The Power of Creation – Chapter 42

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Of course, adding a girl to your harem always needs to take a certain degree of finesse. However, this particular girl was barreling down at you at full speed. With the snap of a finger, you could turn her into a writhing mess desperate for your dick, but doing that would involve scooping out most of what makes her her.

Admittedly, you don’t know her, but when you have the powers of creation, you need to take individuality where you can. You could easily create a million mindless, identical sex dolls, but that just kills the fun of it.

Spiderman’s uncle was right, great power does come with great responsibility. If you used it wrong, you could quickly turn this entire experience into a borefest.

So instead, you decide a meatbrain like her properly admires strength over all else. Therefore, if you show yourself to be stronger than her, you’ll have already won her over and it won’t take all that much effort before she’s smothering you with those massive boobs.

They were larger than Merida’s even, although that’s a bit unfair. Proportionally, Merida’s boobs overtake her chest in a comical fashion that dwarfs the rest of her body. So, for her size, Merida’s moves are giant.

Meanwhile, this Kida’s boobs fit her body rather well, but her whole body is big. You wonder if that means her pussy is also big. Well, it will be a tight fit no matter how big she is, you’ll make certain of that.

Of course, while you talk about Kida being large, muscular, and single-minded… you wouldn’t even be a little interested in her if she was ugly. She’s not like a pro-wrestler large. Her body is well proportioned even. She’s muscular, but not like weight-lifting muscular. More like tennis player muscular.

However, she’s also seven feet tall, perhaps suggesting that she has some giant in her. Although, you don’t really know if giants exist in this world or not. Well, a giantess was right in front of you, so you are going with what your eyes tell you. Perhaps a dwarf girl will be in your future?

The best part of Kida was that she really had no shame. Her clothing was the best kind of exploitative. The kind of thing you’d dress Ariel and her mother in for nighttime fun. It was the Conan the barbarian type garb. A flimsy piece of cloth kept her massive boobs in check, but she had cleavage for miles. Similarly, the underwear covering her nethers was barely a step above a thong, her ass totally exposed. The most clothed part of her body was two fur armbands which covered her from wrist to elbow.

Ah! You spent too much time thinking about the giantess, she’s already sending those arms down in a bashing motion. She’s not using a weapon at all, so it’s likely she’s some kind of martial artist or pugilist. You hastily scramble together some magic that temporarily enhances your physical attributes by one hundred times. The blow hits and your feet buckle. You end up flying into the nearby wall.

Ouch, that hurt! Well, it’s not like you were exactly a powerful adventurer before you were teleported to this world. So, it seems like even a hundred times your power is still not powerful enough. However, the girl is looking at you as you stand up. You already used a healing spell to repair all of the damage, so even though it makes you look tough, you’re actually not struggling at all.

“Impressive.” Kida gives a grin as she sees you still standing. “Most adventurer’s don’t choose to fight me straight on.”

As you ramp the spell up to give yourself a thousand times your previous power, you make a mental note to create some kind of magic that will allow you to look at your status later. You honestly never sat around long enough to find out if this world was more classic fantasy or if it had video game mechanics, but with your magic, you figured you can artificially create game mechanics if you wanted to.

“So, how about this then!” She gives a shout and comes at you again while you are considering other things.

This time, you keep your hands out and prepare. While she speaks like she plans on doing something different, it appears like Kida is mostly just used to brute strength, so her attack is really just the same attack again. As a result, it is really easy to read, and as her hands fall down on your head with enough force to explode your skull if it had been pre-powers, you catch them with a clunk.

Her eyes widen in shock as you stop her attack in mid-flight. Not the kind of woman to come up with a contingency plan, she gives a grin and tries to force her arms down with her weight. However, 1000 times your original strength does the trick, and you are now far stronger than she is.

As she realizes that she really can’t barrel through you, her face starts to wear a confused look as she strains. Her breasts are heaving, beads of sweat running down that significant cleavage. Ah, you are caught staring! Well, let’s get out of this situation before she realizes you started to get an erection. You dive to the side and do a single strike.

With a thud, Kida goes flying across the room, crashing on the ground with a tumble. You wince at the result. One thousand times the force is apparently too strong. Even Kida couldn’t take that punch. Before you can walk over to check on her, the sight of her crouched over form causes you to freeze.

Incidentally, Kida has fallen down in a way where her butt is up in the air in your direction. Her flimsy body armor has been pushed to the side, and so you have a full view of Kida in all her glory from behind. Furthermore, she isn’t moving, which likely meant she is knocked out cold in that tempting position.

Well… something about lemons and lemonade, you suppose. You pull out your dick.

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