The Power of Creation – Chapter 51

Sorry the last 10 some chapters have kind of pushed the harem into the background. To be honest, I hadn’t written in a long time and I had trouble remembering the girls. I refreshed myself for this chapter and focused it back on them for a bit. Don’t worry, the money shot for the haunted mansion be coming, but there are a few girls that need to cum first.

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You head down to the basement and cast a light spell to illuminate things.

“Well, that’s to be expected.”

The place doesn’t look much like a basement. However, it fits well with your vision of a torture chamber. There are certainly racks and chains and devices foul and evil. However, the one thing that is lacking is the spirits. You make sure to give yourself spirit eyes that can see any ghosts presence, and alas no spirits are making themselves known.

Perhaps defeating the ghost immediately sent them on to the afterlife, freeing them from their torment? Well, the ghosts could have at least said thank you. Well, you were probably going to coerce them into showing more appreciation, but alas that doesn’t seem to be an option. So, you’ll just have to enjoy your own harem tonight. That certainly won’t be an issue.

You go back outside and call the girls in. They all make cries of relief at finally be able to enter the house. Except for the baka maids, who have worried looks even after you reassure them. Everyone else is happy to finally reach home. Well, none of them had seen the ghost, and you aren’t going to frighten them with tales.

“Jasmine!” You bark, “Can you cook?”

Jasmine jumped at your question. For her age, it was probably quite late at night. Probably around 10 pm going by Earth’s time. She has been snoozing the entire walk over, and even now is only half awake.

“Ye-yes!” she almost salutes at that point, then makes a fist. “I will do my best for Savior.”

“The kitchen is stocked now.” You regrettably had to cheat a little with magic, but it’s a little late to be worrying about such things. “Go make everyone something light to fill them before bed!”

“Yes, Savior!”

“Maids!” You bark.

“Yes, Boss!” four maids jump to attention.

“Start cleaning the house! You have until the morning to get rid of all the dust!”

“Eh? We have to work all night?”

“If you don’t do your best, punishment!” You snap your finger, and for a brief second the four girls feel the same feelings they had when you broke them earlier.

The girls cry out clinging to each other with pleasure on their faces, but as soon as the images dissipate they all make crying noises as they race from the room to start cleaning with all their might.

“Mm, my former husband was never half as commanding as hero-san,” Aurora gives you a pleased look. “You would make a truly worthy ruler, hero-san.”

“Hero is great at everything!” Ariel gives a smile.

“Master is a worthy mate.” Mulan nods.

“I’m not done yet, harem!” You give a shout.

To your surprise, Aurora, Ariel, Mulan, Grimhilde, Merida, and most surprisingly Elena and Belle all jump to attention. Apparently, they’ve all already come to accept the situation.

“Let’s go on a walk, girls. Why don’t you pick out your rooms and I’ll decorate them the way you want!”

The girls started talking excitedly amongst themselves at the thought of being able to have their own rooms.

“I thought I’d be sharing my room with hero.” Ariel’s voice leaks through.

“That may be so,” You speak out. “I’ve already selected my room. The bed is massive. Enough to accommodate all of you, but not every girl may want to spend every night with me, and you’ll want a place to put your clothing and stuff.”

“E-even I can have a room?” Belle asks cautiously.

“Of course, as soon as you gave yourself to me, I took responsibility for you. Even the maids will get their own room eventually, but I want them to start with the habit of working hard or they may get lazy.”

Belle seems to blush at this, which is the first time you’ve seen her react positively. Usually, she’s trying to avoid looking at you in entirety, pretending it’s just her and the other girls. When her eyes do meet yours, they usually contain nausea and disgust.

“Wh-what about Jasmine?” Elena asks.

You stop thinking about how you’ll break Belle and turn to Elena, “Ah, I figured you guys would want to share a room, especially considering you’ll need your little sister to help you with… uh, your new feminine parts?”

“Eh? Elena is a girl now?” Ariel asks.

“Yes, as it turns out I have girl parts no- hey what are you doing? Don’t touch there!”

As they were talking politely, Ariel’s eyes lit up and she stuck a hand down Elena’s pants to feel around. Of course, had Elena still had a penis, this might have bugged you a bit, but now it was a little arousing. Belle looked on as well with excitement, a bit of drool on her face as she watched Ariel violate Elena. Given Elena’s innocence, you want to tease her a bit more before you finally break her in.

The girls all pick their rooms on the same wing of the mansion, which  you’ve noticed happens to be fairly close to your master bedroom. Aurora and Ariel have similar tastes, wanting a room with a regal feel. Nice wooden furniture, and illustrious 4 post canopy beds. Aurora picks white as her primary color, but also has you create a pink section in the corner for the baby crib and all.

Ariel has a thing for mirrors, and wants one above the bed and a three-mirror in a dressing room. She mostly goes for a light pink color as the major theme. Merida wants something a little more modest. A good soldier, she just wants a stand for her armor, and a utilitarian bed. While blushing, she also requests for a portrait of the Queen Aurora, to remind herself of her mission and duty. Most of her color is silver and blue.

After that, Belle requests portraits of all the girls, despite receiving a few disgusted looks. Her shameless pervert side is coming out more and more as she grows comfortable. You move up to her side and whisper into her ear.

“I’ve left something for you, check the drawer later.”

You left her pictures of all the girls in erotic poses. How did you get those images? Well, it’s not like magic can’t sort things out. You also left her some functional vibrators. You wanted to nurture her perverted behavior now. It’d make your future more colorful. She ends up with a lot of black colors in her room, which starts to take on a modern feel you’d expect in a room from back on Earth. You wonder how long it’ll take for her to realize you’ve added a peeking hole into the girl’s bathroom.

Mulan’s color is red, and she seems to want a lot of display cases around the room. When you inquire what treasures she is trying to put on display, she merely puts her finger up to her mouth, winks, and says it is her secret. She is a dragon, so you are surprised she doesn’t want some kind of cave or something. With magic, you probably could have done it, but at the end of the day she wants a comfortable bed just like the rest of the girls.

Grimhilde’s room is to be expected. A large fireplace, ominous looking furniture, and sharp edges that give everything a demoness feel. Black and red are naturally the colors she went with.

Elena picks one big bed to share with her little sister, but ultimately is the most modest of all of them. Having very little in life, she is very hesitant to add anything into the room. It is mostly browns and tans. A commoner’s room, although sized for someone who couldn’t possibly be common.

“That’s good, we’re done then.”

None of the girls had stayed in their rooms, instead following you around with expectant gazes as if they were waiting for something.

“What, what is it?” You ask.

“Ah, my love, that is, who will be with you tonight?” Grimhilde was the first to speak up as she licked her lips and swallowed, clearly starting to have some withdraws.

The other girls all intake a breath now that the question has been asked. Seven girls stare at you excitedly, wondering which one you’d play with tonight.

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