The Power of Creation – Chapter 46

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“I am deeply sorry that you had to be exposed to such an ugly side of the Adventurer’s guild.”

As it turns out, the meat-headed Kida is actually a pretty standup girl. You don’t regret raping her at all. A part of you feels like that might be a bit backward, but you ignore it. As she explains, Kida’s initial attack is more a means of separating the boys from the men, so to speak. If they couldn’t get out of her way and avoid a direct strike, how could they expect to survive a surprise attack from a monster?

If anything, Kida does this to save lives. She is very concerned about protecting people. The bitch named Belle likely didn’t hold the same concerns, but Kida tolerated her because she felt that it was a mental attack to incoming Adventurers. Since most were men, her tendency to look down on them put a lot of men off of trying, although there were a few guys who got excited by it.

It wasn’t all good. Belle always let women in, and Kida was forced to level a bunch of them out. Being catty, this led to a lot of negative rumors from Kida in town as a being a tyrant, but she was really a nice person.

Still, just because you had tasted Kida, didn’t mean you necessarily needed to start supporting her. She had her own job and place. She could function as your Adventurer’s guild liaison, so she was more useful here. If you got the hankering for a giantess, you could always swing by. Although, perhaps this is presumptuous. It’s not like she knows you’re her first. Belle was very thorough cleaning her up, and she remains oblivious to your machinations.

“And what does the Guild Leader say about this stuff?” You ask.

“Ah, well… the Guild Leader is more of an honorary position. They tend to spend more time out adventuring. They aren’t fond of paperwork. So, I do all of the important jobs here at this branch location.”

So, it seems like the vice is more/less the highest chain of command here. That suited you just fine.

“Am I in then?”

Kida put on a blush, and she seems a lot more feminine now that she wasn’t in the heat of battle. Of course, she was still wearing bikini armor, so it wasn’t like it wasn’t enormously sexy as well.

“No man has ever defeated me in battle before.” She says breathily.

“Is that so?”

She nodded excitedly. “I… promised someone important to me, that if I ever found a man who was strong enough to protect me… I… I’d…”

“Huh?” You raise an eyebrow.

She turns away. “Ah, nothing. You’ll be in town for a while?”

You nod. “Just acquired a home in town. In fact, it’s really late. This took a bit longer than I expected. The girls and I need to get home.”

As we moved out into the lobby, a few tables had been pushed together and all the girls were sitting at them. Well, they were closer to laying on them now. Every girl was asleep. You really had spent too long.

“Immhungry…” a sleeping voice came from Ariel’s lips.

“Semen… I want semen…” another voice seemed to answer, this one Grimhilde.

“The,these are your sisters?” Kida tried to reach for a hopeful ideal.

“Ah, you could say they’re akin to family?” You give a vague answer.

She seems to breathe in relief, so she buys it. It’s not that you wouldn’t mind revealing the truth, but you figured it’d be easier. You bid her goodbye as she instructs you to stop by the guild tomorrow to take on your first mission. Then you turn to the harem.

As you look down at the sleeping girls, you vaguely wonder if it’d be easier just to devise some kind of summoning system like the pokeball. Just keep the girls in cold storage until you want to use them. It seems like a good idea, but something about it wounds your pride as a man. At the very least, you ought to take care of them rather than put them in suspended animation.

The end result is that you wake up the women.

“Ah… is hero done?”

You nod. In the end, the only ones you were unable to wake up were the loli trap Jasmine with the cumguzzler herself, Grimhilde. Ah well, they’re light, so you carry them over each shoulder.

As you finally make your way outside with six sleepy girls and one boy, another girl emerges from the darkness.

“Wh-what did you do?”

The source of the voice looks quite disheveled. She has been crying and all of her makeup and hair has fallen apart into a mess.

“Hey, Belle, you coming?” you respond casually without stopping.

“C-c-cumming?” Belle covers her body from your gaze.

“Belle has nowhere else to stay, so she’ll be joining us at the mansion.” You call back an explanation to the other girls.

“Hero-san is generous.” Ariel gives a sleepy response.

“St-stay?” Belle looks slightly dizzy as the group seems to walk right by her and several of the girls give her a gentle and accepting smile.

“Besides…” You whisper as you pass by, “I own you, right?”

With those words, some of the life floats out of her. “Ah… yes.”

However, as her eyes meet one attractive sister after another, some of that life starts to return. As Ariel passes, she grabs Belle’s hand, dragging Belle along with her as she presses her chest against Belle’s arm in a sisterly embrace. Belle seems to start cheering up looking at the supernatural beauties around her, and her true perverted nature leaks out as life returns to her. Such an easy girl. You’ll have to get around your renaming your daughter, but that’s fine.

The other girls all shoot knowing looks towards you as they eyeball the newcomer, but they’ve already gotten to the point where they can do nothing but accept it.  One more girl has joined the harem.

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