The Power of Creation – Chapter 70

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*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

Those slobbery sounds are the sounds of Snow White, the so-called Goblin Queen, on her knees, drooling all over your dick. She is quite the messy BJ-er. She doesn’t seem to be able to keep the saliva in her mouth as she licks and gobbles up and down your mass.

She also appears to be a mouth breather, and frequently opens her mouth, gasping for air and blowing hot breath over your dick as she breathes it in. Innumerable strands of saliva run from her mouth to your cock, and it is dripping down her chin as she gives heavy gasping breaths. A little pressure on her hair, which you have in two painful grips, and she is back down on your cock.

Meanwhile, most of the goblins had finished making use of the sex dolls, and are now circled around the pair of you, watching silently as their feared Queen works her hardest to pleasure your member.

Ah, how did you end up in this situation? Well, it was touch and go for a bit there, but as you exchanged blows back and forth, she started to seem a bit more desperate for her sword to reach you.

“While I admit you are quite powerful, I can see you growing tired.” Snow White snorted. “Perhaps we should end this in the next blow?”

You laugh at her feeble attempts to stop things now. “Ah, why the rush? I enjoy watching you sweat. I’ll enjoy it more once I defeat you.”

She let out a scream and attacked with a furious series of swings. However, you had grown used to this battle and her style by now, and as you weren’t interested in her so-called do-or-die you just kept your distance and blocked only the most deadly of swings.

“Damn you, you coward!” Snow White screamed. “Stop dodging!”

As you laughed while jumping backwards, the moment you suspected was coming came. Whatever skill was locking your casting was lifted. It only had a set time, which seemed to be about ten minutes. Immediately, you created a fireball and tossed it at her. A look of fear exploded on her face as she dodged it. Another shockwave exploded from her body.

“Shit, another one!” you moved to cast another fireball, but nothing formed.

Snow White finally let out a laugh of triumph. “Hah! I was worried you’d have something up your sleeve, but it seems that I will be the victor. There is no use continuing to try.”

You let out a sigh with a flash of fear in your eyes. “Very well… we shall end this now.”

Snow White’s eyes brighten, and the pair of you race towards each other. Of course, you had casted an anti-magic magic the second your casting returned, so it was only for show. You only pretended you couldn’t make that last fireball.

While she was busy gloating, you brought up your status menu and were rapidly increasing your status. You quadrupled them, and so by the time the pair of you raced at each other, her measly abilities were that of a child throwing a tantrum.

A swing of your blade that moved faster than she could see. You swung it in every direction and a moment later the pair of you were on the opposite sides, facing away from each other. Your weapon was shivering from the raw power, however, there was not a single drop of blood on it.

You turned around to look at Snow White. She started to turn back to you with a confused look, but a second later there was an explosion. A loud tearing sound could be heard and every seam of her clothing and armor simultaneous ripped, bursting off her body before being instantly taken by the wind. Although her body had various mud splashes and a couple of cuts from your blade, it still was flawless and beautiful, a light green body with D sized breasts and well-toned muscles. You found yourself feasting on the naked visage of the Goblin Queen laid bare. Her green colored pussy was topped with a tidy black patch that showed she liked to groom, and you were curious if her insides were slightly pinker. She did seem to have red blood, after all.

“You think you’ve won?” The Goblin Queen roared, gripping the sword in her hand. “I’ll kill you for this!”

She immediately took another run at you, ignoring her nudity. To a normal human, her body blurred and it looked like she appeared in front of you in mere seconds, but to you she seemed impossibly slow. You didn’t even bother to move. A single swipe of your sword and hers was knocked from her hand. The sword went spiraling off somewhere, as Snow White found herself completely naked in front of you now without even a weapon. She was staring at you with wide-eyed shock, her hand still grasping a weapon that wasn’t there.

“I think I’ll take my reward now!”

You grab two fists full of her hair and force her to the ground in front of you. At first, she tries to resist, but with your strength stats already four times greater than hers, it’s more like pushing down an ornery child. She doesn’t resist as you jam your cock down her throat, and it only takes a moment before she is excitedly servicing you in front of her entire army.

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