm.

“Ah… oh…. Fuck… yeah!” The blue hair one cries out.

“Ah… ah… ah… I’m cumming!” the green one adds.

You could see womanly juices leaking out from their pussies, now engorged and slick with excitement. That is certainly an improvement, but their mouths could still use some work.

“Hey, didn’t you guys hear me already, I said you needed to pleasure me!” You demand.

“And who the hell are you!” shouts one of the girls.

“Fuck you!” shouts another.

You make their voices so they can no longer use them, then start massaging your temples in aggravation. This isn’t going the way you wanted it to. So, instead, you move forward and grab blue haired girl first, dragging her out from the rainbow pussy line.

“Alright, so you guys interrupted my date with a bunch of cute girls, so overall, I’m kind of pissed.”

The four girls are all shooting you hateful glares, but their mouths can’t open no matter how hard they try. One of the girls manages to get her hand out from under her and flips you off.

“Well, I was going to go easy on you, but now I don’t want to.” You growl.

You pull your dick out in front of the blue haired girl. You use magic so now it’s twice its previously enhanced size. It was normally a monster, but now it was just laughably humungous. As soon as the girls see it, they freeze, however, it is the blue haired one you had singled out that shows the most fear.

You kneel down and forcefully spread open the blue haired girl’s legs as she starts crying, unable to fight back in her tied up state. The other three girls look away in shame. It is clear from their eyes that they have pity for their sister, but are relieved it isn’t them.

“Ah, well… for the rest of you, you probably shouldn’t feel too relieved. I casted a spell that connects all four of you. What one of you feels, all four of your will. So when I tear her open, all four of you will feel the same pleasure… and pain. And then when I tear open the next girl, it’ll be the same. Congratulations, you girls will get to feel you pussy being ripped apart by my cock four times over!”

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