The Power of Creation – Chapter 66

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“What is happening, hero?” Ariel asks.

“Ah, Kida! What did you do to her, you beast!”

The girls are all waiting in the main hall as you walk in with Kida swung over your shoulder. As you put Kida down on a nearby couch, Belle races over to her and checks her condition. You left Kida presentable. Despite Belle’s declaration that you’re a beast, it’s not like you were just going to leave her on a hill surrounded by goblins covered in spooge.

“It seems that a Goblin King has been created.”

With the exception of Mulan, most of the other girls understood the implications of this and gasped, covering their mouths in horror. Were Goblin King’s truly so frightening?

“What happened to Kida!” Belle demands with tears in her eyes.

“She tried to hold off the army solo. I couldn’t let her give her life that way.” You explain simply.

Belle seems surprise for a second, but then gives a pleased look. Well, you didn’t do it for her, but you suppose it’s good that she’s pleased by your actions. At least she wasn’t walking around with a certain sex toy inserted at the moment, so you’ll forgive her rudeness.

“How long do we have, hero-san.” Aurora asks.

“Ah, by now, about ten minutes.”

You had teleported directly to the front gate once you had finished blowing a load in Kida, but at that point the guards were already aware of the goblin subjugation. They were all actually trying to help with the evacuation, so it didn’t seem necessary to report to the guild. They were relieved the vice guild master made it, but not surprised that the vice guild master was unconscious. A goblin horde must be a truly horrifying thing.

The girls were making noises of disbelief and despair. Did they really think they were honestly at risk with you here? Perhaps you haven’t shown them enough acts of heroism yet, because they seem to underestimate your potential.

“Hey, you guys don’t need to worry. I have a plan.” You explain.

“What is it, master?” Mulan asks, “I was hoping to fight a bit myself.”

“That’s fine,” you wave a hand. “It’s best to fight armies with armies.”

“What army, savior?” This was Jasmine speaking, who seemed much less worried than her older sister looked.

“Head to the city wall and I’ll show you…”

The group headed over there as you cast the appropriate spells. By the time they reachethe wall and see the rows and rows of soldiers, not a single girl could say a thing.

“This is…” Grimhilde wears a complicated look.

“So hot…” Belle says something that wasn’t quite the answer the others were looking for.

“Who are they, hero?” Ariel asks curiously, her eyes bright.

“Well, as to that… when I went to make Cinderella’s body, I wanted the most perfect body possible, so I made a bunch of different variations. I wanted to compare them to each other and pick the hottest one.”

“Okay…” Grimhilde says flatly. “That explains maybe the first hundred.”

“Right, well, once I got started, I thought that it might be advantageous to mass produce them. Thought I could sell them to local nobles, spread the love around… and then things got… well… a little out of hand.”

Before the group were lines and lines and lines of woman. While some of them sort of looked like Cinderella with perhaps a different hair color or a different boob size, there were also a large variety of other types. Some resembled some of the other girls present, while others shot off in other directions.

“Ah, Savior has tinys in there but none that look like me?” Jasmine is pouting.

“Is that so?” You respond nonchalantly without addressing her issues.

There are short girls, tall girls, of every color and combination of colors imaginable. Girls with breasts the size of balloons and girls with flat chests. Green girls, blue girls, cat girls, dog girls, bunny girls… The outfits were just as varied, from dresses to dominitrix-wear to bikini armor like Kidas.

“Well, this is my army, it seems.” You nod thoughtfully as you look over the lines of lines of sex dolls.

“Rise, my children!” you shout as the goblins crest the nearby hill. “Rip and tear, until it is done!”

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