The Power of Creation – Chapter 68

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She picks up one of your sex dolls and rips the spine right out of its throat, much like you had done to a certain group of thieves the other day. Yikes, she is quite scary. You are glad these dolls aren’t as finished as Cinderella, which is to say that they don’t have any blood or inner parts. So, for the most part, the pile of parts the goblin was tossing the dolls into looks more like a pile of prosthetics rather than any kind of gory scene.

The goblins who lost their sex toys were quickly distracted by another sex toy, although given the growing ratio of goblins to sex toys, many of the toys were taking 2 or more men at a time. One girl in particular was fucking eight men at a time. As to how that is possible, let’s just say during experimentation you added a few extra holes in some of the dolls as an experiment.

“Keep working hard ladies.” You silently give them a thumbs up for continuing to battle the Goblin Queen’s army by putting their bodies on the line.

At this point, the Goblin Queen has finally noticed your approach and stopped bringing down sex dolls. She gives you a cautious stare as her head cocks to the side.

“Is it you, human, who seduced my army so?”

You aren’t sure “seduced” is the right word. Is hanging bait in front of a fish “seducing” the fish if they happen to take a bite? Still, you’re glad the Goblin Queen can talk. It’d be awkward if she could only respond in grunts.

“Your army is meaningless.” You give a shrug and point at her. “You’re mine.”

“Courtship, is it?” The Goblin Queen growls back. “You wish to make me submit and take my army for yourself? Many have attempted to tame this Queen and all of them have lost their heads.”

You find yourself a bit surprised that she is on board. Perhaps this is an aspect of goblin culture. A goblin man has to beat down a goblin woman in order to conquer her. Well, this is certainly more applicable to your way of thinking.

“Very well, if I win, your army leaves, and I claim you as my prize.”

“And what if I win?”

I give a chuckle. “Well, that’s not even possible, but if you somehow win then what would you want?”

The Queen stares darkly for a moment. “You’re a mage, yes?”

“Ah, you could say that. I can use a large variety of magic. I suppose at the core, that’s my strength.”

The Goblin Queen cracks a smile. “Very well. I might need a mage. If I win, you will be my royal dog. You can sit at my feet, licking up the scraps I throw to you, and cast the spells I want when I want them.”

You shrug, “Sounds fine. After all, I’m very confident in my magic.”

The Queen’s smile grows as her eyes gleam. “I’m counting on it. It’ll serve me well as I conquer this world and make it my own. Shall we begin?”

“Ladies first.” You smile.

“Then excuse me if I won’t be polite!” As she says this, she pulls her sword and swings it at you.

At the same time, there is a glow shockwave that shoots from her body. It doesn’t appear to be dangerous, just some kind of supplementary skill, so you ignore the shockwave and move to strike the sword. As it comes down, you go to meet it with your hand. You use a spell that will cause the sword to turn to dust the second it strikes your hand.

The sword strikes your hand, and then keeps going. Pain shoots through your arm. You leap back as the remaining strike barely misses you and strikes the ground with a thunderous roar. You look down at your hand in shock. A long brutal gash has formed, blood leaking out, and it throbs in pain. If it wasn’t for the stats you had modified to make yourself generally slightly OP’d, you’d have died already.

“What’s a matter mage?” The Goblin Queen laughed. “Things not going according to plan?”

“What have you done?” You ask nervously.

She pulls her hair back and gives another laugh as she shakes your blood off her sword. “I have an anti-mage skill. Prevents you from casting magic for the duration of our battle. For a man ‘confident’ in his magic, you could say I am your worst enemy.”

The blood drains from your face. It didn’t matter what spell you could create now, because you couldn’t cast them. So even if you created an anti-magic immunity spell, unless you could cast it first time, then you would never be able to use it. At the moment, your stats are only strong. After Kida, you had scaled them back a bit so that you didn’t overdo it. You also can’t make your magic armor and weapon appear either!

While the magic you had casted in the past would make sure you didn’t die from this match, no matter what, that didn’t speak to being temporarily knocked unconscious. Should that happen, then you’d be stuck as the Goblin Queen’s new dog. The first time since you had been to this world you feel a bit worried.

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