The Power of Creation – Chapter 47

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“What is hero-san doing?” Ariel asks with some curiosity in her voice.

Well, you are just examining your stats. You have a complete status menu, but on top of that you have a little arrow next to each stat, allowing you to increase or decrease it at will. In essence, you can freely distribute and change your stats. Stat points that come with levels simply shows an infinity sign. If you click on the skill column, a list pops up with every skill available, as well as a blank where you can create a new skill from scratch.

Of course, increasing you stats is more of a means of protection. There might not be times, like when you were fighting the demon king’s father, where you have the time to think of or create a new magical spell to protect yourself. Your one apparent weakness is the instant KO.

Well, you don’t really have to max out your stats to repair this weakness. Instead, you simply create a few new skills. First, you give yourself a Phoenix-like skill that would allow you to respawn should you die. The respawn time is five minutes. If the respawn time was instantaneous, you could have someone killing you might die on one of those stupid technicalities where a guy’s single hit is technically twenty hits compiled into one and he kills you more than once instantly.

You also create a temporary invincibility. Upon receiving a surprise attack, you gain 15 seconds of invincibility. That should be more than enough time to come up with a spell to counter whatever attack you receive. Of course, you could just make yourself permanently invincible or something, but there is a bit of concern over this worlds balance.

As it was pointed out to you, every spell you create is a spell that never existed in this world prior. Now that the spell exists, anyone can potentially learn it. However, unless someone can learn the spell from you, then the spell, and its existence in the world, will die with you. There is always the potential that someone might have some overpowered learn every skill they see thing or something, so you really don’t want any skill that is too overpowered.

Plus, given the tendency of these another world stories, the more powerful you become, the more impossibly over the top challenges will be thrown at you, so there is always the potential that if you put together an invincibility spell, that will set up a flag for you having to battle and invincibility killing monster. Keeping your skills believable and synergistic will keep things from getting ridiculous. You certainly don’t want to end up as one of those god-likes throwing planets at each other like pingpong balls or something.

Speaking of which, you use your hub map to guide yourself to the mansion. You have yet to see it, but if you didn’t like the look of the mansion, you would have just changed it anyway. Perhaps you could make the four maids do all the reconstruction themselves… naked. Ah, you’re not a cruel person, so you suppress the sadistic smile on your face before the other girls notice.

However, that smile turns into a frown as you finally approach your new home. Four shivering, identical girls were standing outside of the mansion at the closed off gate. The mansion itself was dark, and even from here you could see cobwebs in some of the windows. You had even gone out of your way to give the baka maids more time, and here they are slacking off on the job.

You give them a dark look, expecting them to show a little regret and remorse, however, as soon as their eyes meet yours, they all burst into tears. The four girls leap at you, holding you on every side as they start sobbing. Well, you don’t particularly hate this kind of attention either. Belle was shooting you jealous looks, at least. The other girls merely looked confused and concerned.

“What happened, why aren’t you cleaning?” You tried to smooth out your voice for the baka maids.

“Boss! Th-the-the place is haunted.”

“It was a ghost, Boss! Ghosts are scary!”

“Th-they attacked me!”

“Boss, they threw us out of the house!”

The four girls all whine at once, sobbing over each other, but you are fortunately able to get the gist of it. You were told this place was haunted after all. It is really late now. Everyone is starving. This ghost who is interrupting your pleasant night is going to pay.

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