The Power of Creation – Chapter 67

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Two massive armies converge and…

“I feel like I should be covering my eyes.”

“This is truly disturbing.”

“I don’t understand, master, what are the sex dolls doing?”

You put your finger on your cheek and think about it. Your original plan was to send the army out to fight the goblins. However, as soon as the two armies came in to contact, the woman all dropped to their knees, or pulled up their dresses and bent over, or lied down and spread their legs. The goblins, already prone to raping woman from the lands they invaded, after a brief moment of confusion, went right to work.

As a result, the entire battlefield had divulged into a goblin on sexdoll orgy unfolding directly in front of Riun. Most of the refugees are fleeing in the other direction, so hopefully no unlucky child will look back for a moment and find themselves scarred for life. Well, there is Jasmine, but she seems to be looking on as if she is taking lessons. Is no one going to cover her eyes?

The goblins themselves are a green-skinned people with long ruffled ears. They aren’t short like one might expect. In fact, they don’t look too much different than humans. In fact, except for the long ears, green skin, jet black hair, and ridges on the noses, they look like any other race. Rather than some unintelligent rookie-class monster, the goblins of this world seem to be an entire species not entirely unlike the elf. Perhaps they have a common ancestor? It is no wonder that the addition of a goblin king scares everyone so much. These are intelligent beings capable of forming cities and fighting wars.

Those beings are now balls deep in each of your sex dolls. The sharp cries of war quickly diminish into the low buzz of moaning and the ‘pat-pat’ of skin against skin. Perhaps this incident would go down in history as the great rape of Riun. Although, some one could argue you can’t rape the willing.

At that, you snap your finger and everyone turns to you. “That’s right, I forgot to reprogram them for combat.”

Their base-level commands are general sexbot commands. Had you wanted to have them fight, You’d have to reprogram their protocols to include some kind of combat. Despite your orders, you could say the only thing these dolls know how to do is bend over and take it. So, they are bending over and taking it with all of their strength. In a small way, it is a bit refreshing to see the girls working so hard out there.

“What do you mean they won’t fight! What are you going to do then?” The worried voice comes from Belle.

Annoyed by her tone, you snap a finger. Like that, she loses bladder control and pees herself.

“Ai!” She lets out out a little cry and then suddenly falls to her knees.

Her skin turns a deep red as she refuses to make eye contact with anyone, simply staring at the ground, pulling her shirt to cover the ruined pants as she crouches to hide any indecency. Most of the girls are too distracted by the battlefield orgy to notice.

“You beast…” the voice is very pale, as Belle looks like she is about to cry.

Instead of paying attention, you answer her first question. “They’re distracted right now, so all we need to do is go over there and defeat this so-called Goblin King. If I get him to surrender, they might loose the will to fight. Or who knows, it might be one of those whoever defeats me takes my rank things and I can go order the goblins to stop fucking my dolls and go fuck themselves instead.”

Using a quickly designed magic spell, you scan through the massive army looking for this person who should be called the so-called Goblin King. Ah, you found them there. Rather than raping the girls, they seem very upset at their army’s actions, and are going to great lengths to eliminate the nearby dolls and get the army to charge again. They have already ripped apart a dozen of your girls.

The leader wears a heavy fur armor. They have long black hair tied in the back, were muscular, and about a head shorter than Kida, which was still pretty tall. With physique of a trained warrior, they looked quite ferocious, except…

“I’d guess it’s not a Goblin King, but a Goblin Queen then?”

Yes, the leader is a woman with some cleavage showed up through her fur armor. She hads two long, exposed, green legs that seems to go on for miles and a long flowing ponytail.

“She’s pretty hot. I Guess we’ll have to give up on plan A and B and change things to plan F.”

“Which plan is plan F, hero?” Ariel asked.

“You’ll recognize it when you see it.” You wink at her, and then start heading to the orgy to start your own battle.

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