The Power of Creation – Chapter 60

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“Ah, well, playing hard to get has its limits.” You sigh.

The ghostly girl with the long black hair had started running away shortly after you pulled down your pants. You didn’t take any particular offense. She wouldn’t know she wanted it until you had given it to her, so you can’t blame the unenlightened.

However, as you chase after her she lets out deathly shrieks and bursts of cold air. She was being quite resistant and that was a bit cute too. Well, at the moment, she has crawled into a corner… on the ceiling. Yeah, she is now in the ceiling corner, her red eye glaring down at you through her long shiny black hair draped over her face.

Of course, she is also naked, but the black hair has seemed to grow in a way that just covered up the good bits, which was also a little bit erotic.

“Ghost girl, can I at least get your name?”

“Kill! Kill!”

“Well, if you were capable of that, then you wouldn’t be naked in a corner…. Personally, I favor love, not violence.”

She turns her head away at your comment, and just before you start to lose your patience with her she speaks up again. “So, you’ll rape and kill me, just like this mansion’s old master?”

“Ah, well, it’s not like I don’t plan to sleep with you, but I wouldn’t say I’ll rape you, and I definitely don’t plan to kill the one I’m with after… that’s just morbid.”

The ghost girl puts on a scary face. “Lies! All men are the same. Just take what they want and leave, always taking!”

“Ah, well, I won’t deny that I’ll take what I want, but I won’t leave. This mansion is mine, and the girls that reside in it are mine. That includes you.”

“I-I’m yours?” for the first time the anger on the ghost’s face was starting to subside.

You give her a nod. “Of course. Sex or not, I’ve already claimed you. That means I’ll take care of you. Since I’ve come to this world, I’ve started to realize how much power I hold, and since I have the power to care for a harem, then I will do so. For you, I have the power to craft you a body, to bring you to life, so that I can show you the love and care those girls were refused in their lives. The part of you left over from them has become quite pitiful, but I wish to make their lives worth something. I want you to fullfill their desires. Anyone’s desires. To be loved, and to be happy…”

“A-a body? You wish to give me a body to possess?”

“Ah, not exactly. More like I’d craft your soul into a body? I think it turns out to be something like a homunculus?”

“Is that so?” the girl considers it for a second as she taps her cheek. “I am the manifestation of all the anger and unfulfilled wishes of those girls, fueled by the lust you introduced to this mansion. I am inclined to fill the desires of the women who died here. Many thoughts went through them as they experience torment and pain. Vengeance, this is the only wish I thought I could fulfill as a spirit bound to this mansion. If I joined you, then I may be able to fulfill their other desires.”

“Very well then,” She finally gives a nod. “If you fulfill my purpose, then I will have no reason not to join you and dedicate my existence towards you. Is that agreeable?”

You smile. “Yes, I’d be happy to help you fulfill their desires. Might I ask what kind of desires the woman of this mansion had?”

The ghost lately finally let’s go of the wall, floating down to the ground to stand before you. Her long, black, silky hair still managed to conveniently cover anything erotic. You fought the urge to run your hands through it.

“Of course, the death of Rhictor, the noble who hurt these women was high on their list.”

“Well, consider that one finished.”

“That is a shame, I will be unable to complete their wish. They wished to see his destruction themselves.”

“Seriously?” You say and she shrugs.

“Just witness it? As long as they can see it being done, is that good enough?”

The ghost lady thinks for a second and then nods. “That should suffice.”

You compile a spell which allows you to project images from your memory. In this case, you project the memory of when you burned Rhictor’s spirit away last night. It wasn’t exactly an ideal revenge story, it was done hastily and without any finesse. You were tired, after all, and knew nothing about his evil deeds.

The girl stiffens, her body let’s out a long sigh like she just released tension that had built over a long time, red eye grew a little less red and her hair seemed to shrink, running up her knees until it was barely enough to cover her nether region.

“That is satisfactory.”

“What next?”

“One girl was impoverished, and frequently spent her night cold and hungry. She wished to eat as much as she could until she was full without reserve.”

“That one’s easy enough, but wouldn’t it be easier to fulfill once you inhabit the homunculus?”

The ghost nods. “That is… you are right. I will stick to the requests that can be fulfilled in spirit form.”

“So, what can we do now?”

The ghost girl looks down at your penis and at her own state and then sighs. “Many of the girls were maidens until it was stolen from them. They died wishing they had lost their virginity to a main who loved them. One strong presence in particular, a witch whose energy and emotion compose a great deal of my personality, withed for a man to make love to her gently, and as he came inside her, look her in the eyes, call her name, and tell her he loves her and will take care of her forever.”

“Oh?” You raise your eyebrow. “So, you’re saying you want to have a go after all?”

“It is her desires to be loved, but if you do not convince me of your sincerity, then I will be forced to eat your soul in vengeance.”

You gulp a little bit, but you have no shortage of love to give, so you think you can convince her you mean to take care of her forever. “Might I ask before we start, what is the name I should call?”

“That is the most difficult condition. The memory of her name was lost. You must call me by her name to fill the condition, but I no longer remember what that name is. All I remember is that it starts with a ‘C’.”

C? C… ah… That would be Cinderella then, huh? Well, you had one chance at this, and if you were wrong, she’d eat your soul. Time to roll the dice.

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