The Power of Creation – Chapter 39

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After the cat boy pulls his pants back up, you follow him with a glower on your face as he leads you over to where his sick “little sister” is. You have high hopes for her, since he turned out to be such a disappointment. The result?

“Cough, Cough, big brother?”

A little girl was in a small room on a small bed. The bed was in rags, and so was the girl. This was barely a step above living in a cardboard box. Worst, the little girl was too little. She looked to only be about ten. This was far too young. It leads you into some dangerous territory here.

Still, the look on all of your girls’ faces, well, not the quadruplets, they still had dead eyes you’d need to fix at some point, but the other girls, you knew that if you didn’t help this girl they’d think less of you. You put on a show of healing her, ready to just get this over with as quickly as possible.

“Th-thank you… you saved my brother and I. You’re our savior.” The sickly girl put on a smile after you were done.

The color was returning to her face and she was already looking like she had energy again.

“Yes, thank you!” The boy bows once, keeping his head down.

You give a sigh and nod, “Well, if you don’t mind, we’ll be on our way. I’m looking for a new house for my ha-, er… my household. I need a place with a lot of space.”

“Oh! If that’s true, I know a place!” the cat boy spoke up excitedly.

The place he spoke of was a mansion on the outside of town. There was a lot of land involved. It used to be owned by a lord. However, apparently the man was a summoner, and there was some things about the place being haunted that you really didn’t pay attention to. Well, it’s not like if ghosts really did exist you couldn’t get rid of them quickly.

Going to some firm and actually buying the place seems like a hassle, so you cast a spell that does the work for you. Magic is nice. You go ahead and send the four sisters ahead to clean the place. With some magical motivation, they don’t even make a sound as they take off. You could do it all with magic, but you wanted you maids to have to work for their place.

When you’re done with that, you return to the room, ready to take your girls off on another adventure.

“There is good news, hero!” Ariel runs up and grabs your own. “Jasmine here was just telling us that she can cook!”

“The little girl’s name is Jasmine?” You cringe.

“Ah, yes!

“Hmm… and what’s the brother’s name?”

“My name is Elena!”

“What? Isn’t that just a girl’s name!” You tsukkomi.

“That’s the name I was born with!” He shot back.

“Well, you were born with a girl’s name!”

The pair of you stare daggers at each other while Jasmine watches curiously and then snaps her fingers. “Does that mean Savior is in love with Brother Elena!”

“The hell I am!” You snap.

“What is sister saying!” Elena cries, a blush forming on his cheeks.

“It’s just that you guys fight like mom and dad used to, before. They’d go to their rooms after and then we’d hear this and that, remember Elena?”

Elena exploded in red at her explanation, you just shook your head in annoyance.

“Look, I got five beautiful girls here, if I was going to do this and that, I could do it with them. Or my maids. I don’t need some thieving streetrat, even if he does look like an adorable catgirl.” You explain.

Jasmine nods her head. “Ah, so it’s the catgirl you want to try, does that mean Savior will be having me?”

She said it in a surprisingly seductive voice.

“Sister!” Elena tried to admonish her.

“Eh, I’m not a pedo!” you snap.

Jasmine nods, “Then, I’m no good, it must be brother. Everyone out, brother must give his all for my Savior.”

“What is sister saying!”

“I can’t even tell if you’re joking,” you shake your head. “But let’s just finish this at the mansion, I’m getting hungry.”

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