The Power of Creation – Chapter 59

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After you accuse Minnie’s ghost, there is a few seconds of brief silence when a sudden dark miasma explodes out of her mouth and eyes. The other girl’s gasp and take their distance, although Grimhilde, Merida, and Mulan look like they are ready to fight.

“Excuse me, ladies, I’ll be taking this to the ghost realm for a bit. I’ll be back shortly. Don’t worry too much.”

‘Huh? Ghost realm?” Grimhilde asks in surprise.

“I’ll see you soon Hero!” Ariel accepts it while waving without any restriction.

You move into the ghost realm, which looks like the normal realm except there are no people and everything is tinted blue. The black miasma is already out of Minnie at this point and dives into another room. You teleport, heading the Miasma off. The black stuff rising towards you and then stops, falling to the ground.

It starts to coalesce and gather into a human shaped form. Finally, a person bursts out of that form. You eye her up and down curiously. Your magic is given you an idea of what she looks like, but this is the first time you get a chance to see here with your own eyes. She has very long black hair, absolute white skin, and dark eyes. She is wearing a long white dress, and, for all intent and purposes, resembles the typical vengeful spirits from Japanese lore, like from the movie the Grudge. Well, it’s not like you are born in Japan, so these kind of spirits don’t scare you.

In fact, her dress gives a bit of nice cleavage that makes any ounce of fear dissipate. She is staring at you with one eye through her hair. In Japan, that is usually one of those scary things, but for a none Japanese, the wild hair look is pretty hot. She also appears to have two different colored eyes, one blue, and one red. It is the red eye that is shining through her black hair. Her hands are splayed out like she intends to slash at you with her nails, but you aren’t terribly concerned since you buffed all your stats accordingly.

“Hey, what’s your name ghost girl?”

The girl cocks her head like she heard you, but she doesn’t make a sound. Instead, she starts to gradually approach you one step at a time. Well, this might be a little scary in a horror game, but you are pretty powerful now, so it isn’t like she is really a threat. Still, you decide to ease the tension by continuing to talk.

“Let me guess. All of the girl’s tortured by that old bastard moved on, but their broken spirits left something behind. All that sadness and hate and bad energy mixed with all the lust we are generating last night allowed you to manifest yourself into existence. Sound about right?”

The ghosts step falters as you spoke, so you are certain you aren’t too far off the mark.

“You know, I killed that asshole, right? Do you have any memories? I got your vengeance.”

This time the ghost stopped for a second, then it opened its mouth. “Remember pain… Remember suffering…”

The voice that came out contained several tones as if it is many people speaking at once. It seemed to be shed of any emotion, kind of like a robot talking. As you consider this, it continues to talk.

“Kill… kill… must kill. Must kill all men. Men cause pain. Men cause suffering. Kill. Kill. KILL!” she starts approaching once again.

“Ah, about that. I am genuinely sorry that a sick bastard like him has abused all of you, however, I plan for my mansion to be a place where women can indulge themselves. I’m a generous guy, so I’ll help you rehabilitate too, how does that sound?”

“Kill, kill, must kill. Vengeance. Must kill! No choice!” she continues to approach as a knife suddenly appears in her hand.

She finally reaches you as she raises the knife up in a stabbing motion and you give her a smile. “Well, it’s about time your rehabilitation starts. No worries, I’m a pro.”

You snap your fingers and the white dress covering her body suddenly explodes, cloth fluttering away as the ghost is suddenly standing their butt naked with a knife mysteriously absent from her raised hand.

“Eh?” The ghost looks down and lets out a silly noise.

You pull down you pants. “Now, let’s begin!”

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