The Power of Creation – Chapter 54

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“Well, that was certainly…”

Two girls are lying on the bed moaning while clutching their slightly engorged stomachs. They are covered from head to toe in white stuff and the bed they are lying on? Well, it can’t be saved.

“And right after I just replaced it…” You tsk.

Of course, you put out the fire and replaced the bed with a spell, but now the bed is drenched. It started out innocently enough. As the two girls worked on your massive cock, which, let’s face it, had room for more than one pair of hands and lips anyway, you paced things to ensure their competitive nature came out.

Ariel, always your wingbitch, took care of their clothing, and even if their sexual excitement wasn’t increasing as they gobbled on your dick, Ariel had plenty of training with her mother on how to pleasure a woman. She also knew all of Mulan’s sensitive parts, and it only took a short time before she figured out Grimhilde’s triggers too. Soon, she was on her knees looking up at you innocently with one hand wrapped under each of the other women. Her fingers moved rapidly, and you could feel the moans bursting out from the lips pressed to either side of your cock.

“Please, master, give me your cum!” Mulan let out a little cry as she orgasmed, her tiny hands tightening on your shaft.

“No! My love, let me taste!” Grimhilde cried desperately and opening her mouth with her tongue sticking out.

Mulan saw her position and immediately imitated it. Both girls had one hand on your shaft, and were fighting to put their mouth in front of your head. As a result, their cheeks were pressed together with full force as both fought to be on the receiving end, their tongues basically touching in preparation for your orgasm.

As if to spur you along, the girl’s fingers had wrapped around each other, each with one hand that when combined just manage to wrap half way around your cock. The pair worked in tandem to move their hands together up and down your cock with great enthusiasm. Since your girls were working so hard, you decided to reward them. You let out a shoot of cum. Immediately, the girls desperately tried to catch it in their mouth, but naturally your robust nature meant you came quite a lot.

The girl’s seemed to devolve into a war, desperately trying to swallow more than the other. They tongued each other’s faces and chest, desperate for the last drop. They even ended up having a battle of tongues when Mulan tried to scoop out some cum from Grimhilde’s mouth when she tried to savor it before swallowing.

“I ate more master, I did!”

“No! She cheated, my love. Surely you have more!”

Grimhilde noticed your dick was still hard and dripping cum, so she immediately gobbled your cock with extreme determination while Mulan gave an annoyed look and grabbed her by the hair and pulled. Grimhilde sucked on your cock in desperation as Mulan pulled on her hair to try to pull her off your cock. Tears ran down her cheeks as she made sloppy sucking noises. Mulan was immature and not above cheating, while Grimhilde refused to yield.

You started to feel bad since your harem was fighting, so you let the passion take you and came again. This time Grimhilde’s eyes widened excitedly as more sweet nectar ran down her throat. However, in that moment of surprise, Mulan yanked particularly hard and Grimhilde’s lips finally slipped from your head. This caused her to cough and semen to go down the wrong hole, ending up in her nose. Meanwhile, a shot of semen flew high and Mulan leapt up with her mouth open in hopes of catching it.

Mulan caught some of it and immediately started licking the streak that had landed on her cheek and arm. Meanwhile, Grimhilde had finished swallowing and taking in the rest of your cum before sticking her tongue out at Mulan with a grin.

“Hah, I win!”

Mulan let out a whine. “Master, that’s no fair! You must have more. This lowly dragon will receive master’s seed!”

She leapt onto your cock this time, her mouth a bit smaller than Grimhilde’s and not even capable of wrapping around your entire head, but she stroked her hands as aggressively as she could while sucking lightly like she was trying to milk you. It seemed fine, so you came again. That was when things started to go south.

You had presumed Grimhilde would have her fill, then Mulan would win, get a treasure, and everyone would be happy. You underestimated both Grimhilde’s gluttony and Mulan’s competitive spirit. In the end, you kept cumming, and the girls kept eating. To speed things along, you created more and more semen, an overwhelming amount that flooded over the girls and drenched the very bed. The two gluttonous women drank it down in the mouthfuls until they arrived at this state.

Meanwhile, Ariel was making snow angels, covered head to toe in white stuff while giggling. For a while before the girls had reached their limit, they had been licking cum off Ariel, who was scooping it up and holding gobs of it between her breasts for them to dive in. However, most of it was started to gum up and dry. As far as their hair, it was sticking in every direction.

Just as you put your dick away, there was another scream next door coming from Belle’s room. This night was going to be a long one.

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