Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 4

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“This is complete bullshit!”


I stood up on top of the bed, my bare ankles straddling Min’s naked body, pressing against his soft hips. I had picked up the sword sitting on the nightstand as I stood. Min didn’t react to me waving the sword over his head as I complained loudly. If anything, he wore a slightly amused look on his face, a slight twist on his lips.

I point the sword down at him. “Don’t you start!”

“Wouldn’t dream.” He responded.

I let out a sigh, the sword falling down to my side, the steel broadside slapping against my naked thigh.

“What the hell is a warrior class anyway?”

Min gave a little shrug, his hands working their way down his hips to my feet, the tips of his fingers gently running up and down my ankle as he continued to watch me.

“Vessë, warrior.”

“You’re damn right I can fight! Remember when I killed that pack of shadow wolves?”

“Seduced, raped, killed while they were asl….”

“Ba, ba, ba… let’s not talk about the details. The point is, I’ve taken out third class bandit kings, and they want to tell me that my class is unsuited for the adventuring? Try again when I reach second class? They never even heard of my class before! That’s discrimination!” As I spoke, I swung the sword to punctuate my point.

“They say… to save lives.”

“Yeah, protect normal people! Not heroes like me! And then you know what they said to me!”

“Was there…” Min’s look twisted in amusement.

“Defeat our recruiter in combat! Like a seductress like me could fight a warrior in fair combat…” I sniffed. “Do you expect a magician to defeat a warrior in close quarters?”

“Magician not allowed until second class either…”

“Don’t you start!”

“Vessë… my sword.”

I was holding the sword down at Min. Of course, I didn’t own a sword. It was his sword I was swinging around. I snorted and tossed the sword to the side as I fell down, straddling my thighs around Min’s hips. The patch of hair above my snatch rubbed up against the bare skin of his bellybutton. Min’s small little breasts were heaving up and down, and I found myself unable to help myself.

Min let out a little sound of protest, reaching for the sword I had callously tossed aside. I reached out and grabbed his arms, pushing them up over his head, and then pressing my bare chest against his own.

“There is only one sword of yours I care about.” I purred, kissing his neck.

“Vessë is always rough.” His voice was slightly pouty as he turned his head and gasped while my tongue flicked along his neck.

“I won though.”

“Disqualified… seduced with mind magic.”

“I’m a seductress!” I bit his neck hard enough that he let out a little moan to punctuate the point. “What do they expect?”

As I pulled away from Min’s slightly wet and now bruised neck, I gently ran my hand over his cheek. He only smiled at me gently, his expression never changing. If I had tied him up and whipped him, rammed things into his ass, slapped him around, he’d still wear the same expression. His brow would be the only thing to change, furrowing in pain, distress, or pleasure.

My hips were already moving, rubbing my cunt and fur patch up and down his entire abdomen area. I was already wet, and if I pulled my butt away his abdomen would have glimmered slightly from feminine lust.

“Do you… fear that I’ve seduced you as well?” I asked cautiously, even though I didn’t stop touching him, one hand now cupping his breast while the other ran through his hair.

“You have…” Min said this as a fact and I frowned a bit. “But don’t care. Like being seduced… by Vessë. Because it’s Vessë. Only Vessë.”

“I love you, Min.” I leaned down and kissed Min on the lips, my hand forming a fist, grabbing onto his hair roughly.

“I… love Aria… always.”

“Never leave me?”

“Never, no matter what.”

As I thoroughly kissed Min, my hips were sliding up and down his body with extreme enthusiasm, generating enough friction that I could find myself orgasming shortly. Well, it didn’t take much in this body to get me off, but it didn’t help that Min always had the smoothest skin possible. Rubbing my parts on him like a dog humping a pillow was exciting for both of us in some ways, but a moment later when I pushed my butt down a bit far, I found something much more desirable.

Min’s erect dick poked behind my butt, showing his own excitement over our intimacy. My eyes brightened immediately, and I moved up and reach behind myself. My hand immediately went for his dick, wrapping my hands around his member as I lifted my butt up a bit, a trail of lust still stretching between my wet snatch and his patch. Pushing the dick up just a bit, I lowered myself onto his dick, allowing the object to slide into me slowly until I reached the base.

Although his smile didn’t change, his brow furrowed a bit, and his eyes gave off the telltale signs of sexual satisfaction.

“Min’s dick is best…” I let out a little sigh.

“Vessë is my life. I’d be dead without you…” Min whispered.

“Hm?” I looked down at him.

As if that was the trigger. Min reached around slapping his petite hands, one on each cheek of my ass. Grabbing on, he pulled, lifting my hips a bit off his hips, sliding my pussy up to the tip of his cock. Using the extra space, he bent his knees up until his feet were sitting on the bed, and then began to push up in a thrust. Immediately, his hips started to rise up into me with the skills and strength of a seasoned second classer.

“Ah, Min, fuck, yeah!”

I let out moans as he hit me in exactly the spot that drove me crazy. I was pushing the front of my body up with both hands on his chest, my fingers squeezing his breasts tightly as his dick slide up into me with a resounding wet slap each thrust.

“Min, I fucking love you! Fuck me! Min, harder!”

“Hah, hah, hah…” Min was breathing hard but otherwise didn’t say anything.

He exploded inside me after a few minutes of hard thrusting, although the feel of semen was purely a magical illusion. Within a few minutes, the runny gobs of white liquid running down my legs would disappear, and I wouldn’t have anything to clean up. Well, that’s not entirely true. Min’s own sexual lust generated from her own pussy would be injected into me. While the dildo caused it to feel and look like semen for a few minutes, once the magic wore off it would thin out and the smell of womanly lust would overtake the room. Our own gobs of sex were sufficient to make both of us need a bath independent of the addition of any semen.

“Min?” I asked her as I cuddled on top of her chest.

Even though his boobs were a bit pink now from all my abuse, he didn’t show any discomfort. “Hmm?”

“I need to obtain my second class. We need to find out a way to do that.”

As I spoke, I ran my hand down his stomach, wet with my lust, and then slid it under the strap-on dildo. It wasn’t easy to do, as illusion magic prevented any seams from appearing, making the dildo appear as natural as a penis. However, if someone had as much experience as I did pulling it on and off, they’d know the trick and thus my hand slid down the strap with ease.

This broke the illusion magic, and his once proud penis still leaking out little streaks of white stuff as it steadily shrank down limply returned to the appearance of a flesh colored dildo attached to a pair of belted underwear. Min almost looked embarrassed as my hands found his snatch, still wet even after being sucked dry to create an ejaculation, and I slid two fingers inside of him.

“Mm… Min will help… as always.”

“Min, you’re the best thing to… ever… hap…” My eyes were already closed and pressed up against his warm body, my mind was lulled into comfort.

That comfort started to grow cold. It was as if all the warmth Min contained was ripped away. It started to feel painful. My body felt raw. It felt burned and sensitive. The discomfort caused me to return back to reality.

When my eyes snapped open, I could feel a cart moving under me. There were many blankets on top of me, but they couldn’t cut through the bone-chilling cold. It was nighttime now, the sounds of crickets and the crunch of wheels on gravel offering a strange form of comfort. Of course, this was the wilderness of another world, and so there was little safety on the road at night. The winter did put most monsters in hibernation, but those that remained active became all the more dangerous because of the limitations of food. However, I felt safe for another reason.

I tried to move my arm towards the man sitting at the coach, and a pain ended up rocking through my entire body.

“Vessë. No move. Drink, ” the reason I felt so safe, Min, brought a vial up to my mouth.

I recognized the taste. It tasted like cum. Not that I had any particular problems guzzling down a bottle of cum if the occasion called for it. This was considerably less viscous than actual semen, so it was really just the nutty, salty taste which was a lot less disagreeable when it didn’t get stuck in your throat. Of course, the thing she was forcing me to drink wasn’t cum, it was a healing potion, albeit a healing potion that happened to contain a man’s cum.

In the world of magic, I suspected that the cum of a magic user might have some interesting properties if I was to craft it. Previously, I had come up with four to five never before seen creations by using various animal semens. Finding a human donor was not difficult, but after many different chemical combinations, only one mixture seemed to have any effect, which was mixing human cum with healing potions.

Some magic books had suggested that mixing human blood into a healing potion can increase its potency. I can attest that semen also had a strong synergistic effect, curing slight nausea and headaches on top of the more typical damage. The problem was, of course, the taste… which prevented it from being something I could sell to any adventurers. Even Min wouldn’t try the potion, and the two sellers I convinced to try it before they bought it kicked me out of their stores.

Therefore, I had twenty bottles of healing cum potion, which worked perfectly fine for the current situation. As soon as the salty taste ran down my throat, the edge of the pain started to diminish. Healing potions existed in all shapes and forms in this world. As my examine maxed, I was able to tell the individual aspects of any given potion.

For healing, you needed to be concerned about the amount of recovery, the speed of recovery, the activation limit, the length, and the analgesic effect. A potion that didn’t diminish pain would often cause a lot of itching and discomfort. A potion that recovers too fast could cause scarring. The activation limit is naturally how much damage a potion can fix. A mediocre healing potion might be able to heal a papercut but might struggle to fix a gaping hole in your gut.

Since I learned healing potions from a potions master, Reinhart, my potions sat between grade A and grade B. The cum potions, in particular, focused on a high activation limit and a medium speed. At the very least, after downing two or three of them, I probably won’t lose any feet. It could be another few days before I could move normally. I have a few combat healing potions as well, although they are much more focused on pain relief and healing minor cuts rapidly. Although, as I understand it, most adventurers don’t even consider these details when getting potions for quests and missions.

I waved away the thoughts and reached out to touch Min’s face. He turned away and left before my hands reached his face and I gave a wince. I recalled the last couple of days, trying to remember what I had specifically done to earn his ire. It likely wasn’t the infidelity. Min had accepted my tendency to use my abilities on those around me. In reality, even now Min still struggled to keep up with my sexual prowess. He had tried, but eventually realized it was best to allow me to burn off stress with others. At times, it could even be called a bit of a vacation for him. So, if that wasn’t the problem, what was?

“M-min?” I asked cautiously.

Min didn’t respond for a while, and it got to the point where I was about to say something again when he suddenly spoke up. “The Cambion colony, north.”

“Mi… ah… you’ve found them…” I let out a sigh which sounded hoarse even after downing the third health potion.

I laid my head back down and gave a sigh. That was about what was expected. Min and I had fled from the country of Nidia in a rush after finally bringing Denova down. It was at that point that I had decided to become an adventurer. We took a barge that crossed to the Demon continent. This was the only human nation on the Demon continent, Tridis. The country itself was less an individual sovereign, and more a territory established to filter trade between the human and demon world should the need arise, as well as provide a place to launch an invasion. As a location in threat of being invaded by the demons at any time, it definitely was a less developed human territory, sporting less info-structure and more monsters, an ideal place for adventurer’s guilds.

The awkward atmosphere returned. After thinking about it, the only thing Min should be mad about is that. I had outed him to a village of people. I had never really thought about it too much. Since I had been to this world, my inclinations had steadily loosened to the point where sex and race were meaningless. Even species barriers were unlikely to give me pause. As a result, Min’s sex should be meaningless to me. Yet, something inside me snapped after seeing all those girls constantly gushing over him, and thus I had done something very rude. Min wanted to be seen as a man, and yet I frequently reminded him he was a girl. For me, it was just the fun of being able to play with both parts, but for him, the illusion of being a man perhaps mattered a bit more.

“Min… I’m sorry.”

Again, the silence lingered before he responded. “Nothing to be sorry for.”

However, his words were cold and stiff, making the reality of that truth suspect. My heart hurt for a second, and I couldn’t help as an ice-cold tear fell down my cheek. However, I stopped myself from talking, as I didn’t want him to hear the waver in my voice. If I just seduced Min again, accidentally used my charm to brush over this issue, then I wouldn’t be happy with the results. I’d just be pushing off the problems, not resolving them.

Once I finally got control of my emotions, I finally spoke up. “What’s the plan?”

Min didn’t pause to answer this time. “Last town, Magroove. Stock before go.”

“So, we’re getting close. That’s good. If anyone knows how to get me to second class, it should be the succubae. Rhinehart said our abilities are similar.”

“Yes.” Min responded without turning back, then his voice took on an angry edge, “Must hire adventurers. Dangerous place.”

“Ah, well, can we afford them?”

“Perhaps…” Min’s hands were tightening on the reigns. “If Vessë uses abilities.”

I lifted my head before I could help myself, causing a stab of pain to run down my stomach. “You want me to seduce some men into following us?”

Min turned his head away, so I didn’t see his face. “Or sell body for money. Either way…”

Never before had Min ever suggested I use my abilities. In fact, in the past, he was often vehemently against it.  It made me incredibly nervous to hear Min so casually suggest I use myself in that way. In fact, many of our difficulties so far had been from Min’s constant disapproval of me accepting gifts from generous men. Well, so far I’ve never done anything that made me feel like a prostitute, but that was precisely what Min suggested now.

I probably wouldn’t have hesitated much to suggest this myself, but for some reason, it felt a little painful coming from Min’s lips. It was perhaps the first time in our relationship that I had ever felt… trashy.

“Mi-min?” I couldn’t keep the waver from my voice this time.

Min’s back stiffened and he suddenly snapped the reins, causing the wagon to move faster. “Sit back. Must recover. Long journey.”

I fell back into the bundle of blankets and stared up at Min’s back. He didn’t once look back at me as we continued to ride on into the darkness. The longer I stared, the worst I began to feel. Reflecting on our relationship up to that point, part of me felt like I might have been taking our relationship for granted.

Deep inside, I made a promise to myself. I would shed this personae as a seductress, gain some kind of combat class where I could protect Min, and remain loyal to Min and Min only. I will become a woman good enough for Min.

You’ll be the only man in my life, Min… I swear it.

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