The Power of Creation – Chapter 62

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“Ah, you’re self-cleaning. As expected of my woman.”

You didn’t know that ghosts could blush, but this one did. You clap your hands as all of the semen inside her suddenly dissolves.

“I hope darling doesn’t mind, but I absorbed your life essence to increase my energy.”

As a matter of fact, she did look slightly more corporeal now. Well, at this point she is completely bare. Her hair has finally removed itself from its role as strategic covering and her breasts, honey patch, and the rest of her sexy naked body, wide hips, and flawless skin are revealed to you. Furthermore, being as her pussy is a ghost pussy, it suffers none of the damaging effects of your whale penis.

“Darling was amazing. This one truly felt master fill her completely. I felt like I would burst at anything. I feared my form would be destroyed.”

“Ah, well, it’s because I wanted all of you.” You mumble a noncommittal response.

Perhaps you went a little overboard, it’d have been a shame had she truly exploded and broken apart from your penis, especially as a new member of your harem.

“Yes, darling, you took all of me. Thank you for fulfilling their wishes.” You didn’t quite know how to respond to that as you scratch the back of your neck, so you change the subject a bit.

“You’re very pretty now that I can see your face better. You shouldn’t hide it behind your hair so much.” Your comment caused her to blush even more, to the point where her skin looked pinkish enough to be human.

As it turns out, while sex is the first request, there are actually a few more things that she needs to be fulfilled before you can make her a body. The requests vary a bit. One girl wants to stand on one of the planet’s moons. You teleport both of you there while still on the astral plane, so breathing isn’t something you need to worry about. While Cinderella is unexpressive to the sight, she insists this satisfies the unfinished business of one of her spirits.

Another woman wants to make sure her children are taken care of. You find her 8-year-old daughter is living on the street. She actually is in some bad shape since her mom left her, and is just about to lose her virginity to some 40-year-old noble for a few silver. He is quite surprised when he goes to thrust, and she suddenly sn’t there. You tweaked his personality a bit and now he can only be aroused by goats. You apologize to all the goats in the world, but they’d need to take one for the team.

You don’t want another trap in your harem, so instead, you find a rich merchant husband and wife and drop her off there. They never managed to have a child because the wife couldn’t conceive, and are quite depressed about it. Then suddenly, a scared, partially naked, little girl appears in the middle of the road. They stop their cart immediately.

“Eh?” The 8-year-old had tears in her eyes at what was about to happen, but now she is mostly just confused.

“Oh, honey! That poor girl must have been attacked by some bandits or monster!”

The woman ran over and immediately threw her arms around the little girl in a comforting hug. The complete shock of being embraced, of having a woman hold her tightly, had been something she hadn’t felt since her mom’s mysterious disappearance. The girl couldn’t help but break into tears, and soon both the mother who could never have a child and the child who lost her mother held desperately to each other as they cried. The husband looks on with a smile like “this can’t be helped”.

You add a few more spells. They may mysteriously stumble on an abandoned treasure box full of gold by the end of this trip. You also alter their minds just a tinge, so the girl can more easily get over the trauma from her past and her new adoptive parents can accept her as their child a little more unconditionally. Nothing like mind-control, just lubing up the emotions a bit.

As Cinderella watches the child be united with her new parents, she displays no pleasure or pain from the event, but a single tear seems to fall from her red eye, which no longer glows with fiery rage, but turns into a more mundane color. Finally, she turns over to you.

“I think it is time. Bring me home and make me a body.”

“My pleasure.”

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