The Power of Creation – Chapter 48

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“I don’t understand. Why do you need to put on a giant backpack and a brown body suit?” Aurora asks curiously.

“Because bustin makes me feel good.” You respond.

She cocks her head to the side and you give a sigh. Once you guys settle down you’ll summon a TV and some movies so that you can bring the girls up to date on pop culture. That’s right, you could probably make a spell to send yourself back to earth too if you wanted. However, Earth has too many rules and you are pretty sure people would get upset with some of the things you do, not the least of which is strapping a nuclear reactor to your back. Well, you’ll be fine as you long as you don’t cross the streams.

“Come on, Elena, let’s go get changed.”

“Eh? What? Why am I going?”

It certainly wasn’t because you were fulfilling your lifelong wish of a ghostbusting catgirl, that’s for certain.

“You’re the only other boy. It’s our responsibility as… men… to protect the womenfolk.”

“Why did you hesitate when you just called me a man?”

“No reason.”

You had only seen ‘it’ once, and it wasn’t like you were up to see it again, but you still had a strange feeling like ‘it’ was an optical illusion. Perhaps you were simply mistaken. Thus, as you the pair of you changed into two identical outfits (you needed at least two people to get a ghost into the ghost trap, that’s just common sense), you couldn’t help but take a peek. As you do, you end up seeing the inevitable and can’t help but giving a sigh.


Elena is looking over the outfit now. They’re standing there wearing nothing but a proton pack.

“Oi, Elena!”

“Huh, what?” Elena realizes your looking at them and they cover their chest modestly while blushing like a young maiden. “Why are you looking at me like that, it makes me nervous.”

“Elena, where did your penis go?”

Elena cocked their head to the side in confusion before they suddenly dropped the proton pack and grabbed for their crotch.

“Eh?” Elena makes a stupid sound as they feel around below desperately.

“Don’t eh me… we’ve only been together for a few hours and you’ve already lost it?”

“It’s got to be somewhere!” Elena shouts, “Quick, look, maybe it’s moved somewhere.”

This is how you ended up nodding thoughtfully while on your knees. Elena’s crotch was up in your face, and you were now carefully inspecting them. You take a finger a poke. Elena makes a whimpering moan. You slide the finger in a bit and they shiver and whimper. You pull the finger back out and it’s a little wet now. You lick it. Yup, it was as you feared.

“Catgirl pussy.” You say.

“Pu-pu-pussy!?” Her voice his cutely high.

“A pussy’s pussy. Pussy squared, if you will.” You nod thoughtfully. “You’re outy is now an inny. You’re a woman.”

“What? That’s impossible! How could this happen?”

You give a shrug. “It’s possible that in my desire for you to be a catgirl, my abilities triggered without me realizing it and did this. I need to train more and reflect on my actions.”

“Train my ass! Give me back my penis!”

You poke out again with the finger, sliding it back in. It was a good, tight pussy. You did good work.

“Ahhh! It’s inside me! Stop it please!” Elena moaned.

You wiggled the fingers a bit, and despite the fact the Elena was twisting and shivering, she was actually leaning into your hand, rather than pulling herself away. Her words said one thing, her actions another.

“Well, I don’t have a grasp on my powers yet,” you lie, pulling your finger away and inwardly smirk at a slight look of loss on her face. “If I tried, I could make things worse, like by making you pregnant!”

“Ah, that can’t be!” Elena had a teary-eyed face as she looked at you with a pleasing glance.

You fight your inner urges. You still had a mansion that you needed to bust. You’d have to return to this situation later.


“Eh? Tonight?”

You nod. “Tonight, I’ll take a real close look at your problem.”

The look of complete relief and trust she gives you almost makes you feel remorse for a second. Almost.

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