The Power of Creation – Chapter 57

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“M-master! Master?”

“My love, snap out of it.”

“Hah?” You stop and look down.

You’re balls deep in Daisy’s ass. The other two sisters seem to be unconscious, as does Daisy. You have her bent over a couch as you violate her. However, how you made it to that situation is a little fuzzy.

“What’s going on?” You respond casually, slapping Daisy’s ass once for good measure as you pull out.

As you turn, you realize all the girls are standing at the door looking worried. Only Mulan and Grimhilde entered the room. It is Grimhilde who eyes you up and down first before talking.

“I detected a powerful curse. At first, I thought it was my love playing games on his staff again, you certainly take delight in punishing the maids, but when I looked into your eyes while you were plowing Dinah they didn’t seem cruel enough.”

Right! Dinah. That was the name! And the spared yellow-haired one that was standing over her sisters trying to clean them up was Minnie. Wait, what did she mean cruel enough? And worse, Minnie is nodding! You give Minnie a glare. You’ll definitely give her two-fold what you gave her sisters.

“Yes, that’s the look. I’m relieved master is back.” Mulan says pointing at your face.

You immediately school your features and pretend you didn’t hear anything.

“So, I take it the curse is gone?” You change the subject.

“Yes, I’ve managed to remove the curse. However, who put it here?”

You frown for a second. None of your alarms have been triggered, so who could set a trap? The conclusion you jumped to was a conclusion you didn’t like. Did one of the girl’s here do it? Perhaps it was payback for some slight you did, but you can’t imagine why any of these girls would be angry at you. Beside rape, sexual torture, and manipulation, what did you ever do to deserve being attacked with a curse?

You go over the house one more time with a carefully designed spell. No ghosts. The number of people in the home equaled the number of harem members you had. There was no doubt that someone in the harem was a traitor.

“What’s going on with her?” you ask, nodding to someone outside the door.

That someone is Jasmine, who seemed to be gagged and tied up with rope.

Grimhilde shrugs. “After learning the nature of this curse, Jasmine tried to join you in the room saying something about having you take her one way or another. We didn’t want her to potentially be hurt so we had to tie her up to keep her from jumping in.”

“Good decision!” You give them harem a thumbs up, and they all smile at your praise.

However, you’re secretly sweating at how close things got. You already set off one trap. If you set off two in a row you’d go to places you couldn’t return from.

“Well, things are resolved now. Untie her and have her make a meal. I want everyone in the living room. We’re going to have a family meeting.”

“Ah, fun!” Ariel starts pulling off her dress.

“No, Ariel! Talking. Not those kind of family meetings.”

Ariel looks disappointed as she puts her dress back on while the other girls gave her a wry look. You eyed the girls carefully as they walked down the hallway. Someone had decided to put up a deliberate curse. Of course, no one got hurt and you’ve already added a curse-proof, poison-proof, and illusion-proof skill to your repertoire, so this wouldn’t be a situation that would be repeated, but it still angered you that you could still be taken off-guard in this world.

Of course, given your other skills, you’d have survived easily and kept pounding away until the curse ended, but you could have seriously injured one of the girls in that state. You won’t be able to forgive yourself if you do more than fuck them to exhaustion.

For the first time since you ended up in this world, you are slightly pissed.

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