The Power of Creation – Chapter 58

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“Someone here planted a curse with the intent to deal us harm. One of you!” You pointed out at the harem, causing them all to gasp.

Except for the three maids who were put down to rest, everyone else was now sitting in the living room. You had a light meal of meat, cheese, and fruit and now had brought every woman down in front of you as you stood in front of the fireplace. Of course, the fire was running and when you pointed out, the flames may have busted out just a bit to add effect.

“If the culprit just admits, there folly, they can deal with only a light bit of punishment.”

Some of the girls swallow, while only Ariel seems to hold eager eyes looking forward to it. Well, she’s not bad enough to raise her hand and falsely admit guilt just to have fun… yet.

“Who would do such a thing?” Aurora asks.

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?” You shoot back.

Aurora seems taken aback. “Hero-san, you know that I support you.”

“Do you?” You demand. “Your own husband tried to kill me. Then I stole your daughter and ruined her. That seems like motivation!”

“B-b-but I’m pregnant with your child!” Aurora defended.

“Yeah, mom wouldn’t do that!” Ariel spoke up.

“Oh, and we have Ariel. You’re always so open and loving. Or is it an act!”

“No! Hero, I love you.”

“Love me enough that maybe you’d want me all to yourself?” you shout.

Grimhilde snorted. “She spends almost as much time violating us as she does being violated by you!”

“And of course, a Demonlord whom I captured, subjugated, made an addict? Maybe it was you!”

“I’m the one who found and returned the curse. Besides, if I cursed you, making you horny just seems redundant. I’d do something like make your dick fall off.” She spoke cool and collectively with an amused smile at your antics.

“If my dick fell off, your spooge source would be gone.” You respond.

She swallows involuntarily, but then gives another smile. “All the more reason I wouldn’t betray you. Isn’t Mulan the greedy one here?”

“Eh! This lowly dragon would never steal from master!”

“Who said anything about stealing?” Grimhilde raises an eyebrow. “Did you plan perhaps have two parts?”

“I didn’t steal! The great one is above stealing. This great one already has tons of treasure! This-“

Mulan is starting to rampage. Her eyes turn blood red and reptilian and she is a step away from turning back into her dragon form. She really is a hot-tempered child in a lot of ways. You snap your fingers, giving her an orgasm. The act immediately destroys her rising temperature as she collapses in a puddle of lust. The other girls ignore her.

“The only one here I can know for certain didn’t betray me is Merida, who was with me most of the night.” Merida started to brighten up at the comment until you spoke again. “Unless that’s what she wanted me to think!”

Merida’s face drop to a pout as the happiness drains away. You cough and decide to change the focus of this discussion.

“Or maybe it was Elena!”


“Angry at me for turning you into a girl?” You accuse, and then look at her cute face as she tilted her head innocently. “No, it can’t be Elena, she is too innocent… but perhaps her conniving younger sister Jasmine!”

“Yes, it was me, savior. Punish me however you see fit. Ravish me. Dirty me. Make it so that I can never look others in the eyes again!”

“I refuse.”

“Eh? Bu-but…”

“Isn’t this all a waste anyway?” Grimhilde spoke up again. “Isn’t the most like culprit Belle, after all.”

“Huh, Belle?” You tilt your head.

“She’s the newest. She joined on the most suspicious of circumstances. If anyone wanted vengeance, it would be her!”

Belle readjusts herself in her seat while giving you a look.

“Ah, well, as to it being her…”

You didn’t think that was the case. Well, the reason was pretty simple. That dildo you gave her was still up her ass. Yup, as she is sitting there in front of all the other girls, you could feel the warm, tight entrance and the rhythmic tightening of her sphincter muscles on your cock. When she readjusted, she made sure to ground the dildo into her ass with severe brutality. This was her form of vengeance for what you did to her.

Belle is the ultimate pervert, and sometimes you approve of her shenanigans. Well, you’re still going to punish her for trying to mess with you, in fact, you already decided to execute the punishment. You turn the vibration function on. She gives a little jump, but you make sure to block the sound so only she is aware of it. You then start cranking up the vibration and using magic to forcefully push the dildo up and down into her butt.

Immediately, she starts sweating and her lips part, unable to say anything.

“See! She even looks guilty!” Grimhilde declares as Belle looks away flustered.

Her little perverted joke had turned on her, and now she is afraid of getting caught. You smile at her fearful look as ass induced orgasms rock her body. However, her odd behavior was starting to make the other girl’s suspicious of her, so you decide to end your little inquisition.

You wave your hand. “Of course, I know who did it from the get go. I just always wanted to do this. Sorry guys.”

“Eh?” Belle suddenly let’s out a half-moan in surprise.

“As expected of hero!”

“You mean this was all a rouse, my love?”

“Daddy is so mean.”

“So, master, who is the traitor then?” Mulan states, turning everyone else deathly quiet.

“Ah, well that’s simple, it’s her.” You point to the only still awake yellow-haired maid, Minnie.

“The maid! But she hurt all her sisters too!” Ariel said in surprise.

“How dastardly!” Aurora shook her head.

“You really hadn’t broken the thief out of them after all.” Grimhilde sighed.

“What? No. I mean my newest harem member. The ghost that possessed Minnie and forced her to make that curse. Hey, ghost, we haven’t been introduced yet. You’ve been causing trouble all night, it’s about time I put you in your proper place.”

“He’s talking about his penis. Her proper place is on his penis.” One of the girl’s behind you says, but you decide you’re better off not knowing who.

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