The Power of Creation – Chapter 50

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Of course, you don’t really hesitate at all to help the ghost on to his next life. With the flick of a finger, he bursts into flames. He did try to kill you, so it’s not like this kind of response was completely unexpected. What if he had done the same thing to your four maids? You would have been slightly bothered before you inevitably brought them back to life with your respawn spell.

“How could I have been defeated so easily?” A ghostly cry sounds out as blue faerie fire wraps around him and sends him into the afterlife.

Well, that’s because you’re a dude. If you had been a woman, we might have had something to work with. In fact, considering that having lived here, this ghost likely knows the place better than you do, making a female ghost a part of your staff could give you access to information.

Wait. That’s right. That would be useful. You snap your fingers. No, you don’t stop the ghost from burning away into nothing, but you do extract his mind. Of course, you didn’t want to absorb his mind into yours or anything, so the magic extracts the information and rewrites it into something more akin to a life story.

It ends up being a tomb nearly as tall as you. The human mind seems to be able to keep a lot of information. You use a spell to create a footnotes version of the book. It’s still as large as a textbook. Using a quick reading spell, you read through the book in about thirty seconds. That was a lot more work than you wanted to do. You’ll make one of the girls massage you tonight. Perhaps that task should go to Merida, except she can only do it with her chest.

That cheers you up a bit as you go through the information you just absorbed. It included a schematic of the house as well as other things. It was definitely a massive mansion. The ghost you just eliminated likely dropped the cost, but it still would have been a house outside your price range normally.

“Ah, that’s unfortunate.”

The ghosts name was apparently Rhictor Rhysemen. The details get a little gory, but the main take away was that he wasn’t a nice man. That would be an understatement, because it would be more accurate to call him what he was, a serial killer. That’s right, he used to kidnap any women who met his fancy, rape, murder, and bury them in the cellar.

As if to make it even worse, he was a necromancer, which is why he was still a ghost even after his sudden death by accidently tripping and falling down the stairs. However, Rhictor had certain malevolent plans. He had actually sent a post-mortem will out to his brother. His brother was your typical haughty noble.

What his brother didn’t know was that Rhictor had kidnapped, raped, and murdered his wife. He had a young daughter too, and it seemed like Rhictor had planned to lure the pair of them there, possess his brother to reobtain life, and then rape and murder his niece. As your brain processed this, you start to regret killing him so quickly. It would have been nice if he suffered a little bit more. That’s what you get for being tired and a bit rash.

“And what do we have here?”

You see another piece of the puzzle and give a start in surprise. Being a necromancer, Rhictor had actually kept the souls of all of his victims as a sort of trophe. Even in death, his ghost were torturing the souls of this forgotten women.

You start walking through the mansion with familiarity, now knowing every intimate nook and cranny. You’d turn the dark history of this mansion around it make it a place of happiness for your girls. Of course, it’ll need to start with the trapped souls in his basement.

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