The Power of Creation – Chapter 41

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“That is so.” You respond. “Should I show you my abilities?”

The receptionists sniffs and raises her chin. She actually has the audacity to look down on you. This bitch… Well, you aren’t just going to break and enslave her like the thief girls. You’re not a complete asshole. She probably has some place in this community. You aren’t jumping to make the entire adventurer’s guild an enemy just because of one bitch.

“I don’t care about your abilities. But if you really think you’re capable, then you need to be approved by our assistant guild master.”

The tone of her voice suggests that she expects this so-called “guild master” to school you. Her voice is also a little funny when she says his name. Perhaps she has some kind of crush on this guy?

“So, who is this assistance guild master?”

Although she still watches you with disdain, her eyes brightened as she talks about the guild master. “A warrior and swordsman. The strongest in the guild! A true tyrant in battle. You won’t be able to face Kida’s might. Kida could squash your whole body with one muscle! Are you sure you won’t turn back?”

Your mood sours even more at the thought of having to fight some muscle-brained idiot. Ah, well, you’ll squash this Kida, and then you’ll return and put this receptionist in her place. It might be good to fight for a bit. You have the urge to just punch something.

“I’m fine, go get him for me.”

The receptionist’s eyes narrow, but she finally turns away and leaves without another word.

“A-are you sure you want to fight Kida? I’ve heard about Kida, truly ruthless.”

The person who spoke was, of course, Elena, who was unconscious when you had slaughtered all of the thief minions. The other girl’s gave you worried looks as well, but having seen what you could do, they are more worried for this supposed Kida.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill him.” You give the girls a smile and a thumbs up.

Elena looks on with disbelief, but the other girl’s know better. Even Elena’s little sister seems to be very good at reading the mood and doesn’t show the same concern as Elena. In some ways, Elena’s foolish innocence and concern makes him feel like the purest of the group.

Mulan was a monster, Aurora had a large range of sexual experience, Ariel had become completely corrupted almost the second you touched her. Grimhilde was a Demon King, enough said, and Merida, while untouched, was still an experienced warrior. Even his little sister clearly knew what she was doing when she pushed the pair of them into your harem, continuing to shush her brother up whenever he attempted to make protests.

If only he was a girl, she would be fun to corrupt… perhaps you could just… change things a bit? That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? It would be so easy.

As you consider changing Elena’s sex so you could take those lips without reservation, he is squirming uncomfortably while you stare at him, but even that looked cute.

“Kida will see you now.” The voice breaks up your thoughts.

Elena’s sexual fate would have to wait for another day. Right now, you have some muscle-brained you have to fight to join the Adventurer’s guild.

The bitch receptionist leads you down the hallway and took you to a large set of double doors.

“On the other side of this door is our gym. Kida is waiting for you inside. Kida attacks, you try to defend and stay alive. If you don’t die too much, Kida may let you join the guild.” She snorts.

You give a shrug, and although she throws you an annoyed look at your nonchalant attitude, you ignore her. She opens the door and you step into a large stadium-like room. The benches are empty, but a room stretches out before you with various mats and training equipment.

“Time to see what you’re made of!” A voice shouts from the other side of the room.

Immediately, a form starts barreling towards you, each foot landing with a heavy thud as a giant comes at you. However, the person charging like a tackler wasn’t the kind of person you expected.

They tower over you, nearly 7 feet tall, with long curly hair. Kida is truly muscular and imposing. Kida is also a woman. An amazoness… with massive boobs that bounce with each step, despite every desperate attempt to bondage them to her chest. They were simply too large to be contained… which were words to describe this woman in entirely.

The second you see her, you start to change your plans. Whatever else you know, you know that this woman is your new prey.

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