The Power of Creation – Chapter 49

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Since Elena had been downgraded to the status of female, you no longer felt like she was a suitable candidate to help you catch ghosts. In fact, of all the girls, she frequently came off as the most innocent and feminine, despite having formerly been boy. Aurora was a strong matriarch, Ariel had degraded into a free love slut, Grimhilde was a cum guzzling whore, Belle was a lesbian pervert, the maids were uncouth, and Mulan was a childish and prideful monster.

Perhaps Kida could have helped you out, but it was certainly too late tonight to run back and get her. For the first time since you came to this world you found your Harem lacking. There were still tons of girls that needed to be added. The mature sister, the refined woman, the sportsy girl, just to name a few off the top of your head.

Fortunately, the mansion was quite accommodating. It appeared to have almost 20 bedrooms, so it gave you plenty of room for expansion. The kitchen and dining room looked to be large enough to accommodate a family of thirty or forty. There were five bathrooms, which would become very important as the female presence grew. You’d have to reserve one bathroom for yourself and force the girls to share the other four.

Of course, you are having these thoughts as you are walking through the mansion. In the end, you ended up progressing through the mansion alone. The baka maids had managed to start a few lights in the main room. They were open torches and you worried a bit that a fire could be started. You immediately started swapping things out with magical lightstones.

You didn’t buy the stones, of course, you simply created them with magic. You had no clue if other noble families had access to things like light stones. Well, the noble family that had previously lived in this house clearly didn’t since there were numerous sconces along the walls. As you made your way around in your first official tour of the mansion, you dropped a magical light ball into each sconce. As far as you know, the lights should last forever. At some point, you’d need to swap some of them out with lights that can be switched or dimmed. Well, since they used the infinite resource of magic to light themselves anyway, it’s not like you could keep the mansion lit all night.

“Get Oooooout!” Your thoughts are interrupted by a low rubbly voice.

“Ah… so there is a ghost.”

Of course, you expected there really was a ghost. If the baka maids had seriously been jumping at shadows and gotten you all worked up over nothing, the punishment game for the four of them would have made their previous experience look like foreplay.

Outside, those very baka maids suddenly got the shivers and held each other closely, not quite understanding why they had a feeling as if they had just dodged an arrow.

“Get Oooooooouuuut!” the voice speaks again.

“Ah, make me.” You respond, attempting to goad the ghost on.

A second later something flies out of the darkness. Had you not tweaked your reaction time to superhuman levels shortly before coming here, you might not have been able to stop it. Instead, you casually reached up and caught the silver object. It was a knife that had been flying directly at your head. You didn’t have the hang of it and had actually caught it by the blade, but your hands were more or less cut proof given your high defense so you merely put the knife away into your inventory.

However, had you been a normal human, or even the you a few hours ago, that seriously could have killed you. This ghost was not playing around. Not only did they delay your homecoming, they actually tried to kill you too. This freaking ghost…

“Leave! Leave Now!”

The voice’s tone didn’t seem to acknowledge their thwarted attempt to murder you. Perhaps the ghost didn’t care whether you lived or died.

Another item flew out from the dark and you caught this one as well. This time it was an icicle. You drop the icicle and allow it to shatter on the floor.

This was starting to annoy you a bit. You had been walking around for ten minutes now and the ghost wasn’t showing himself. Instead, they were trying to attack you from the shadows, only throwing things from a far distance so you couldn’t even get a look at them.

“Fine, I’ll just bring you to me.”

You create a spell to summon the nearby ghost and immediately activate it. A magical circle appears right in front of your feet which starts to glow. A moment later, you hear a screaming sound as light bursts from the circle. A form slowly appears in the center of the circle and it stares down at you with a hateful glare.

This was… undoubtedly a ghost. They were certainly dead, transparent, and floating in the center of the room. They were also a middle-aged man.

“Damn… my flags were off this time.”

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