The Power of Creation – Chapter 38

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“Yes, yes, maids!” You give the five girls nods.

Of the five girls, it is Ariel who is the least perturbed by your previous transgressions. Grimhilde muttered that it was suiting behavior for the Demon King’s husband. Merida looked on teary eyed, asking if you planned to do wreck her the same way. Aurora looks embarrassed, and Mulan is thoughtful.

That is when it strikes you to turn the four girls into your maid staff. If you were going to have a large harem with a big mansion, you needed a bunch of maids, and having them all look alive just seemed to make things better. After glossing over your previous behavior, you push the four vacant eyed girl’s forward and with a swing of magic, they are wearing the traditional black and white maid dress you’re familiar with. Okay, maybe the dress part barely covers their butts and the neckline is very low, but it’s a close enough approximation.

“This… will do, hero-san, but we’ve doubled the amount of people and we still don’t have someone who can cook, nor a place to call home.”

“Can any of your four cook? Clean?” When the four violated bandits shook their heads, your look must have been scary because they started shaking and you’re pretty sure one of them pee’d themselves. “Well, at least give me your names!”

Their names turned out to be Dinah who had purple hair, Daisy in green hair, Minnie in yellow hair, and Sylvia with blue hair. For a moment you were excited to see the curse of the Disney Princesses had ended until you thought about it for a moment and had to roll your eyes. Although the girls were identical, the slightest differences could be seen if you looked closely enough. Daisy did have just the slightest bit poutier lips, duck lips, if you will, and Minnie had a sort of mouse-like appearance. Meanwhile, Dinah kind of seemed like an eager puppy and Sylvia had a librarian vibe. This could have all been your imagination, of course, they are identical after all.

“Ah, the new girl is waking up!” Ariel, who has your first catgirl in her lap after you dumped her on the ground speaks up.

“Eh? What’s happening?” She asks in a light voice through fluttering eyelashes.

She was quite a bit hotter than the maids, at least, before the maids had been fixed up to your liking. She had a smaller appearance and two cat ears on her head. You want to break her in right now on the street.

“You, child, do you know how to cook?” you cut through the chitchat.

“What?” her eyes focus on Ariel above, and then she suddenly turns beat red and through her hands around as she struggled to her butt. “That is-, who are all of you!”

You watch as she cutely looks flusters as the five girls examine their new harem body. Well, it’s not like she’s aware she is their new harem buddy, so you suppose things are fine for now. You give her a reassuring smile, but she seems a bit distrustful of you.

“Cooking, can you cook? I pay good!”

“Ah, cook? No! My sister does all the cooking… she is at home. Ah, my sister, that’s right.”

She looks like she suddenly realizes something and tries to move away, but you step in front and grab her wrist before she can take off on you.

“Before that,” You look down on her, “You took my money purse and then gave it to a bunch of bandits. I rescued you from being raped, so you owe me!”

“R-right… that is… but I have to care for my sister first! She’s ill and I’ve been away to long!”


You grab at her clothing as she runs away. She’s quick though, and your hands fall and end up grabbing her shorts, yanking them down. She lets out a cute scream as she spins around and falls down. It’s your classic echii moment where you fall face first into a girl’s honeypatch.

This would have been perfect, except that the skin on your cheek feels a bit strange and misshaped. You turn your head and look down into the crotch of the catgirl you caught face first, only to find that the equipment didn’t add up. It takes you a moment to register the mistake, but it is Ariel who breaks the sudden silence.

“Eh? So the catgirl is a catboy?

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