The Power of Creation – Chapter 43

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You’re not completely awful. Of course, you modified and perfected your spy magic, so you quickly ascertain her health. She is unconsciousness, but not seriously injured. She is also disease free, although that would only be a temporary deterrent when dealing with these kinds of things.

Well, that sounds perfectly fine then. You whistle to yourself as you line your cock up with her waiting pussy. Your motions stop for a second as it occurs to you that this might be morally reprehensible, but you chuckle and wave those thoughts away.

This was a completely different world than the one you were born in. It wasn’t nearly as progressive. It was a dog eat dog world, and in a place where there a literal demons and monsters, this hardly seemed that detestable. Ah, she’s tight! Well, that’s not particularly surprising either. You had made substantial improvements since you went to this world. It was just over a foot long and the thickness was somewhere around the size of a coke can now.

It takes a few strokes before your able to get it in. A little bit of blood leaks down her leg. Well, she was a virgin, it seemed, but that’s not particularly special to you anymore. Fortunately, her body was the kind of body that liked big dick, you could tell because as soon as you get it in she started getting very wet. Either that, or she pee’d herself when you knocked her unconscious. Either way, you are thrusting away with a grunt in short order.

Being unconscious, it’s not like she offers particularly much to the table. You grab onto that ass, and perhaps for the first time you gained a true appreciation for having junk in the trunk. The other girls, from lolis to princesses, didn’t particularly have shapely hips. Other than the Queen, Merida had the shapeliest hips and you had yet to break her in. However, there was something very appealing to having something large and round, with tons of cushion to enjoy it for the pushing.

It’s not that she has an abnormally fat ass, she was quite muscular, but she was a very large woman, and that translated to her ass as well. This meant you have a lot of grip, and as you put your hands on her hips, you can get some pretty hard thrusting in there, which feels wet and comfortable.

You confirm she likes big dick, because she is dripping wet down to the point that each thrust makes a wet sliding sound. It is running down between her legs now and forming a puddle under her knees. Furthermore, her mouth has opened, and she is breathing hard. You wonder if she is having a sex dream right now, and weather that dream is about you or not.

Curious, you assemble a dream invasion spell and check it out. As you pound away at her, you can’t help but laugh at the sight of her dream. Simple minded as always, she’s dreaming she’s fighting a monster. Ah, but it’s a tentacle monster, and it’s currently violating her all over. You take control of her dream, and start manipulating the tentacle monster. It wraps its tentacles around her tits, violating her as aggressively as possible. You match your thrusts with the tentacles pulsations, making the experience more vivid for her.

One tentacle shoves down her throat, and the girl herself starts coughing in her sleep as a result. You make the tentacle monster impossibly pleasurable, and watch excitedly as she continues to explode in orgasm after orgasm. This translates to real life, and her pussy immediately starts tightening on your cock over and over again as she lets out unconscious moans. She is definitely a squirter type, as liquid shoots out of her like a fountain. It’s pooling up her butt crack. It’s dripping on the floor. Her knees are already covered in a puddle over her own lust. Your pants will need to be laundered because they are drenched in sex.

Her constant stream of orgasms become all you can take, and grabbing onto those hips with a tight grip, you thrust as deep in her as your dick can go and let your hot jizz explode deep inside her.

“Hah, hah, hah…” you recatch your breath.

That went well. That was fun in a new way.

“W-w-what are you doing to the great Kida!” A voice suddenly shouts from behind you.

You look back to see the bitch receptionist from earlier. It turns out she had come in to see what was taking the pair of you. Ah, why does everyone have to be so problematic?

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