The Power of Creation – Chapter 40

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You pile out the door with a growing group of 5 beautiful women, 1 tiny, and 1 trap. Although isn’t the tiny a trap in her own way? You mumble at your poor luck. You had been in this world for a few days now and everything up until now had gone splendidly. Pussy was practically falling into your lap. But suddenly, the pussy well went sour, and you had a useless brother/sister combo.

Furthermore, you never did make it to the slave auction and the sun was already starting to set. You really had your hopes on finding a few slave women. It was true you had already more than doubled your harem… but enslaving women just wasn’t the same as owning a slave woman. The distinction is important. Anyone could put a collar on a woman and lock her away. It took a man of status to afford to (legally) buy a woman like you were picking out a pet at the pet store.

As your group walks down the street, the eight of you make quite the impression on the small city of Riun.  With night coming, many were going home from work, and not a few were hitting up the bar. You considered walking into one of the bars yourself. Perhaps you’d trigger an event where some drunk guy hits on one of your girls and you could put him in his place. Or perhaps you could just get the five girls drunk. Jasmine could just watch and learn as you violate five drunk women. Ah…  well four, pregnant women shouldn’t drink.

Either way, you didn’t expect the bandit-turned-maid girls to have already cleaned the place within a half an hour, so you had some time to kill.

“There is an Adventurer’s guild in this city, right?”

“Yes, Savior,” Jasmine was the first to speak up.

She seemed incredibly eager to please. Although your bodily real estate was mostly consumed by Ariel and Grimhilde… Jasmine had managed to nuzzle her way in front, her short stature putting her head very close to your crouch as she hugs you.

You’d think this would prevent you from being able to walk forward, but with Jasmine’s cat-like reflexes, she always seemed to move perfectly with you, so that her clinging never interfered with your movements. The other girls seemed to find this adorable, but the rubbing was starting to stiffen certain areas, and she kept looking up at you with a knowing smirk. You had thought her brother was the trap, but he was centuries behind her conniving mind. A sadistic part of you considered putting her in her place.

In the end, you pull the retinue of girls off to the Adventurer’s guild with Jasmine leading the way, never really considering for a second if the guild could even be considered a safe place for women of their caliber. Well, it’s not like you wouldn’t be able to handle it if anything happened anyway.

As you step into the building, you find basically what you’d expect from an Adventurer’s guild. It looked like a cross between a bar and a DMV. There were many tables with patrons noisily drinking, and a job board that a few people were perusing through. There was a cute receptionist in glasses at the DMV side of things who seemed to be the one to approach.

You approach the cute receptionists, the group following behind. “Well, hello. I’d like to sign up as an adventurer please.”

The look the girl gives you instantly puts you in a bad mood. It is the kind of appraising look that says, “You don’t look tough enough to be an adventurer.”

Well, you weren’t wearing the magic armor you had created, so you suppose it could be expected. However, it is so dismissive and snarky, that the only word that goes through your head is ‘punishment.’

“Is that so?” She sneers.

Aw… why couldn’t the Adventurer’s guild receptionist be sweet and kind like the books? Well, after your previous difficulties with the trap siblings, you have a lot of stress to relieve. Let’s see where this leads.

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